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Stop Burning Your Cash

08/02/2019 11:13:14 In Our Blog


If you are not happy with your enterprise management software that is burning your cash due to heavy license fees, lousy support, and complex features then an opensource ODOO ERP can be for your organization. Odoo ERP implementation gives infinite possibilities for every type of enterprise

Odoo is a business suite of enterprise management applications. Odoo ERP is used by approximately 2 million companies across the globe, and it consists of all type of companies such as small, medium and large-sized companies as well as all kind of industries. We all know that Odoo is based on opensource architecture and highly customizable, this is the reason most of the businesses prefer Odoo over other software solutions. It fits into every category of business. Another key point, Odoo implementation is Free as well as it has no license costs. 

Odoo has numerous modules like manufacturing, purchasing, billing, accounting, warehouse management, finance, accounting, CRM, POS, eCommerce CMS, etc. All these modules support business organizations to grow and enhance productivity. 

Every business or industry has its specific and unique needs, Odoo modules can be customized as per the business requirements. Not only Odoo facilitates module customization but also it enables integration of various systems to streamline the whole business functions. Also, it automates the processes and data across the company on a single platform.

When the business processes are thoroughly defined, the chance on a successful implementation increases. Which processes are there, who are working on it, what is the function and with what other processes do they need to integrate? 

O2b Technologies is an Odoo implementation partner and we provide complete Odoo Implementation Service which includes implementing the Odoo modules and Odoo Apps. O2b Technologies provides you with the complete set of Odoo services and that surely manages end-to-end processes. Odoo services include customization, integration, training, consultation, support, and maintenance. To know more you can visit our website.

Odoo Implementation steps:

·      Documentation: First, we make a plan and strategy to the right implementation and prepare a document for the project plan. Which consists of the configuration, the planning, and the budgeting details.

·      Implementation:  We take care of all the required functionality and fulfil those needs within a time frame.

·     Customization: To develop customized wishes in Odoo We will include all the end-users in an early stage. We describe the processes, demands and wishes in a functional design. 

·         Training:  We can customize the training form according to your specific needs. Our experience learns that “training on the job” gives the best results. In that case, we will help employees with their daily work or in a specific project.

·         Go-Live: This is the final stage of project implementation which needs planning if there is any migration plan. We take care of everything from the first stage and now we make sure everything is good to go by having a complete insight into the whole process. After overviewing each we eliminate the possibilities of any error during the go-live phase.  After all the tests and analysis we initiate live-going process based on the plans.

The first weeks after going live are critical. If you face any kind of difficulty your there is any bug then we always fix them as quickly as possible. 

·         After Live support: Now, we evaluate the implementation process after a few weeks. We provide full support to our clients in case of any issue arises. We help them to run their business smoothly.