Inventory Management Software

An Intelligent Inventory Management Software



Barcode Scanning

Inventory software Mobile App  

Generate barcodes for your documents by scanning inventory into orders. By scanning, the barcode enters your orders faster. Now you don’t have to search through your inventory list, you can simply scan in a barcode to pull up particular item’s information. You are able to track and identify materials accurately with customizable barcode label and serial number tracking. It also eliminates manual data entry for processing and shipping. It is good to use wireless barcode scanners instead of wired scanners. Although this may be good when you have your smartphones and tablets that already have barcode readers. It would be a better way to scan your items and track them as quickly as possible.

Accounting and CRM Integration 

Manage contacts and financial data

Every organization needs to manage its existing customer’s data like their contact information, their requirement details and more. Financial data must be managed to maintain an organization’s budget. Integration of CRM and accounting module helps companies to maintain and manage customer data and financial data effortlessly. Inventory management module for small businesses helps in cutting extra costs of inventory management integrating with the accounting module. CRM system manages inventory by recording customer’s requirements that give the accurate number of products to be delivered. 

Inventory Management System for Multiple Industries 

An affordable system for a wide range of industries

We provide this solution to the wide array of industries that includes manufacturing, food, healthcare, wholesale distribution and more. Our inventory management software for the food industry lets them track their food and beverage inventory due to this they are able to fulfill customer demands. In the meantime, this solution synchronizes inventory with multiple warehouse locations. It eliminates the overstocking of products and saves the cost of the company. 

Handle The Overflow With Ease 

Proactively forecast demand and manage stock levels

To keep the record of every single item in your inventory, you need to track your inventory level all the time. With the help of our top warehouse management software, you will know the location where you can store excess stocks. With our system, you can get help in proactively forecast demand to make a material impact on service levels, sales, and margins. This inventory management system uses demand forecasting intelligence with automation to create accurate daily forecasts. As a result, you can easily spot and react to changes in customer demand.


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