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O2b Technologies project-based ERP Software plan your projects in sprints or milestones which helps you to organize complex projects into an easily manageable group.

Overview - Project Management

Project management is one of the most critical components of a successful business. Every organization has a number of projects in its different departments and that must be managed in a systematic and structured manner. Managing projects manually is a tough and complex task to do for any project manager, to manage these projects they need a solution that reduces inefficiency by minimizing cost and time consumed. Project Management Software is the best solution for this problem, it reduces errors and inefficiency in any kind of project.

Project management is a time-saving tool that allows us to see a visual representation of all of our ongoing tasks. This supports us in managing people, tasks, deadlines, various projects, regular timesheets, and so on. Project management solutions from O2b Technologies include the ability to handle several projects. This project management software includes graphs, Gantt charts, and other tools for analyzing the progress of individual tasks and projects.

A project is an activity that your personnel handle. It might be internal or external to the client.


Impact of Project Management

If you're a project manager or a team leader, the gap between tackling a project with basic planning and approaching it is required with good project management techniques.

You'll be able to establish dependable procedures if you understand project management fundamentals.

Assume you're having a meeting with a new customer. You'll have to recall everything you need to define if you don't have a system in place.

  • Expectations of stakeholders
  • Deliverables
  • The project's scope

And so forth. You'll scribble that knowledge down in a notebook and then forget about it until an issue arises. You won't be able to say no to your new customer if you haven't discussed changing rules with them. As a result, there'll be a lot of tension and you'll go over budget.

Project Management is a Problem for the Majority of Businesses.

Without the right training, we've all been encouraged to work harder and take on more responsibilities. Project management is often thought of as simply that - managing projects – instead of a complimentary field with several tricks up its sleeve.

Project Management is for Everyone in the Twenty-First Century. Dedicated Project Managers aren't the only ones who required this.

That's why project management can help you, your team, and your business finish projects on schedule and without causing everyone involved a pain.

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The Top 5 Advantages of Project Management and Planning

There are several advantages to having a structure around project management and learning how to apply the tools to complete your projects on schedule. There are, however, five direct advantages to competent project management:

1. Boosts Productivity by Lowering Costs and Reducing Workload.

Efficiency is the ultimate aim of project management and planning. You want to do as much as possible in the shortest amount of time feasible. Project management assists in the development of a more efficient process. You'll be able to reuse your processes, templates, and procedures on subsequent projects and know precisely what to expect. This will instantly reduce hazards while also increasing efficiency.

2. Enhanced Collaboration

It will be much easier to manage your project if everything is structured and team members know precisely what they need to do at any given time. Furthermore, everyone will give their best to bring out the best of the possible collaborations. There might be a chance the collaboration will suit the team goals but not the individual goals. It provides the best possible collaboration exits to achieve the organizational goal within the set timelines with the maximum ROI generation.

3. Boosted Customer Satisfaction

Let's face it: you're in charge of the project. You're the one that has to make sure everyone is happy, especially your customers who are investing their hard-earned money with having 360 degrees expectations for the best service delivery. Now, this can be a difficult task. But, with a little project management magic thrown in, you'll be surprised at how simple it is to satisfy consumers' expectations.

4. Increase Your Efficiency

You'll be able to grasp it if you have a system in place for tracking your performance and results from project to project. You can enhance anything if you can measure it. It's anyone's guess why a project failed without a systematic approach. However, if you follow the procedures, you'll be able to spot bottlenecks and identify the elements that are compromising your initiatives. And, further knows the area of improvements to make all your initiatives successful.

5. Supports in Challenges

Finally, complications will always occur in projects. After all, there are several steps involved to manage. When you use a project management strategy, on the other hand, you know exactly how to address any certain or uncertain issues. You have always a substitute plan for all your strategies to make your project a successful one. A planned method of job management can even assist you in preventing or detecting difficulties before they wreak havoc on your project.

Integration of Timesheet with Project Management

A technique for managing all operations according to time is a timesheet. This procedure can be applied to control a worker's or an employee's working hours or the amount of time they spend on certain activities.

Timesheets help us in managing our operations by:
Monitor Working Hours

We can simply evaluate the development of a project as a whole thanks to this tool's assistance in managing the working hours of various staff and activities. Additionally, it will help us monitor and enhance how each person completes their work.

Activity Management

We can simply keep track of our daily activities and manage an activity log. The entries may be easily controlled during this procedure, which can be done at any time of the day. These activities can, later on, be reviewed and approved by the respective manager.

Transparent View

Timesheet provides a grid representation of all activities and tasks, providing us to evaluate how things are going.With just one click, we will be able to start our assignment. By selecting the Start option, we may begin our work and organize the process.

Task Assignment

This feature helps us to select the work and assign it to the concerned workforce. It provides assistance to streamline further the validation procedures. With this technology, we can handle our invoices more easily as well and effectively with lesser errors.

Facilitate Offline Work

We can track the work in offline mode with Timesheet as well. Our work can be tracked even when there are no internet access thanks to the offline tracking option. Additionally, we have the option of synchronizing our offline and online work records.

O2b Technologies for Your Project Management


O2b Technologies is a global solution provider of project management software with a team of certified experts having years of experience in understanding and meeting the client’s needs within the stipulated time and cost.

Every effective project management aims to provide a successful result for the customer. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for dealing with the complexities of different businesses and industries. However, O2b Technologies provides specific solutions matching the business requirements that will make the workflow easier and supports businesses in reaching their ultimate goals.

We provide fully integrated project management. It is completed aligned with other applications like Sales, Sign, Invoicing, and email marketing.


1What is the implementation cost of this ERP software?

It totally depends upon the functionalities you want.

2How much time will it take to get into the system?

It totally depends upon the functionalities you want.

3We have our in-house PM who manually manages everything for us, why do we need this solution?

Doing tasks manually increases the chances of errors as compared to automation which directly increases the cost & time to your business hence, to avoid such errors, you need an ERP.

4How many projects can this PMS handle at a time?


5Is it possible to delete any project once created?


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