Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software

Reduces Cost, Time, and Effort With Intelligent ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is business management software. This software automates the entire business workflow. This system is an integrated platform that can be implemented across various departments effortlessly.

O2b Technologies come to you with ERP software that streamlines the whole business process and increases business performance.

What is ERP?

ERP is a form of software used by businesses to manage day-to-day company activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations. A successful Erp system also contains enterprise performance management software, which supports the planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting of an organization's financial results.

Our ERP includes different back-office operations related to services, human resources, and technology with ease. Another important feature is that this business software integrates easily to manage a wide range of processes, including product planning and development, production, sales, marketing, financial accounting, warehouse management, human resource management, and many more.

Furthermore, it manages all processes in a single database. You can acquire all of the information you need just in a few clicks only.

O2b Technologies offers the best ERP software solutions for any size or type of business, whether it’s small, medium, or large.

ERP Software

Why is ERP important?

ERP Professional Services Industry

An ERP system, sometimes known as the "central nervous system of an enterprise," provides the automation, integration, and intelligence required to efficiently execute all day-to-day business processes. To establish a single source of truth across the business, the ERP system should contain most or all of an organization's data.

To close the books swiftly, finance requires an ERP. To manage all customer orders, sales require ERP. To deliver the proper products and services to clients on time, logistics relied heavily on well-running ERP software. ERP is required by accounts payable to pay suppliers appropriately and on time. To make quick decisions, management requires instant access to the company's performance. And since banks and shareholders depend on correct financial records, they depend on the ERP system's trustable data and analysis.

O2b Technologies' strong ERP platforms are designed specifically for your business needs. We design, integrate, and implement the greatest ERP solutions that significantly improve scalability and automate overall business processes.

To put it another way, we design custom features to match your unique and specific business requirements. Our custom ERP software automates company operations to save money and time.

Along with ERP development, we offer ERP customization, integration, and implementation services. With a unique ERP system, you can take your business to the next level and grow more quickly than ever before.

How Does an O2b Technologies ERP System Work?

An ERP system, often known as an ERP suite, is made up of interconnected modules or business applications that communicate with one another and share a database.Each ERP module typically focuses on one business area, but they collaborate to meet the needs of the company by using the same data. Popular segments include finance, accounting, human resources, sales, procurement, logistics, and supply chain. Businesses can select the modules they want and add on and expand as needed.Our ERP systems also provide industry-specific requirements, either as part of the basic functionality of the system or through software modules that integrate smoothly with the system.

O2b’s ERP software can be purchased through a cloud subscription model (software as a service) or a licensing model (on-premise).

O2b Technologies ERP System Work

When Do You Need ERP?

If you're having trouble with your legacy system, you might be wondering if now is the time to make a change. Here are some signs that show you require O2b Technologies’ ERP software:

1. Analyze your existing technologies regularly and ask yourself: Is our technology benefiting us or obstructing us? When outdated or inadequate systems cause inefficiencies, complicate the data flows, or can't support the improvements that the business desires, it's time to find a new solution.

2. Incorrect data is just another indicator that it's time for your first or new ERP system. If your data is untrusted, you can't trust the reports and insights it generates, which is a major challenge.

3. Are errors consistently generating problems, such as providing the wrong items to consumers or misalignment between purchase orders and demand? To overcome these challenges, a single system helps structure your operations and optimize processes.

4. Another sign that you require ERP is an over-reliance on email and spreadsheets to collect and distribute important data. Spreadsheets require frequent, manual updates, which means they are frequently out of date. Sharing sensitive material over email raises serious security risks and could make finding what you need difficult.

5. Another sign that you're ready for ERP is a lack of system integration. By bringing information from all essential business operations into one place, the system can reduce manual data transfers and irregular connectivity.

6. If your employees and customers are mobile and your system isn't keeping up, it's time to upgrade to one that does. Giving your employees the tools they need to perform and investing in satisfying the expectations of your customers will help you keep your competitive advantage.

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Features of ERP Systems

So you understand why ERP software is so important to businesses and the primary benefits it provides.

But what makes O2b Technologies’ ERP system the top most advanced ERP system and also, sets it apart from other forms of company software?

A few key features are required to realize the full advantage of ERP software, including:

Integrated Business Processes

An ERP system has to be capable of supporting and integrating the processes that drive your company's performance, whether they are connected to accounting, supply chain management, or marketing. The correct platform will be able to unite a broad range of processes – integrating workflows that are critical to the success of the organization enhances efficiency and visibility, which translates to cheaper costs.

Integrated Business Processes


The capacity to automate repetitive operations such as payroll, invoicing, order processing, and reporting is another fundamental aspect of ERP software. This lowers the need for manual and sometimes repeated, data entry, saving time and reducing errors. Automation frees up your employees' time to focus on high-value tasks that capitalize on their expertise and strengths.

Shared Database

Many of the benefits of an ERP derive from a shared database, which allows firms to centralize information from multiple departments. This centralized source of real-time data reduces the need to manually join multiple databases, each of which is managed by the business processes it serves. A centralized database allows for a consistent, cross-functional perspective of the organization.

Shared Database
Constant UX/UI

Constant UX/UI

Everyone uses the same user interface (UI) and has a similar user experience (UX) with an ERP, despite department or role. Inventory management, HR, and finance modules all have the same design and feel as well as common functionality if purchased from the same vendor. This boosts software uptake and makes it easier for employees to transfer between departments. A uniform UX and UI also lead to increased efficiency because users can rapidly access and examine data from all areas of the business.

Data Evaluation

One of the most beneficial elements of an ERP is that it eliminates communication barriers. When you can combine data from almost any component of your business to create informative reports, you can identify areas that are operating amazingly well and those that are falling short of expectations. Leaders can analyze challenges and get immediately to work on resolving them.

Data Evaluation

Benefits of ERP Systems

A good ERP system provides numerous benefits, which vary depending on how the system is implemented. The advantages of cloud ERP, for example, differ from those of on-premise ERP.

These are the key advantages of our modern ERP solutions:

Increased Productivity

Simplify and automate your core business processes to enable everyone in your organization to perform more with minimal resources.

Deeper Insights

Break down information barriers, establish a single source of truth, and get quick answers to the purpose of business processes.

Accelerated Reporting

Accelerate company and financial reporting while making it simple to discuss outcomes. Act on insights in real-time to improve performance.

Risk Reduction

Increase business visibility and control, assure regulatory compliance, and predict and prevent risk.

Simpler IT

By utilizing integrated ERP apps that share a database, you can simplify IT and make life easier for everyone.

Increased Flexibility

With efficient operations and fast access to real-time data, you can discover and respond to new opportunities more quickly.

Better Transparency

Employees with system access can view the status of projects and the execution of various business processes important to their tasks because all workflows and information are in one place.


While most businesses find that current ERPs support their operations "out of the box," certain enterprises need to boost the significant customizable features.

Data Protection

ERP companies recognize that your system contains essential, sensitive data and take the necessary precautions to keep it secure. As the frequency and scale of cyberattacks increase, this alertness is more necessary than ever. O2b cloud ERP software employs cutting-edge security mechanisms to ensure that your business is not the victim of a harmful attack.

Managing Customers and Partners

ERP systems can help a company's partner and customer relationships. It can provide details about suppliers, shipping carriers, and service providers. When it comes to software, the system can track survey replies, support tickets, refunds, and other information to keep a sense of client happiness. sense of client happiness.

What Industry do O2b Technologies provide ERP to?

ERP has proven to be beneficial to businesses in every industry and with a wide range of business types. Flexible solutions with significant functionality can satisfy a wide range of businesses and needs.

We provide ERP solutions to the following industries to conduct their overall business operations:

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Fashion & Apparel Management
  • Education ERP Software
  • eCommerce Industry
  • Professional Services
  • Non-Profit Sector
  • Plastic Industry
  • HealthCare & Life Science Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation & Hospitatily
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency
  • IT Services
  • Public Sector
  • Steel Goods
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Retail Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Consulting Industry
  • Plastic Industry

Integrated ERP Modules

Start Your Journey with O2b Technologies

O2b offers one of the best ERP software that is fully automated and integrated with other modules. An ERP solution seamlessly streamlines all business functions, including manufacturing, inventory, purchase, accounting, sales, and CRM. Moreover, O2b ERP helps businesses to reduce overhead costs, save time, and improve ROI.

At O2b Technologies, we offer custom ERP services to our clients, allowing us to meet the requirements for a variety of business operations. We conduct an extensive study and speak with our clients during the implementation of this integrated system to grasp the details of the functional and technical parts of the business.

O2b ERP software is highly connected, simple to use, and the most cost-effective business software available. It is best suited for enterprises of all sizes. We are a prestigious ERP software provider. Our team creates customized software as well to meet your company's specific needs. Use world-class ERP software to benefit from advanced features and functionalities.

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What Is the Return on Investment for ERP Implementation?

Automation, integration, cost and time saving, reduction in errors, and shifted focus on higher priority tasks are a few named ROI from ERP implementation.

How do I select the best ERP?

There are various factors like cost & time incurred, the expertise of the team involved, your business goals, support, and other services provided by your implementation partner.

Are there any challenges in ERP Implementation?

People are naturally resistant to change, which can lead to issues when end-users or management reject to use of the new system and instead rely on legacy installations.

A change management plan that includes training, communication, and the participation of stakeholders from each department.

How should an ERP Implementation be planned?

Planning an ERP implementation should start with a clear definition of the business goals that the organization must achieve.

Later, you can contact O2b Technologies by writing to info@o2btechnologies.com or, Book your slot for further process.