Quality Management Software

Teams use QA management software for a variety of reasons. The ability to manage and guarantee the quality of software projects is becoming more and more challenging as customer expectations for faultless software and user experiences rise (and release cycles shorten).

Your subject & DevOps tools can be integrated with your quality assurance management tool to track software bugs and incidents, identify problematic test suites, track key quality metrics, and manage all testing activities in one location.

A tightly controlled company must maintain thorough and compliant quality management in order to continue developing new products, launching them quickly to market, and sustaining growth. Paper-based processes are no longer sufficient in today's fiercely highly competitive market because it requires the appropriate systems and tools. Digital quality management software (QMS) from O2b Technologies automates quality throughout the entire product life cycle, assisting businesses in navigating constantly evolving regulations and standards, streamlining procedures, proving compliance, and turning quality into a true competitive differentiation strategy.

Control Points For Quality

Your traveling companion for the APQP

Create quality control plans that will cause quality checks to be conducted at particular inventory operations (receiving and final inspection) or manufacturing operations (in-process inspection)

Establish receiving, final, and in-process inspections in accordance with the quality control plan. Create quality control plans to initiate receiving, final, and in-process inspections.

Organize and monitor submissions to the production part approval process (PPAP). Create your static process control settings (SPC). Routes should have PFMEA (process failure made and effect analysis) documents attached.

Control Points For Quality
Control quality warnings

Control quality warnings

Manage quality alerts using a user interface that works well.

You will adore using the Kanban interface to organize your quality alerts. To report progress, drag and drop the alerts, and use visual cues to concentrate on the most important ones.

Create rules to automate alerts or actions and use tags to categorize quality alerts. Sort categories according to the addressee (designer, supplier, process), the requestor (client, primary line, secondary line), and more.

Fully Integrated

with Inventory and Manufacturing

Quality checks and alerts are fully integrated your manufacturing and inventory operations.

Workers can triggers a quality alert right from the work center controls panel, or from inventory operations

Route products to dedicated quality zones to perform advanced checks.

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