Our Odoo Services

We do not only develop but also help our clients achieve their business objectives most efficiently.

Odoo Implementation

Odoo Implementation

The team of Odoo specialists handles the Odoo implementation project. We ensure that the Odoo implementation adds value to your business and makes your business operations more efficient and fast.

Odoo Customization

Hire Odoo developers and get the Odoo solution customized as per your business requirements. Our team ensures that your unique and specific needs are fulfilled.

Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration

We can help you to extend the functionality of your system. Hire OpenERP developers and integrate your software with third-party applications.

Odoo Support

We offer functional as well as technical support to resolve each of your business issues. Our team of highly skilled developers provides you with the best Odoo support services.

Odoo Consultancy

Odoo Consultancy

Get help from our technically sound consultants, they will help you identify the voids in your business flow and suggest the best Odoo development and customization.

Odoo Apps Development

Hire professional and skilled Odoo developers and get the applications developed that are specific to your business requirements, O2b Technologies is an expert in developing custom modules for its clients.

Work With O2b Technologies For Successful Odoo Development Project

 Hire Odoo Developer

Odoo ERP is a comprehensive business application platform that accelerates business processes effectively. But for the successful implementation of Odoo ERP depends on how skillful your development team is. Work with the top Odoo partners and hire professional Odoo developers who can customize and develop the system as per your requirements. Developers with extensive knowledge of Odoo ERP can help you with the smartest ERP solutions. O2b Technologies provides Odoo experts and professional Odoo Developers who have worked with numerous industries and have completed hundreds of implementations.

We have a team of Odoo specialists who have a wide range of technical and functional knowledge. You will get the best implementation plans, top-notch development, and customization services when you work with us. O2b Technologies ensures seamless Odoo development, customization, integration, and migration services.

Developer Hiring Process

5 Steps to Strengthen Your Business

  • Requirement Clarification

    Requirement Clarification

    Odoo has mainly three frameworks, which include Website/eCommerce, POS, and Backend. We have a team of Odoo Developers that are experts in all three frameworks. After clarifying the requirement, one can hire Odoo developers as per their needs, it could be frontend developer, POS developer, or backend developer.

  • Detailed Documentation

    Detailed Documentation

    After having clear requirements from the client, we help our clients prepare the document that has the list of items that require Odoo development or customization. It will help us to understand the scope of the development project.

  • Get a Quote

    Get a Quote

    After having a clear idea of what are the client's requirements and how much effort it will take, we will be able to generate the right quotation. After getting the quotation from us, the client will approve and move forward with the project.

  • Make Payment

    Make Payment

    After getting and approving the quotation, clients make payment so that we can start working on their project. We receive payment through Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Stripe.

  • Quick Start The Project

    Quick Start The Project

    Once the client makes the payment, we quickly start the project. In this phase, our Odoo Developers ensure to meet the client's needs through development/customization services.

Odoo Developer Working Model

We have a flexible hiring model, you can opt for any one of them. You can hire Odoo Developers as per your project type, business requirements, and budget.

1. Type of Development Project

Front-End Development Project

If you need the Odoo development services for the website development or eCommerce project, then you will need a team of Odoo experts, that includes:

  • Odoo Consultants (Functional)
  • Front-end Developers
  • Odoo API developers (for integration needs)
  • Quality Analysts

Backend Development Project

The team involved in the backend development project includes:

  • Odoo Consultants (Technical and Functional)
  • Backend Developer
  • Quality Analyst

POS development project's team comprises of:

  • Odoo Consultants (Functional)
  • Odoo POS Developer
  • Quality Analyst

2. On the basis of budget/payment plan

Fixed Cost

This type of project includes various phases, that includes:

Gap Analysis - it takes 1-2 weeks depending on the requirement

Development phase - after analyzing the requirements the team start the development process


When clients opt for a monthly payment plan, the team will simultaneously carry out the Gap analysis and development process. In this plan, the client needs to pay on the monthly basis.


When clients choose the Yearly payment plan, our team simultaneously works on the Gap analysis and development process. The client will have to pay on the yearly basis.


If the client selects the Quarterly payment plan, our team works on the gap analysis and development process parallelly. It saves us time and lets us deliver the project on time.

Why Choose O2b Technologies?

Odoo Specialists

We have a pool of expert Odoo Developers who have worked for multiple industries and have years of experience.

Flexible Options

You will have complete control over the project execution and delivery as well as the preference of Odoo developers.

Track Project

Monitor your development projects and propose changes if required. You will get work reports regularly.

Effective Communication

Communicate with our Odoo developers via Skype, Email, Google Meet, WhatsApp, and as suits you.

Expert’s Supervision

If required, our expert project managers and Certified Odoo consultants will guide you throughout your development project.

Prompt Support

Get personalized assistance from our Odoo expert team and the professional Odoo developers will resolve issues quickly.


1Why do I need to hire an Odoo developer?

An Odoo developer is a certified professional carrying years of experience in developing Odoo modules and having deep knowledge of Odoo ERP software.

2Can you provide the resources onsite or its only offsite? Does the cost remain similar or different for both?

Yes, we can provide the resources onsite and the cost will be different. For more information, send us an email at info@o2btechnologies.com

3Do you sign an NDA?

Yes, we do understand the importance of NDA and we don’t have any problem in signing the NDA. We respect our client's privacy and secrecy.

4 How can we communicate with the developer?

O2b Technologies provides a project management tool for smooth communication between the client and the developers. Here, the client can raise queries, issues, or any other challenge which can be answered by the developer. Hire Odoo developers from us and get the best Odoo development experience.

5What timings do your resources follow?

Our resources usually work within weekdays.

6Can we have any test period to try the dedicated developers' services?

Yes, we do provide the test periods for resources but those are chargeable.

7 What are payment terms?

It depends upon the project type.