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Management of leave is extremely crucial for any business organization. Companies frequently use the procedure to make sure that employees do not try to gain emergencies or illness. Running a business is always a risk unless the leaves are properly managed.

As a result, it becomes an important part of workforce management. O2b Technologies develops Odoo applications for ERP software to streamline business processes such as HR, WFM, and CRM. Our Custom Odoo ERP development allows you to integrate modules and applications based on your business needs.

Odoo includes a Time off module that assists with employee leave management. It assists HR professionals in carrying out their employee leave management functions in the most professional way possible.

Each employee can submit a request for leave, that has to be approved by the manager or another appropriate person. In addition, the manager can create leaves for employees based on his requests here.

Odoo offers both a calendar and a Gantt view for leaves. Choose the type of time off. One can select dates for those leaves or select half-day leave with morning or evening sessions. If an individual requires time off at a specific time, they can select the custom hours option. Another way to set up a leave is to directly click calendar dates and enter the details. Then comes the approval.

Request for Allocation

An employee could require more leave than his or her legal entitlements at times. Assume an individual has 7 leaves in his credit and requires 3 more leaves; in this case, the individual must submit a request for additional leave. This can be accomplished through allocation requests.

My Time Off --> Request Time Off --> Create.

The type of time off defines the type of leave the individual is taking, such as paid, unpaid, legal, and so on. This can be done via the external link or by going to Configuration --> Time Off Types.

There, one can specify the type of time off, say "Legal Leave."

Request for Allocation
Request for Allocation

Add a Payroll Code

Another feature of Odoo's Time Off module is the ability to add a Payroll code and take time off for a day, half-day, or hours.

Validation specifies who is responsible for approving leaves, whether by the time-off officer, the team leader, or both, and whether or not validation is required. If approval is required, a responsible person should be named, as well as the duration of the time off. The allocation mode specifies how the leaves are allocated based on the request or as determined by HR, for example.

Employee time off can be viewed in either a Gantt chart or a calendar view. This is determined by the type of time off. The total type of leaves can be analyzed here, as well as the employee who took that specific type of leave.

O2b Technologies for Leave Management

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