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Open-Source eCommerce Solution For Your Business

Open-Source eCommerce Solution

In this era of digitalization, ecommerce is coming forward as bliss for businesses. The sales in the ecommerce are generating more profits thus, business needs to have a feasible solution. Ecommerce solutions conduct the business online in a better and smoother way.

Odoo e-commerce is an easy-to-use and highly customizable solution that is based on an open ERP platform. Odoo ecommerce features will provide you with a cost-effective business solution. Odoo eCommerce features enhance the performance of all online store processes. O2b Technologies provides you with this Open Source eCommerce platform that allows you to manage inventory and also enables you to add or remove products. These features process payments, compute taxes and fulfill orders effortlessly.

O2b technologies provide you the Odoo eCommerce purchase order software that supports B2B eCommerce as well as retail stores by simplifying online store management for both. Odoo eCommerce has powerful integration capabilities

The security of your customer data and your store is very important. Odoo takes security very seriously and it offers additional security features which include fraud protection and monitoring for DDoS attacks.

OpenERP eCommerce makes the management of online stores simpler and more convenient.


Automation of the ecommerce process helps with valuable resources and makes the process more effective and efficient.

Let's understand the unique automation factors of the O2b Technologies’ ecommerce software:

  • The ecommerce management software enables you to create your website easily.
  • This system enables you to optimize your SEO pages.
  • Helps to create full-page product pages including the Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons as well.
  • Offers multiple-payment options without any further integration or set-up.
  • Helps your new clients get turned into returning customers.
Automate Ecommerce Workflow

The robust features and functionalities of Odoo Ecommerce

There are multiple features and functionalities of O2b Technologies’s Odoo E-commerce. A few of them are listed below:

Integrated Marketing and CRM Tools

Integrated Marketing and CRM Tools:

Odoo integrates your eCommerce platform with the CRM and marketing tools that truly enhance the customer experience.To increase your online business revenue, O2b Technologies’ this system enables cross-selling and upselling by providing a suggestion of optional products related to those items that your customer buys.

Easy Payment

Easy Payment, Billing, and Shipping Methods:

The payment and shipping methods of Odoo eCommerce are fully integrated with the system that allows customers to pay with various payment gateways such as Paypal, Adyen, etc. It also tracks the entire shipment process that includes your order and speeds up the whole process. It has a unique feature of defining rules that easily calculates the costs of delivery that can be based on weight and more criteria.

Spectacular Designing and Configuration

Spectacular Designing and Configuration:

With O2b Technologies’ Odoo you have a simple drag and drop option, and using Odoo you can create attractive product pages as well. Odoo eCommerce has an inline editing feature that allows you to create product pages. You can easily design your product page from scratch with the building blocks system.

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options:

Odoo provides you with flexible payment methods without any new additional integration or setup. With Odoo e-commerce, your customers can make any type of payment that is easier and simpler for them.

Seamless User Experience

Seamless User Experience:

Odoo eCommerce has a user-friendly interface that easily defines product categories and enables attribute search. With the help of O2b Technologies’ Odoo coupon codes or promo codes that encourage your potential customers to buy your products. Odoo eCommerce ERP software enables customers to find what they need in your store easily and quickly.

Automated Follow-ups

Automated Follow-ups:

O2b’s Odoo ecommerce has an inbuilt system of sending follow-up emails and messages on abandoned carts that directly increase your conversion rates and sales closures.

Why Choose Odoo eCommerce?

In this growing phase of ecommerce, we need a smooth, easy-to-use, and integrated solution which will strengthen the complete ecommerce experience and get the ultimate results for the business.

O2b Technologies introduces you to a similar Odoo Ecommerce solution to solve all the complex business operations.

  • Odoo Ecommerce is fully integrated with other apps like Odoo Website, Odoo CRM, Odoo Accounting, Odoo Inventory.
  • It is simpler to manage your entire online business with only one system and increase your business efficiency.
  • Odoo ecommerce provides you real-time control on your stock levels and generates accurate forecasts to manage procurement.
  • Odoo Ecommerce helps in improving the pace of your shipment process and tracking your order more effectively.
  • Odoo eCommerce generates better data analytics of your sales and marketing process which helps in increasing the business.
  • Odoo ecommerce increases customer satisfaction by providing the best shopping experience.
  • Hence, O2b Technologies’ Odoo Ecommerce features several reasons for its adoption and implementation in your business for effortless business management operations.


1What is Odoo ecommerce?

Odoo eCommerce is one of the modules of Odoo ERP platforms that enables merchants to sell their items online.

2What are the payment providers already integrated with Odoo ecommerce?

Odoo ecommerce is integrated with Paypal, payezy, stripe and for payment option.

3How do I calculate my delivery charges?

Odoo ecommerce is already integrated with different shipping providers like FedEx, ups, and USPS to calculate the rating service.

4Does Odoo ecommerce follow the order fulfillment process?

Yes. It does.