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Odoo ERP Consultation

Get the proper guidance while selecting and implementing ERP solutions. The ERP consulting services help companies to choose the best solution for their business and grow faster. Odoo ERP is a comprehensive solution and easy to use, but if you are implementing Odoo, get assistance from an Odoo consultant to ensure the success of the Odoo implementation project. They will help you understand your business requirement, analyze the gaps in your business flow, and help you choose the right Odoo modules.

We Are Odoo Certified Consultants

O2b Technologies offers you expertise-oriented Odoo consultancy services and analyzes your business needs. It will ensure the success of Odoo implementation projects and let you achieve your business objectives. As we all know that communication is the most important aspect of consulting services, hence, we establish regular communication with our clients to make sure there is no stone left unturned. Our Odoo Consultant helps companies in setting up the ERP system and ensuring that its implementation flawlessly matches the needs of the organization. Leave your worries to O2b Technologies, we have a team of professional Odoo ERP consultants. With years of experience in Odoo consulting and in-depth knowledge of Odoo, we offer top-notch consultation to our clients. We are a certified Odoo partner company, to know more about us, please visit: Partner Page

Odoo Functional Consultant

We have a skilled and expert team of Odoo functional consultants, they have helped so many industries to improve their business. Their specialized skills help companies to implement the best ideas on implementing Odoo Projects. Odoo consultants are proficient in understanding the operation of all kinds of business industries. They provide the best solution to overcome the challenges.

Our functional consultants have:

In-Depth Knowledge in all industries.

Capability to understand the business flow.

Skills to make Integration successful.

Effective Communication Skills.

Odoo Technical Consultant

As the name suggests, the technical part of the ERP implementation is well handled by our Odoo technical consultants. They are the ones who assist organizations in managing the Odoo ERP implementation and the integration part. Our team of Odoo consultants has comprehensive knowledge of coding. They can create a suitable module for user applications and customize them as per the client's needs.

Skills of our Odoo Technical Consultants:

Clear understanding and knowledge in coding.

Expert in the Odoo module creation.

Capable of developing & implementing Technological Specifications.

Assists in the Module improvements/enhancements.

Perform the testing of the development and integration project.

Why Do You Need Odoo Consultants?

Business Requirement Analysis

They help you identify and gather the business requirements to develop the best ERP platform for your organization.

Mapping Your Requirements

Odoo Consultants will map your business needs with Odoo so that they can build a solution that will be operating as per your business flow.

Documentation of Business Needs

Our Odoo consultants draft a comprehensive document of your business requirements, gaps, challenges, and the best solution.

Quality Testing

They help clients with the thorough review, analysis, and fixing of the developed solution's technical design and quality issues.

Odoo Customization

Completely involved in the execution of Odoo ERP modifications and customization, and delivering the best ERP solution to clients.

Hassle-free Implementation

Odoo consultants are capable of lowering the risks while doing implementations, customizations, and integrations.

Odoo software is an open-source, easy-to-use, customizable, highly flexible, scalable, and comprehensive ERP software solution. Odoo is written in the Python language, which is one of the most advanced programming languages.


1Why do we need an Odoo consultant?

If you are thinking of implementing Odoo ERP, then you will need an Odoo consultant. Because they are Odoo ERP specialists and help you to understand the basic ERP requirements, analyze functional requirements, and identify functional gaps.

Apart from this, they also assist in resource & budget planning. Get assured consultation for Odoo based solutions and know about the software in detail. Further, they keep you helping during the implementation process as well as provide ongoing support.

2How will an Odoo Consultant benefit us?

Odoo consultants assist you to understand Odoo ERP and its features. Also, they enable you to bring in process changes so that you will get a better business management system in place.

They let you streamline the entire business process seamlessly through an in-depth analysis of your organization's pain points. Further, they suggest the best possible solution for all your business-related issues.

3How is a certified Odoo consultant different from a freelancer?

As we are certified Odoo consulting services providers, we have an experienced and skilled team of techno-functional consultants.

You may get best Odoo consultancy services from freelancers at a low cost, but you will not get the assured expertise and excellence in their work.

On the other hand, certified Odoo consultants have a team of experts, technical as well as functional experts. We have highly qualified, certified & trained consultants. You will get the assured solution from us.

4 Why should we choose your Odoo consultants?

As mentioned above, we are certified Odoo consultants, which will give you the idea that we are well-qualified, experienced, and skilled consultants. Furthermore, we offer Odoo consultancy services at affordable costs and have provided consulting services to many organizations.

5Does Odoo consultant can help in migration?

Yes, they will help you to understand migration requirements. Also, they help you to customize and implement Odoo.

6 How much is the cost of your Odoo consulting services?

Our Odoo consultancy services are affordable, though it depends on the complexity of the business requirements of the organization.

7 What are payment terms?

It is all upfront before the start of the project.