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A Solution for Effective Hiring process

From publishing jobs to the selection of candidates, keep track of all the activities involved in the hiring process. Our solution makes job posting, applicant tracking and managing resumes of all the applicants very convenient. All these activities can be managed in a few clicks. You can handle everything conveniently and in a professional way, there is no need to outsource your recruitment.


Hassle-free Screening Process

• Create & publish jobs positions to fulfill vacancies in the organization
• Receive applications with the documents
• Find the submitted documents in the document app
• Start Shortlisting candidates based on their documents like CV
• Get star talents of the industry


Automate Recruitment Process

Using the O2b Survey application, you can create and send vacancy forms to every department head/manager. It can be quarterly, half-yearly, or even monthly. This form can be sent out automatically, after a defined period of time. Managers can fill the form with the job vacancy details or if they don't have any vacant position in their department, they can mark no. This will go for HR approval and then recruiters will automatically get the comprehensive report of vacancies.
With our solution, you can customize the steps of your recruitment process; Initial qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, contract proposal, etc. With this, you will get precise statistics on your recruitment pipeline.


Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Hire top talent for your organization with this modern recruiting tool that helps in hiring the best industry talent. With the O2b Technologies applicant tracking system, you can keep the candidate’s information organized and track them easily through every stage of hiring. You can communicate with the candidates throughout the hiring process as they qualify for different levels of interviews. Now you can’t afford to lose a star talent to competitors, ATS helps you to communicate with the candidates at every step of evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Why do we need a recruitment management system?

    It does not matter in which industry you are in, all the companies need a recruitment system to hire the best industry talent to enhance their business productivity. Although some of the companies outsource recruitment services from the agencies. If you are in the recruitment & staffing agency, O2b has a perfect recruitment automation software for your organization that allows you to deliver a recruitment service to your clients on time. Offer your clients the world-class hiring experience by providing them the best-suited candidate as per their requirements.

  • Q2. How can we get Recruitment Software implemented?

    Selecting the right recruitment system is very important for all the companies as well as choosing the right recruitment software vendor is also crucial. Go for the industry experts with a great experience, know about their work history and compare them with each other, and then decide to go for the best one.

  • Q3. How much time will it take to implement a recruitment management system?

    Usually, it takes 2 to 4 weeks, however sometimes it depends on the requirements and its complexity levels. To know more, contact us and we will love to help you.

  • Q4. Can we integrate your system online job portals for job publishing?

    Yes, definitely you can integrate the software with your website. Post jobs on your website. Track all the actions such as how many applications you have and then you can start the resume screening process as well. Furthermore, you can integrate this system with the web job portals and publish jobs on that portal easily.

  • Q5. Does your system support role-based authorization?

    Yes, our system supports role-based access control, it means users have limited access to data and system's functionalities. It is the most secure way where you can protect the front-end as well as back-end data by implementing access control restrictions.