9 Easy Steps to a Successful Odoo ERP Implementation

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Odoo ERP Implementation

Odoo Implementation is a process that includes the implementation of the Odoo ERP modules. Odoo offers numerous business management modules like sales, purchase, accounting, inventory, CRM, eCommerce, invoicing, manufacturing, employee management, and more, all these modules can be implemented in all types of business industries.

It can be tricky to implement Odoo if it is carried out without the assistance of Odoo experts. This means you will need help from Odoo implementation experts for making the implementation successful. Simply put, implementing ERP in the correct way is the key to the success of the business. It is clear that the success of the Odoo implementation solely depends on selecting the right Odoo partner.

We at O2b Technologies, provide comprehensive Odoo implementation support to our customers. Our team of experts includes Odoo consultants (technical and functional), Odoo developers (front end, back end, mobile app, etc.), quality analysts, project managers, and more. Selecting O2b Technologies as your Odoo Implementation partner would be the best decision for your enterprise. We make sure that you will get the Odoo implemented in your business environment within the given timeframe and budget.

Make Business Management Effortless

Odoo implementation ensures that you are able to manage your business processes smoothly and more effectively. With smoother and flawless business operations in place, you will be seeing tremendous growth in your business.

Top 8 Reasons to implement Odoo ERP:

  • Customizable Architecture
  • Open Source
  • Easy to integrate
  • Comprehensive in Nature
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Improved collaboration
  • Highly Scalable
  • Consistently Growing

Odoo Implementation Approach

We at O2b Technologies usually follow an agile approach in order to deliver the maximum value to the clients. The reason behind considering agile methodology is that it is more effective when it comes to carrying out customization processes. This means, if the client project includes customization requirements, this approach enables customized sprints which help us to fulfill all the requirements of clients.


Step 1

Pre Analysis: This stage of Odoo implementation includes multiple meetings between the Odoo expert team and the decision makers or key managers of the client's organization. It helps the customers to have a clear understanding of the feasibility report of the Odoo implementation project.

Step 2

Detailed Analysis: O2b Team of Odoo experts makes sure that they analyze all the aspects of the business requirements of the client. From intricate requirements to easier ones, all are analyzed by our talented team. We gather all the requirements and shape the Odoo implementation strategy and roadmap to complete the Odoo development process successfully.

Step 3

Project Planning: The project planning phase is all about planning the execution of the roadmap that we have developed after detailed analysis. This is the stage where our Odoo consultants prepare a complete Gap Analysis document and a robust business model so that the team can work on them and make the Odoo implementation a great success.

Pre Analysis
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QuickStart The Development

Step 4

QuickStart The Development: At this phase, the O2b team begins to execute its plan and start developing & designing the solution for the client's organization. This is one of the most crucial phases of Odoo implementation, it includes:

  • Interface Designing Whenever Required
  • Workflow Implementation
  • Dashboard Designing
  • Management of Access Rights
  • Reports Designing
  • System Integration
  • Quality Testing
  • Deployment
  • Analysis from Client's End
  • Client Recommendation Implementations
  • Client Approvals
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Step 5

Odoo Implementation: Once all the above mentioned phases are finished, our expert team proceeds with the Odoo Implementation in your business environment. The agile approach of software development makes the implementation process more valuable for the customers.

Step 6

Data Migration: When we are done with the Odoo module installations, configurations, and implementation, then we move forward with the business data migration. Data migration time frame depends on the size of data, the business data includes customer data, vendor data, employee data, etc. We provide Data Migration through XML/CSV Files.

Odoo Implementation
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Functional Training

Step 7

Functional Training: After implementation of the Odoo ERP, we offer functional training to the users, which means to the people who are actually going to use Odoo ERP. This phase is all about training the users so that they can understand the functionality of all the modules. We plan the training sessions as per the client's teams such as the sales team, accounting team, procurement team, warehouse team, etc. To avoid the Odoo Implementation, the engagement of staff is necessary from the beginning itself.

Step 8

Go Live: After completion of all the phases, right from requirement gathering, development, quality testing, client approval, to functional training, we deploy the solution on the live instance. Once we go live, the client will be able to use the system.

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Step 9

Support and Maintenance: Post implementation support is required to make the Odoo implementation successful. Consistent support is the important factor that decides whether the implementation will be successful or not. Therefore, O2b Technologies does not leave its clients just with a successfully implemented ERP software itself. We, the team of Odoo experts, ensure a better relationship with our clients so that they can enjoy the fruit of our support services.

Our support services include:

  • 24x7 consultancy services in case you face any issue regarding the Odoo functionality understanding.
  • Get your errors resolved for a pre defined period of time.
  • Odoo Software and Server Maintenance.
  • Get your system updated to the latest versions.
  • Also, we support new development and customizations so that the system does not go outdated ever.
Support and Maintenance
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Why O2b Technologies for Your Odoo Implementation?

Fast Response

Fast Response

We respond to our client's issues quickly and never then wait for so long. Get quick support from our team whenever you need it, our online support services help our clients to get the solution to their issues immediately.



We have 10+ years of experience in Odoo ERP solutions. We have implemented Odoo in a wide array of industries such as manufacturing, trading, wholesale, retail, education, nonprofits, healthcare, HVAC, and more.

No Geek Talk

No Geek Talk

We do not speak the geek language, we understand that your queries should be resolved by using the simple language that you understand. Odoo consultants explain everything to the clients and help them understand the system's functionalities.

One Stop Odoo ERP Partner

One Stop Odoo ERP Partner

You do not have to move around for different Odoo services, O2b offers all the Odoo services and solutions. Simply put, you will get everything related to Odoo in one place, we are a one stop Odoo partner.


100% Satisfaction

We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with our Odoo services. We make the customer experience so smooth that they do not think of moving to another platform or provider.

Data Confidentiality

Data Confidentiality

When all things are handled online, trust issues regarding data privacy become a major concern. We ensure that our client's data is fully secure. Further, the feature of logging into the system using unique credentials keeps your data safe.

Odoo software is an open-source, easy-to-use, customizable, highly flexible, scalable, and comprehensive ERP software solution. Odoo is written in the Python language, which is one of the most advanced programming languages.


1Why do I need an Odoo partner?

To ensure your business success, you will need a certified Odoo partner.

2Can I implement Odoo by myself?

Yes, if you are coming from a rich technical background and have extensive knowledge about ERP then you can implement Odoo by yourself.

3Can I generate the free trial?

Yes, you can generate the trail by yourself. Use the following link to generate the trial: https://www.o2btechnologies.com/odoo/campaign/

4How long does it take to implement Odoo ERP?

Generally, Odoo can be implemented in 2 to 3 weeks.

5How much does it cost to implement Odoo ERP?

The cost of the Odoo implementation can be calculated after our Odoo consultants perform a gap analysis and identify the business requirements that need to be implemented. Simply put, the Odoo implementation costs depend on the number of requirements and their complexity.

For more information reach out to us via email: info@o2btechnologies.com or meet the expert by using the following link: https://www.o2btechnologies.com/contact-us

6Do you need SPOC?

Yes, we do need Single Point Of Contact during the Odoo implementation process.