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Odoo offers adaptable modules for any type of business, and investing in the O2b Technologies Odoo Implementation services would be the best ever decision for your business. Our service includes different Odoo apps like sales and purchase management, CRM, POS, E-commerce, accounting, and warehouse management. We deliver expected results on time and within budget. This will help any organization to achieve its long term goals. To put it differently, we are the best Odoo ERP implementation company and assure you with the successful implementation and deliver the project on-time. We know that every business has the ultimate goal of maximizing the profit, with this in mind our Odoo implementation cost is within your budget.


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No Room For Error

Being a leading Odoo ERP implementation service provider, we make sure that the implementation is handled by experienced professionals. We all know that there is no room for errors in the implementation process, our experts ensure that you will achieve your goal efficiently whether it is short-term or long-term. No one wants error-prone services for their organization, it surely becomes a hurdle in your business growth. While working with our company you will barely face this issue. We are one of the best implementation partners in the USA Our team is very dedicated to their work, they are experts in what they do.  Get the error-free and hassle-free implementation process with the best Odoo implementation company.


Make Your Business Operations Smooth

Make Your Business Operations Smooth

We provide the best Odoo CRM implementation and we assure you that you will get smoother and flawless business operations than ever. Odoo covers all your business needs in a one-stop solution and it’s all the apps integrates with each other which automates your business process. We are the experts in carrying out the change implementation effectively, you do not have to worry about the change in the business process. Get the great experience of implementation services with the expert Odoo implementation company. As a result, fulfil all your business requirements whether it is small or big, and run your business without any complexity.


Odoo ERP Implementation with Agile Approach

O2b Technologies implement Odoo ERP to your organization with agile methodology, important to realize, the agile approach gives maximum customer value. ERP Implementation is the most important process for every business because the right implementation of it leads to the successful growth of a business.  O2b Technologies is here to help you with the successful Odoo ERP implementation as we are the top ERP implementation services providers. We are the esteemed Odoo implementation partners, we have implemented hundreds of projects successfully. 

Requirement Analysis and Planning

Requirement Analysis and Planning

Proper Odoo implementation project planning and requirement analysis are the keys to the success of an implementation. It is the initial phase, here we...do gap analysis functionally as well as technically and set out the detailed stage that has to be carried out. Estimating project costs and budget are equally important in implementation planning. A most important part of the implementation is to know what to configure and deciding if we are going to stick with the traditional method or change the method of working for some of the specialized processes. Equally important, the formation of a specific and perfect team that can work on some of the changes. Important to realize, planning methods can vary as per the degree of complexity, formality, and level of automation. 

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Data Import, Development and Deployment

After a successful gap analysis, we proceed with the data migration from the system you have been using until now to the new system developed for you.... We provide Data Migration through Web Services, XML/CSV Files, and ETL. At the same time, another two phases parallelly, specific developments for first deployment and third-party software integration. In this phase of development, we not only improve the functionality of your business but also helps in pointing out the hurdles that are creating trouble in business integration. Important to realize, we develop the system based on the functional and technical analysis after configuration and establishing parameters. Development can be completed after:
• Detailed technical analysis
• Interface designing
• Workflow, dashboard, and report designing
• System integration
• Quality testing
• Access rights and deployment
• Go Live
As we are official Odoo partners, we take care of every measure during the go-live period of the Odoo implementation project. Our technical and functional team ensure they have covered all the requirements. As a result, you will get a smooth transition to the new business system.

Technical and User Training

Technical and User Training

Once the software is ready and deployed, user training is needed to improve working in the organization. All this process will start after final approval,...which means when the client gives the final validations before production. After all the process, the project manager provides training to all end-users.  Important to realize, training can be two types. First is technical training,  it is usually provided to our partners where we enable them to develop their own modules by modifying and adapting the existing ones. Second, the most common and important as well, end-user training, its objective is to enable them to be more productive as quickly as possible by using our software. The duration of training could be a week.

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Support and Maintenance

As we know implementation projects are complex, with this in mind, they always require adaptations to a lot of changes. These changes can be made... by the end-users or a transformation within the company will cause changes. O2b Technologies’ Odoo consultants and developers always provide full support to its clients. Our Odoo implementation service and support service’s aim is to ensure our end-users to get the maximum productivity from the Odoo ERP. Our support team is available 24x7 for resolving all the errors.  O2b Technologies maintenance service ensures that system functions as required. Get unlimited bug fixing, management of security alerts, migration to the newer version, and functional help with us.



Odoo is a business management software that has numerous business applications, including Accounting, Sales, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Purchase, Point of Sales, Inventory, CRM, and many more. Being an open-source ERP, Odoo ERP's modules and applications can be customized according to the client's specific needs. Any skilled developer can modify its source code and use it as per their business requirements. Simply put, Odoo is a platform that businesses can use to handle every core processes and functions to enhance the organization's productivity and overall business performance to get a great ROI.

Odoo formerly known as Open ERP and founded by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005. Odoo stands for On-Demand Open Object. Its huge compilation of business applications and modules has helped a lot of businesses of every size. It has become one of the most popular open-source ERP and used by thousands of companies of all sizes ( Small, Medium, and Large-sized Organizations). Other than its basic modules, it has approximately 14,000 third party Apps/Plugins available in its app store. Furthermore, it is used by over 2 million companies across the globe. And due to its open-source structure, all sizes of businesses can use it and it is a perfect fit for all categories of the businesses. Most importantly there are no license costs for Odoo.

Basically Odoo has two versions, the first one is Odoo Community Edition and the second is Odoo Enterprise Edition.

Community edition This edition of Odoo is completely free ( No license cost) and fully open-source. Furthermore, it is supported by the Odoo community.

Enterprise Edition On the other hand, this edition needs a license as per the number of users and applications. It is not an open-source system, it is a mix of Odoo Community core + Supplementary functional apps. As it is not an open-source system, the code can be provided only by certified Odoo partner companies and Odoo itself.

There is no fixed implementation cost for Odoo. It varies as per the business type, size, and location as well as types of users and the total number of users. Moreover, costing also relies on the complexity level of your business requirements. There are various types of costs included such as license cost, hosting & maintenance costs, and vendor cost.

Odoo ERP implementation includes several phases or steps that make the whole implementation project successful:

1. Gap analysis/ Detailed Analysis: It is the pre-implementation phase where our team performs gap analysis. That covers analysis and assessment of your basic business requirements, pain points of your business, as well as loopholes in the processes.

2. Project Planning & Requirement Gathering: This step includes planning of the entire project while gathering each and every business requirement of your company. It also includes budget planning, estimation of the time span of the project, as well as planning of the number of resources will be involved in the project.

3. Documentation: This phase encompasses the documentation of all the requirements to make the implementation process smooth.

4. Development & Data Migration: Here comes the most important part of the Odoo implementation project. Our skilled developers start developing and customizing the solution and completing each business requirement one by one. We follow agile methodology because we believe that it enhances customer value by delivering items continuously. Parallelly we migrate your data from the older system to the Odoo ERP system.

5. Testing: The testing phase is not something that only takes place once, it is an ongoing process that can be done at the time of development and after deployment. To get the best out of the software development, this is really important to consistently test your system's features and functionalities.

6. Deployment: After testing our developer deploy the solution, then after getting some suggestions from them we make some changes accordingly. Finally, it goes for the client approval.

7. Training: After approval, we offer an end-user training program, where we train our client's workforce to use the system efficiently rather than suggesting them to hire a new team for operating Odoo ERP. It truly saves a lot of money for our clients.

8. Go-live: We go-live after getting final approvals from the customers and training their organization's employees.

9. Ongoing Support: It is not a one time process, it may be a possibility that the client will face issues after go-live, but we ensure that we provide full support whenever any issue will come. Even, when you expand your business and requirements will be increased, we provide complete support.

At the time of implementation, we need a dedicated project manager from your end. Further, we and the project manager of yours can collaborate to gather business needs as he/she has a clear understanding of all the needs of your company.

Basically, there are various types of hosting available, including:

1. On-premise hosting
2. Dedicated server hosting
3. Shared hosting
4. Cloud Hosting

Yes, there is an additional cost of cloud subscription along with the license and implementation cost at the time of cloud deployment.

There is no fixed maximum number of users, it completely depends on your server configuration. Simply put, if your server has low storage/ RAM size, only few users can access the system. But with the increase in the size of RAM, the number of users will also increase.

Why O2b Technologies for Your Odoo Implementation?

• Certified ERP Consultants
We have a strong team of certified python developers and Odoo Consultants who are experts in their field. We are the official ERP Odoo implementation partner.

• Secured Implementation
To reduce the risk of cyberattacks, we make sure that only authorized users can read your data. 

• Competitive Pricing
Our OpenERP implementation pricing is quite affordable and instead of having competitive pricing we believe in serving and supporting the best to our clients.

• Instant Support
We provide user support and also support development and monitoring. Our support is spontaneous, we support in operating your Odoo ERP solution for the long term.

• Customer Satisfaction
Our aim is to make our clients happy and satisfied. We develop solutions that match their expectations.

•  Odoo Integration Experts 
With us, you will get complete package of implementation which includes ERP integration. We can integrate your whole system, module integration as well as third-party app integration.


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