Odoo ERP Implementation Across Countries

Automate your Business Globally

ERP implementation can be difficult for both small firms and large corporations. If your business has operations in several different nations, it can be more challenging.

However, O2b Technologies ERP software development will assist you in selecting the best strategy while saving you time and cost.

Grow Your Business Globally with Odoo ERP

An ERP software system helps you manage every aspect of your company's operations, including sales, accounting, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and more.

ERP implementation is the process of gathering your company's requirements, picking software, selecting a deployment method, moving data, training users, going live, and managing support.

The key to building a successful business is successfully implementing ERP, and this must be done in a timely and cost-effective manner. Without a doubt, the implementation partner you select for your company will be the deciding factor in the success of your ERP deployment.

We at O2b Technologies provide the best practices for Odoo ERP implementation across countries with the help of our team of experts - Odoo Techno-Functional Consultants/Subject-Matter Experts - thorough and all-encompassing support for Odoo implementation to our existing and new customers.

We first understand your business through detailed analysis before offering the best course of action for all of your business requirements. With great consideration to the guiding principles and industry standards, we integrate your business with Odoo's out-of-the-box functionalities, requiring the least amount of customization to make the system more adaptable and dependable with simple future expansion. Even in industries like ecommerce and manufacturing, we have successfully implemented the ERP in some of the most challenging situations.

Odoo ERP Implementation

Odoo ERP Implementation

Odoo implementation is the service of implementing the Odoo ERP applications and modules in the client's business environment. Odoo implementation can be become more challenging and risky if not done correctly. However, O2b Technologies provides a hassle-free Odoo implementation customized to your specific business requirements. We are experts in Odoo implementation and have a well-defined technique that has been thoroughly tested.

We offer a great deal of customizable flexibility to meet your company's needs. We handle all ERP operations and analysis tools to meet the demands of your business. As a result, users can completely customize and personalize their solutions to match their specific business goals.

One of the best Odoo implementation partner companies, O2b Technologies, is still holding strong in the Odoo community. Additionally, we manage the platform's development and implementation following your needs and by complying with the best practices and defined procedures without compromising with the Odoo platform's operation.

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Steps to Proceed with ERP Implementation

1. Identify desired Business Objectives

First, we must properly identify the desired business goals. Only then can service providers offer advice on the best options.

3. Select the Best ERP

We must choose the best ERP for our business from the ones that are currently available on the market.

5. Project Planning

Mention the different phases of implementation and define them properly with a clear execution strategy.

Steps to Proceed with ERP Implementation

2. Budget Allocation

At this step, the client must prepare a budget for the implementation of their ERP.

4. Select the Best Implementation Partner

After choosing the best ERP for our business, we must choose the best partner to deploy the ERP.

6. Choose the Right Hosting Technique

We must choose the best quality hosting option for the selected ERP to avoid further challenges.

Odoo ERP Implementation Process

Requirement Analysis

We first analyze and understand your business requirements. Without grasping and assessing your business demands, it is quite difficult to suggest the best solutions. The analysis team will document the required details and forward them to the development team for further processes.

Requirement Analysis
Configuration and Installation

Configuration and Installation

Our ERP will be installed and configured based on our requirements. ERP configuration focuses on system elements rather than the requirements of your business processes. Your system's components can be set up to operate within the limitations of a particular environment, like languages, currencies, time zones, and more.

Customization and Development

After configuration, we begin the Odoo ERP project development. The objective of module development is to best serve your business. We make sure that development is executed under industry standards and guidelines while keeping your requirements in mind.

Customization and Development
Data Migration

Data Migration

One of the essential aspects of ERP implementation is data migration. Data must be accurate and complete for a business operation to be profitable. We transfer your existing data with the utmost care and attention to the new Odoo ERP from the current implementation, including software, Excel files, older versions of Odoo, etc.


We will properly test the overall ERP before making it live. This is to ensure that if any of the team members encounter any bugs or challenges, the concerned team can fix them before deploying them on live.

Go Live

Go Live

Always at your side to offer a helping hand in handling all complexities, We work with you to choose the best way to implement your ERP so that you can expand your business.

Training and Support

Odoo is extensive and hence, proper training is required to improve the users’ skills to operate the ERP solution. After implementation, we successfully train end users on Odoo using a variety of communication tools like Skype, TeamViewer, videos, and related materials.

Training and Support

Offered Odoo Services

Odoo Customization

  • Analyze the need for customization
  • GAP Analysis
  • Development of Customized solution

Odoo Implementation

  • Understanding the unique business process
  • Analysis of requirements
  • Effective Odoo installation
  • Configuration based on analysis

Odoo Integration

  • Security analysis
  • Data mapping
  • Integration with third-party applications

Odoo Migration

  • Platform analysis
  • Data transmission provision
  • Data migration

Odoo Support and Maintenance

  • Process support
    • Functional,
    • Technical and
    • Server maintenance
  • Performance monitoring

Odoo ERP Implementation Services With O2b Technologies

The secret to a profitable business is a perfectly executed ERP implementation. Your decision of implementation partner is the only factor that determines whether your ERP deployment is successful or not.

O2b Technologies is an expert in Odoo and has extensive knowledge in the software's implementation, integration, support, maintenance, customization, and migration. O2b has a significant years of experience creating powerful Odoo modules.

Today, we take pride in writing high-quality code, owning the Odoo apps market with the most downloads, and ensuring 100 percent satisfaction to all of our Odoo customers. O2b Technologies also hires highly qualified developers and designers who have a broad understanding of programming languages.

Odoo ERP Implementation Services

All of the key industries, including retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, accounts and finance, are included in the scope of Odoo implementation services that we have offered. We have taken out plenty of sucessful projects for our esteemed Odoo ERP implementation clients across countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. No matter how big or small the task is, we have the knowledge and capabilities to execute it with ease.

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What is the difference between customisation and implementation?

Odoo ERP customisation and implementation are completely different processes. The installation and configuration of Odoo in the workplace are handled by the Odoo ERP implementation, whereas customization deals with the modification of ERP functionalities following specific business requirements.

Which version of Odoo between Enterprise and Online is better?

It depends on what you prefer. Odoo Online does not provide you access to the source code or the data, and it does not allow you to customize the operation.However, with Odoo Enterprise, you have access to highly customizable and dependable ERP that can be customized to meet your specific business needs and requirements.

Odoo ERP's key benefit is that it constantly offers updates. O2b Technologies' Odoo strongly encourages customers to select the most recent version of the software available, so they can take advantage of its most cutting-edge functionalities.

What makes the Odoo implementation affordable?

By just including the modules that are necessary for your company, you can reduce the price of the Odoo implementation. Fewer modules mean less money spent on implementing Odoo.

As compared to proprietary ERPs, the Odoo community version has no subscription costs, which further reduces the cost of implementation. Because there is no need for additional infrastructure requirements in the Odoo enterprise online edition, the cost of using it is further reduced

What makes Odoo better than other ERPs?

Odoo helps you save a lot of money, allowing you to use it on basics like future customizations. Second, Odoo provides the ERP with limitless customisation options. Multiple custom feature modules make it easier for the company to fulfill its goals. Additionally, there is no chance of being fully engaged by the vendor or technology with Odoo.

Why should I implement Odoo with O2b Technologies?

The accessibility of technical and functional experts makes O2b Technologies the best partner for your company's odoo implementation. Because of years of experience and understanding in every industry sector, O2b's project projects are risk-free and reliable. When we make decisions, we always put the needs of the consumer first.