Odoo 11 New Features

Launching Odoo 11

Odoo is the fastest-growing ERP platform, it launches a new version every year. The latest version of Odoo always comes with added features and modules. The Odoo 11 is an upgraded version and it is faster, it is better, and it is more flexible than the Odoo 10.

Odoo 11 has brought something more for everyone, such as the improvement in API making it easier to work for developers and the additional modules & features helping users to run the business more effectively. The Odoo 11 version is more intuitive and more useful that introduces global keyboard shortcuts and a global search feature. It makes the usability of Odoo faster and easier than ever.

O2b Technologies has an Odoo Expert team that has worked on multiple versions of Odoo, such as Odoo 8, Odoo 9, and Odoo 10. With the launch of Odoo 11, O2b is ready to offer the best Odoo 11 implementation experience. Also, we are capable of offering the version migration, if you are using Odoo 9 or Odoo 10 and want to move to the latest version, i.e.Odoo 11, we can help you migrate. We offer our clients the demo of Odoo modules to see if the system is working as per their business workflow, for example Odoo CRM demo, Odoo purchase demo, odoo payroll demo, etc.

What Makes Odoo 11 More Beneficial?

Cost Saving

Cost Saving

This latest Odoo version gives Odoo prominent new looks, everything has been made pixel perfect. The new design, the primary goal of Odoo is to give its users an interface that is easy to use and aesthetically engaging. The efforts have been made to Odoo work on all device screens such as laptops, mobile phones, and desktops.

Faster than Odoo 10

Faster than Odoo 10

The speed of the system helps in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the business, this is the reason why Odoo's research and development team worked on decreasing the number of SQL queries by an operation to make Odoo 11 faster than Odoo 10. The latest Odoo version, Odoo 11, is 3 times faster than its previous version.

Introducing New Apps

Introducing New Apps

Odoo 11 is introducing new apps that will surely help businesses scale, reduce the workload and automate their business operations. The two newly launched Odoo apps are Odoo's online appointment and marketing automation. Now the users can schedule or book their appointments easily and automate the marketing activities such as email campaigns.

Odoo App for iOS

Odoo App for iOS

Now with the introduction of Odoo 11, iOS users can also take their work out of the office and work using their iPhone. Odoo has launched a new mobile app that is optimized for any iOS device. It lets iOS users work from any location at any time. All the Odoo apps are available from one native app, which allows you to manage the records, reports, sales, and more.

Let's Dive into the New Features and Functionalities

1. Odoo Studio:

  • You will have the drag & drop feature to build forms, edit lists, design the page, etc.
  • Get new views through Odoo Studio, such as calendar, Gantt, and pivot views.
  • Easily customize the app switcher dashboard background to reflect the company branding.
  • Now, you can effortlessly create new reports with the help of Odoo Studio.

2. Website Builder:

  • Simply edit the properties of your website pages using the new page manager feature.
  • The previewing theme option lets you see available themes without changing the current theme.
  • The configuration of the website is easy, you can easily set your logo and activate the features within a click.
  • With the help of the Less/CSS editor option, you can customize the style of your website.

3. eCommerce:

  • Easy checkout and payment process have made Odoo eCommerce more user-friendly.
  • Effortlessly convert the abandoned cart into orders with the help of marketing automation.
  • The eCommerce dashboard will let you see the next actions to do, such as orders to invoicing, payments to receive, etc.
  • Simply set up how you want to manage the inventory and then publish the available stock items on the storefront.

4. Invoicing:

  • Add the SEPA Direct Debit option and draw payments from the client's bank accounts with their permission.
  • Pay to multiple vendors at once, the batch payment feature helps you save time.
  • The address autocomplete feature helps you complete the address of the customers once you enter a valid VAT number
  • Get the 3-way matching functionality to compare the received vendor bill to release an invoice for payment.

5. Accounting:

  • Consolidate your journal report and see what is happening in each journal organized month by month for readability.
  • The option of printing proforma invoices instantly from the sales order.
  • Modifiable chart of accounts, you can modify COA as long as you have not recorded any journal entry in an account.

6. Inventory:

  • Easily update any transaction, such as picking, manufacturing order, etc. after it is posted using the new lock/unlock button.
  • Get the clean menus, more accurate inventory reports such as traceability reports, costing reports, and more.
  • Get the alert notifications to prevent mistakes and log notes in the chatter to track the inventory history tracking.

7. CRM:

  • Now CRM has become a standalone app and has its own dashboard icon, no longer associated with the Sales app.
  • Get the option of scheduling the next activities (meeting, call, email, task,) on leads/opportunities.
  • Integrate the live chat of your website with a CRM app to convert visitors into leads quickly.

Why Choose O2b Technologies for Odoo 11 Implementation?

The major reason to choose O2b Technologies is that it has a team of Odoo certified experts. The experience and skills they possess ensure the success of Odoo 11 implementation. We have done multiple Odoo 10 implementations and have the expertise to cover all kinds of implementations. Our expert team offers all the Odoo services for Odoo 11 implementation and Development.

  • O2b Technologies has an experienced and skilled team of Odoo developers, senior developers with 8+ years of experience, and junior developers with 2+ years of experience.
  • They have worked on every version of Odoo and know Odoo at its core.
  • They help you from the initial stage, from defining the scope of the Odoo implementation project to post-implementation support.
  • Also, they ensure that the project can be completed waiting for the given timeframe and budget.
  • Our developers offer quality development and follow Odoo Standard coding, it ensures no bugs during the trial.
  • We work in multiple time zones, which means we provide support 24x7 and communicate with our clients consistently.
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