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Faster Ticket Resolution with Smart automation

Take full control of support requests using advanced helpdesk management software. From getting the support requests, assigning them to the relevant team, and tracking the ticket resolution status to finally closing the ticket, managing everything in an efficient way.

What Is Helpdesk Management?

The helpdesk is a function of an organization that provides a single as well as multiple points of contact (if required) for users to get help in solving various problems, getting answers to their queries, and troubleshooting. This point of contact further allows companies to resolve their queries and issues, which surely enhances customer satisfaction. Further, helpdesk management is a process of resolving and managing the customer's queries and issues in a systematic manner. But, now the question is how to manage a helpdesk efficiently.

For effective and smart helpdesk management use robust helpdesk software that lets you manage customer issues and take control of all the IT requests or other sorts of customer requests. Odoo helpdesk management software is one of the most used and effective tools for handling all sorts of tickets. One of the great features of this software is that it allows you to track each issue. Furthermore, it helps you to provide centralized information that will help you to handle a company’s internal as well as external queries. Resolve customer grievances faster by automating the entire ticket resolution process with the help of the Odoo ticket management tool. Eliminate the tedious and burdensome process and close tickets faster. There are so many advantages to using Odoo service desk software. Such as quicker issue resolutions, enhanced customer satisfaction, improved helpdesk agents' or employees' productivity, and more.

Track, Prioritize, and Resolve Customer Tickets Quicker

Odoo Field Service Management

Odoo has introduced an advanced business management module that helps companies to provide better customer support than ever. Also, this ticket management system lets them resolve typical issues and queries more efficiently. The Odoo support ticket management system enables your clients to submit tickets via emails, website forms, live chat, as well as any third-party application. Further, it helps you manage all sorts of inquiries, regardless of the channel they have come from. You can assign every ticket manually, randomly, or even to the team/employee which has a lower number of open tickets. The Odoo helpdesk module has multiple options to choose from, it all depends on your business requirements. Moreover, the Odoo ticketing system allows you to track ongoing projects, keep up with user requests, and you will move ahead quickly.

This easy-to-use yet smartest helpdesk software lets you define priorities, add ticket descriptions, and define ticket types. When it comes to reporting, you will get a pivot view in the reports menu that allows organizations to make an in-depth analysis of all your tickets. Odoo has built a smart system that enables you to add SLA (Service Level Agreements) contracts and rules and lets you set the SLA for each ticket that has been raised. Also, automate customer satisfaction surveys to get a clear view of your service quality and this will further let you improve accordingly.

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Major Highlights of the Odoo Helpdesk Module

Complete overview of your tickets, performance, ticket status, and more
Easily create multiple helpdesk teams, ticket types, and stages as per your needs
Specify various levels of priority for your tickets as per your business needs
Automatically creating tickets via website forms, live chats, and emails
Tickets assignments to the relevant team based on assignment methods and aliases
You can further create a ticket via lead with just a single click
Integration with the timesheets app enables tracking and billing time spent on tickets
Create service level agreements (SLA) policies based on ticket issue types or priority
A customer rating system allows your customers to give feedback based on their experience
The customer portal option helps the clients to keep a tab on the status of their tickets
Moreover, the customer can close their tickets by themselves using the self-service portal
Get accurate reporting of your tickets, SLA status, and customer ratings

Reasons to Use Odoo Helpdesk System

Enhance Your Productivity

To make the whole ticket management process efficient you can create different teams and assign tickets for each team. Also, create a different email alias that your clients can contact directly through the website. Prioritize your tickets and define the levels of priority for each ticket. It gives you a clear understanding of which ticket should be resolved first and which can be resolved later. Get a clear timesheet on tickets and track the time spent by your agent on each ticket. Moreover, these timesheets can be displayed on the customer's portal.

Inefficient Job Scheduling and Dispatching
Flawed Task Assignment

Multi-Channel Support

There is no definite way to create tickets, you can create tickets via email, website forms, live chats, or via leads. This surely makes ticket management easy and effective. The Odoo helpdesk module is capable of converting emails into requests automatically. It truly saves valuable time and helps your agents to be more proactive. Furthermore, you know that customers usually mention their issues on various external channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Forum, etc. Using the Odoo helpdesk system you can create tickets manually on the fly and get started right away.

Easy Work Analysis

Get a complete overview of all the tickets with the help of the Odoo support ticket management system's dashboard. And keep a tab on each team's performance and overall success rate. By setting your own SLA rules/policies, which are based on ticket issue types, tags, and/or priority, you will be able to select between a stage to be reached. Also, the Odoo service desk system has an advanced customer rating system. It can help you to get customer feedback on the basis of customer experience. Now, you can track the level of satisfaction of your customers. Also, it lets you view the ratings of the team member in charge of the ticket.

Manual Entry of Client's Requests
Slow and Vague Billing Process

Customer Self-Service Portal

This portal enables your customers/users to raise their own support tickets. Save time for your helpdesk management team that will allow them to focus and spend more time resolving current issues as well as picking up on older unfinished issues. Your clients can create and track their tickets to view the status of their tickets from creation to resolution. Furthermore, you can make e-learning material like videos, documentation, or slides and make this content available on your website.

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Are only logged-in customers able to submit the request via the website?

Yes, only the logged-in customer will be able to submit requests via the website. Further, their requests will be converted into tickets automatically and they will be handled and resolved by the relevant team.

How does the self-service feature benefit the clients?

The customer self-service portal will help you get multiple benefits such as:

  • It will allow your clients to have the access to the help center forum where they can post their queries and get answers,
  • Also, it will allow you to post and share learning materials like documentation, slide, or videos on the helpdesk platform/page,
  • Customers can easily close their own tickets and it will let you focus on other critical tickets.

Can my customers submit their feedback on their ticket resolution experience?

Yes, your customers can submit their ticket resolution experiences and you can further analyze all your customer reviews at once.