Manufacturing Management Software

Features of the Best ERP for Manufacturing Business

ERP for Manufacturing Business


O2b’s manufacturing software helps in managing and tracking all manufacturing operations which ultimately helps the decision makers to gather the complete information in just a few clicks and better decisions result in into better business growth.

  • Manufacturing Orders - Manage your products into assembly lines or manual assembly.
  • Work Orders - Launch production of items needed in the final assembly of your products.
  • Barcode – Use barcode to speed up your manufacturing operations: lot or serial number scanning, start/pause/stop stopwatch, trigger a maintenance request, move to the next step, etc.

Schedule & Plan

O2b’s manufacturing ERP is helpful in the improvement of scheduling and planning on-time delivery of products, better demand planning. Companies that are engaged in mass production, manufacturers have a large amount of stock inventory incoming and outgoing for production. ERP manages and tracks all the inventory records like location, number of units, and more.

  • Plan Manufacturing - Better transparency on the overall planning and effortlessly reschedule manufacturing.
  • Organize Work Orders - Get accessibility to all available resources and plan with your production.
  • Manage Bill of Materials - Keeping track of the availability of items in stock and time of production.
  • Workcenter Capacity - Use the MRP Scheduler to schedule your work at each work center, based on their OEE and capacity.
Schedule & Plan
More Flexible Master Data

More Flexible Master Data

Before the manufacturing process, routing needs to be properly done. Routing is the method of product creation by making the use of materials defined in the BOM. It might include multiple stages with work centers. The manufacturing software executes the following:

  • Create multi-level Bills of Materials -Set a Bill of Materials within another to manufacture components of a product in another Bill of Materials.
  • Optional routing - Develop new routines for work orders to streamline your production relying on the routing used.
  • Version changes -Grandt your products to evolve and add configurable options during the order creation.
  • Phantom of Bill of Materials - Generates phantom BoM to manufacture and sell products in kits or to build replacement parts.


The manufacturing module examines quality checks for purchased materials before production, in the middle of manufacturing stages, or as final inspections. On account of any challenges, the quality check systems in manufacturing ERP help remove the issue, ultimately improving the product quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Control Points - Automatically activate quality checks for the manufacturing department.
  • Quality Checks - Deploy your statistical process control easily with checks.
  • Quality Alerts - Organize your work using the Kanban view of quality alerts.


The manufacturing ERP also allows maintenance orders for repairs. These orders are assigned to the maintenance team by organizing requests. This allows these systems to automate preventive maintenance by computing statistics like average time to failure.

  • Preventive Maintenance - Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs.
  • Corrective Maintenance - Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the control center panel.
  • Calendar - Schedule maintenance operations with a calendar.
  • Statistics - Get all maintenance statistics computed for you: MTBF

WorkCentre Control Panel

  • Tablets - For organizing their work efficiently and effectively, it sets tablets at every work center.
  • Record production - Register productions, scan products, lots, or serial numbers.
  • Worksheets - Display worksheets directly on the WorkCentre with instructions for an operator.
  • Misc. Operations - Scrap products, create quality alerts, and perform checks, right from the WorkCentre.
  • Alerts - Use alerts to show changes or quality checks to the operator.
WorkCentre Control Panel
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

O2b Manufacturing platform provides the detailed analysis report of the production line, analyzes the performance of your work centers and production, plans alternative production strategies, etc. are some of the qualitative measures that 02b BI engine provides in the manufacturing module.

This solution will provide an understanding of the manufacturing functioning of the company and its direction of operations based on the data available. Hence, it improves the decision-making and overall business performance.

A Software for Broad Range of Manufacturing Industries

O2b Technologies’ manufacturing management software is a great fit for a wide range of industries such as textile, electronics, food and beverage, industrial machinery and equipment, medical device, and furniture. Manufacturing business software can manage these manufacturing industries regardless of their type of manufacturing. These types are, assemble to order, batch, discrete, make to order, and make to stock manufacturing. We also provide manufacturing software for small businesses that indicate there is no barrier to the budget in investing in our software solution.

Smooth Integration with Other Departments

O2b’s manufacturing solution easily integrates with other departments and increases the transparency and clarity among the different divisions on a single platform. It gets integrated with verticals like:

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory software for manufacturing helps you to know the accurate history of your stock operations. The manufacturing industry can adjust inventory in real-time because of the live tracking feature of our system.

CRM and Sales Management

CRM and Sales Management

CRM in the manufacturing sector helps to get customers’ contact information for planning and analysis of operations of the production department. Our best CRM for manufacturing business sends confirmed customer orders to the production and now you can track all the sales orders from the quotation to delivery.

Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management

With our purchase management software manage purchase orders with a single click. Automate the entire procure-to-pay process easily and flawlessly. This system helps you to get approvals and expense reports easily by automating the whole purchase process.

Why O2b Manufacturing Software is best?

Choosing O2b Technologies as your manufacturing ERP solution provider gives you the chance to get the solution team having expertise in the domain and having years of experience in providing the best software for the manufacturing business.

  • Reduce cost to compete and gain more profit
  • Improved productivity and output
  • Effortlessly measure and improve product quality
  • Control machine and labor costs
  • Gain better inventory visibility
  • Deliver quality products on time
  • Increased customer satisfaction


1What is the cost involved in O2b Technologies’ manufacturing management ERP solution?

The cost depends upon the consultant’s fees and the selection of functionalities in the modules in case, you are opting the customization.

2Can we make changes and modifications once the installations have been done?

Yes, we can.

3Can we do a quality check on the solution?

Yes, you can with the assistance of our quality team.

4Is there any free trial for the solution?

Yes, there is.