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Implement ERP Built For Steel Industry

Implement ERP Built For Steel Industry

 Streamline Production Order Processing With Steel Software 

The steel industry is currently facing the challenges of high maintenance and operational costs due to an increase in demand for steel or iron. Important to realize, steel is a product that we see every day, from tin cans to vehicles driving on the road, everything is steel or iron. The whole process of making steel from iron ore and removing unwanted components from it and then manufacturing items from this steel needs proper management of its production and manufacturing processes. Equally important, the implementation of ERP for steel industry enables you to improve interdepartmental communication which leads to greater profitability and growth. ERP in the metal manufacturing industry enhances the economies of a nation by increasing industry performance and workflow. Another key point, It handles production order processing effortlessly while reducing manual errors. O2b Technologies' integrated production order processing module allows you to control the movement of materials during the production process.

Improve Traceability and Tracking Of Inventory

Keep tabs on stock movements with the integrated inventory module

Implementation of inventory module in the steel and metal industry makes warehouse management seamless and hassle-free. O2b Technologies inventory system helps you to forecast and measure the number of raw materials or semi-finished items are required for production purposes. Another key point, our steel ERP software enables you to synchronize the demand cycle by providing you with real-time inventory information. Equally important, you can easily check the availability of raw materials within the inventory after the creation of the Bill of Materials. With this in mind, the steel and metal manufacturing industry go through multiple planning strategies to utilize its resources efficiently, ERP for metal industry helps in better control of inventory.

Similarly, our software for the steel industry truly improves demand forecasting, facilitates smart production scheduling and enables on-time delivery of goods. Streamline all the processes from the procurement, making of manufacturing orders, quality checking, maintenance and order tracking to its delivery. Furthermore, our online purchase order approval system makes the purchase process a lot easier and saves time.

Improve Traceability and Tracking Of Inventory
Manage Sales Demand and Improve Expand Business

Manage Sales Demand and Improve Expand Business

Enhance Customer Satisfaction With The CRM Software

O2b Technologies CRM system enables the steel and metal industry to nurture the relationship with their current customer and potential customers. To put it differently, CRM enables you to improve sales and gain long-term profitability. Another key point of our CRM system is to provide clear insights into your sales process that definitely help you to make better business decisions. Our powerful CRM lets you keep track of your sales activities and customer engagements. After-sales is not an easy part of sales as it consists of closing a sale and delivery. O2b Technologies metal industry software allows you to manage your data by centralizing it and that creates a single view of customers, contracts, and orders. Centralized information lets you focus on each customer and prospects that build stronger relationships with them. Real-time tracking gives access to real-time data and operations that lower costs and increase profits.

Advantages Of ERP For Steel Industry

360-degree View Of Processes

Streamlined processes enable seamless information flow across the business. It surely enables every user to access information in a few clicks. ...


More Accurate Business Forecasting

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Improve Product Quality

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Minimize Operational Cost

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