Odoo Payroll Management

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Payroll management is one of the organization's most complex tasks, particularly for its accounting and HR departments. The payroll management system is one of the main business operations. Odoo payroll management is one best payroll ERP modules offered by O2b Technologies.

Odoo Payroll Management System

Payroll is the process of paying employees' salaries at predetermined times. Regularly paying your employees, keeping track of those payments, and, occasionally, paying taxes to support employees, is a time-consuming and dangerous operation. For managing all these operations and records in a well-established manner, a strong and advanced payroll management system is surely required.

The Odoo payroll module is the most advanced Odoo application. The Odoo payroll management system is developed with the top features and tools for effective payroll management. The module is really effective and simple to use. It is integrated with other Odoo modules like Odoo payroll accounting, Odoo HR payroll and more.

Odoo Payroll Management Module

Odoo Payroll Features

Calculating taxes

Based on your employees' residency and type of employment, the Odoo payroll module automatically calculates their federal, state, and local taxes and creates reports for you to file. If you have employees who live and work in multiple tax jurisdictions, this payroll management system also facilitates reciprocal withholdings between states. Your tax obligations will be automatically estimated and reported for complicated tax scenarios such as employees who reside in one state but work in another.

To automatically maintain compliance, the Odoo payroll tax calculation system regularly updates on a monthly basis.

Odoo Payroll Management Module
Automatic Payroll

Automatic Payroll

With the help of the Odoo payroll module, you can customize every step of the payroll process for your business and have calculations run automatically each billing cycle. A confirmation step enables you to confirm payroll before executing, and reminders ensure you never miss a pay cycle.

Establish your payroll frequency, define your company's overtime and double overtime rates, and link your payroll account in the settings. The frequency of payroll can be specified either at the corporate level or for each employee separately. For teams, projects, and people, you can set up payroll to run weekly, biweekly, monthly, semimonthly, or at a custom period. Establish deduction policies and define your company's deductions to develop regulations that can be followed, such as per cent matching.

Employee Support

Full support for full-time, part-time, salaried, hourly, and contract employees is offered by Odoo Payroll. Establish employee profiles to retain their contact details, address, filing status, deductions, and payroll details like frequency, payment method, and job type. You can view the attendance, leaves, timesheets, and working hours of employees using the Odoo payroll management system.

The ability to examine contact details, withholdings, deductions, payroll history, pay stubs, tax forms, and more is available to employees via self-service. During open enrollment periods, it is quick and simple to update contact information, and changes to withholdings and deductions can be done online in employee-self service.

Employee Support
Project Payment

Project Payment

To guarantee that payments are made to employees correctly, some projects require special tracking. Odoo payroll management offers many unique scenarios like Barcode scanning, platform login/logout, and time clocking to record project or task tracking and payment. It is possible to integrate this functionality with hardware or software tracking to make sure that each individual case can be correctly integrated into each payment disbursement.

The Odoo payroll management system enables you to define projects for external projects billed to clients in addition to providing employee time tracking and compensation for internal projects. Keep track of the time your employees spend working on client projects, bill the client appropriately, and Odoo payroll will compute salaries for your team based on the time recorded.


To ensure that all employee deductions are automatically calculated for each payroll period, the Odoo payroll module manages them on both a corporate and individual level. Define your deduction policy for each benefit you offer to control the structure of your company's benefits. When they are hired, during open enrollment, and after qualifying life events, employees have the option of enrolling in benefits through their self-service portal. Deductions will start to be calculated for each employee after enrollment.

You can also deduct outstanding debts using Odoo payroll management so that the reporting state can receive them. Manage the duration of the garnishment, run reports, and pay the right agency.



You can use the Odoo payroll management system to submit digital reports to federal, state, and municipal taxing authorities. And, for internal report generation as well, Odoo payroll provides multiple options.

  • Form W-2/W-3
  • SUTA
  • Form 1099
  • Worker’s compensation report
  • Form 940
  • Form 941

Additional Integrations for Odoo Payroll

Your needs for maintaining your human capital resources can be met due to the smooth integration of the Odoo payroll module with a number of applications. Automatically sync factors like employee withholdings, vacation time, attendance, project tracking, and more to your payroll.

HR Integration

Odoo provides a complete set of HR solutions to assist you in managing your organization and generating reports.


Employees have access to their payslips, payment history, and personal information, which they may examine and update.


Your staff members can keep track of their hours spent and attendance by integrating time sheets and scheduling.


Simplified the tracking and management of all types of leave time, such as paid and unpaid time off for injury or sickness. Establish payment periods and manage employee requests.


Create a job board so you can conveniently keep track of applications submitted and quickly publish open opportunities. Manage and keep an eye on your prospective candidates.


Employees can easily submit expenses for management to examine, accept, or reject. Immediately after approval, costs are adjusted in the Odoo accounting and payroll management system.

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Why Odoo payroll module is necessary for my business?

By automating time-consuming and error-prone tasks, the payroll management system can save your money and time. It can also assist you in maintaining compliance with tax laws.

What is the cost of a payroll management system?

Depending on the features and functionalities required, the cost of the Odoo payroll management system can differ.

What is the data limit of Odoo payroll ERP software?