A Complete Suite of Applications for Retailers

Why Retailers need ERP Solution

A Complete Suite of Applications for Retailers

Advanced Workflow Automation

Automate the entire order-to-cash process

O2b Technologies retail management software automates the whole retail process that speeds up order processing and reduces order fulfillment time and costs. As a result, it handles your entire order-to-cash process effortlessly. This automation feature of our software automates the allocation and fulfillment of inventory for orders. O2b Technologies retail software ERP streamlines your retail operations smoothly. Similarly, the integration of different departments makes business processes simple and hassle-free. This software can be configured and customized according to your needs. This software allows you to schedule your business tasks and activities as per your daily, weekly, or monthly routines. Transfer items into multiple warehouses, keep track of each item. As a result, it allows you to find inventory in multiple warehouses quickly.

All things considered, keep a tab on stock movement, whether it is internal, incoming, or outgoing.  Simply put, this software perfectly matches with retail industry's requirements in order to improve efficiency.

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Perfectly Integrated Warehouse Management

Hassle-free inventory management

Our retail ERP software seamlessly integrates your warehouse with the retail platform. Integrated retail management ERP enables real-time inventory management and accounting. As a result of real-time inventory management, it allows making corrections related to returns, sales orders, purchases, and transfers, as quickly as possible. Moreover, efficient warehouse management and order fulfillment enables you to minimize costs and eliminate warehouse errors. You are also able to handle your goods in and goods out processes very efficiently, that is, effective tracking of returns and elimination of wrong picks and other errors. Our retail application software with the integrated warehouse management functionality is capable to support barcode scanning, inventory counts, and returned inventory. This retail software is truly integrated with your entire business processes such as accounting, CRM, inventory, sales, purchase, and supplier management.

Manage Inventory of Multiple Locations

Manage Inventory of Multiple Locations

Manage inventory levels effortlessly

Flawlessly maintain inventory with our retail ERP system through automatic updates across all your sales channels. Equally important, this system provides more visibility across all the locations. Now, you can have a real-time and accurate view of your inventory. You can easily manage your inventory levels and get accurate knowledge of what is in your stocks and what needs to be in your stock. This software keeps you aware of accurate stock position for all the outlets by improved tracking and traceability. With our tailored retail ERP software you will effortlessly manage your inventory levels and keep a tab on each item in your warehouse in real-time. ERP for retail business is effectively integrated with the accounting application that enables accurate inventory valuation, product cost calculations, and real-time balance sheet. Another key point, your cost of goods and inventory valuations are updated always because of an integrated accounting system.

            Need for ERP System In Retail Business

            Retail Planning 

            You know it is the most important to fulfill customer demands on time and it is only possible with effective planning. O2b Technologies retail ERP software enables tracking of past trends and it helps in forecasting future demand with more accuracy. Accurate planning and demand forecasting maintains inventory levels, customer satisfaction, and maximize sales.

            Inventory Management

            For the effective management of inventory, our system allows retailers to handle their inventory levels and on-hand stock efficiently. It enables you to keep track of all your items in the inventory. This system also monitors the goods in and goods out processes. As a result, you can save more time, reduce errors, and minimize retail operational costs. This allows you to focus on making strategic business decisions and revenue growth.

            Vendor Management

            Our best ERP for retail facilitates the companies to perform a comparison between vendors and helps them to choose a better vendor for their business. It is only possible when the retail ERP vendors system captures the whole vendor information, vendor performance, and other vendor details. Also, gain more clarity on your vendors and get a clear idea that how you can get better outcomes from your vendors with the use of retail vendor management software .

            Database Integration

            A holistic ERP software for retail business helps you to manage the entire business process. This system allows you to have real-time reports. ERP system unifies all the required data at a single place. It provides accurate insight to maintain the financial health of the retail business.

            Why Us?

                • Easy multi-store and live-stock management

                • Multiple currencies with multiple payment options

                • Accurate tax structure for perfect billing

                • Streamline entire store operations

                • Eliminate the overhead and excessive inventory

                • Integrated work environment throughout the organization