To accomplish so, they will want specialized tools and functional options that will enable them to manage operations, carry out daily activities, and maintain complete control. The Odoo platform offers them a modular structure that includes specific modules for managing business operations as well as an integrated connection between all components.

Sales Management

The sales module in Odoo can be used to carry out the sales management tasks for a non-retail organization. The point of sale (POS) module in Odoo has made it possible for the retail operation to run smoothly, though. The inventory and sale modules are directly integrated with the point of sale module, enabling you to work with real-time commodities and inventories. A smart torch screen system can also be used with the module, making it considerably more beneficial for the cashier at checkout counters. The cashier also has the ability to log in and log out, and they can utilize a biometric device to control those processes.

Purchase Management

The retail store's buy operations should be current, and the purchase requests should be submitted to the suppliers in accordance with the product inventory stock. If you only work with one vendor, Odoo buy management can automate the process of reordering based on inventory stock. Also, you can manage and characterize the many vendors and select the most appropriate one for you. Additionally, the platform allows for the immediate generation and payment of vendor bills.

Finance Management

In the case of retail operations, finance management is an important component that requires the highest effort in operation. You can define the necessary elements of localization, such as taxes, fiscal users, charts of accounts, and many others, with the help of Odoo's finance management capabilities. Additionally, all of the sales invoices and purchase bills are produced by Odoo's accounting module, giving you complete control over operations with tools like down payment, different payment acquires, follow-up activities, asset and liability management, and numerous tools to manage the financial side of the retail store.

Manufacturing / Production

The efficient Odoo manufacturing module is there to support you in the manufacturing operation if your business produces products that are sold off in retail establishments. The module is packed with cutting-edge tools and functions that work together to run the production's processes smoothly.

Inventory Control

When thinking about a retail business, the product inventory is crucial. With the aid of Odoo inventory management, you can arrange the operations in accordance with your store standards and operational tenets. The Odoo inventory module can efficiently handle the product flow, warehouse location storage, stock management, and many other capabilities.

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