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Organize and Track Interaction

Organize and Track Interaction

Monitor each customer’s activity effortlessly

O2b Technologies Customer Relationship Management Software has contact the base where all the interactions and history are recorded. Interactions with potential customers, existing customers, partners and, other contacts are managed and stored efficiently. Similarly, all the activities related to them are recorded in the database. Important to realize, data of activities are very useful for tracking their interactions, and scheduling appointments. Our CRM system contains tools to import or export contacts, create reports, and segregate leads in different stages. From time to time, get a picture of all your customers at a glance with our custom dashboard. Important to realize,  we are the customized ERP & CRM software providers and our customer relationship management solutions enable you to focus on the relationship of your company with its stakeholders such as customers, users, suppliers, employees, and prospects. In other words, this system helps you to connect with the different departments.

Manage your Pipeline Visually

Increased visibility allows better lead management

Manage your sales pipeline with total visibility and never forget to follow-up on your leads. With the clean and visual dashboard, you can view all the leads within a minute. With our custom CRM software, you can categorize leads into new, qualified, lost, won, etc. to get a clear picture in your mind. Within a lead, you cannot only record all the old conversations over an email but also schedule an appointment and send over contracts. You can handle all your contacts at one platform and track your leads automatically with our best lead management software. Usually, you find it difficult to focus on the sales process when you have too many tasks to do.  Another key point, CRM application makes it easier to manage sales reports and administrative tasks. Important to realize it maximizes the efficiency of your task by reducing time consumption.

CRM Solution
Boost Your Sales

Boost Your Sales

Keep track of customer interactions

With our best CRM software, your sales team can achieve their goals within a predefined time period. This CRM solution allows your sales team to manage sales, contacts, and activities easily. With our flawless CRM system, leads can be converted into closed deals and this enhances your sales. The easy-to-use interface and fully customized system will fit your business needs. Automation of the lead management process can save time and money. In the meantime, your sales representatives can utilize the saved time to generate more sales. Important to realize, for making better business decisions accurate forecasting with our CRM software helps you a lot. This system empowers you to close more deals in less time and grow your business faster. We have the best CRM ever that allows you to keep track of customer interactions with the integration of all your communication channels such as emails, calls, meetings, etc.

Affordable Pricing

Get freedom from expensive CRM solutions

O2b Technologies provides CRM software at a very affordable price and you will never regret investing your small amount in our CRM system. If you want an automated and intelligent CRM you will only get it here in your budget. We have the best CRM for small business 2020 that do not require an enormous amount of investment, it is the best affordable CRM software.  Start now with the most powerful and affordable CRM solutions you have ever seen. Forget about the dilemma of managing all the data effortlessly, Our CRM software unifies the data at one place. From marketing to sales to customer service and organizes their records, and activities, you can handle everything in a single platform.

Affordable Pricing

Need for CRM

To improve business relationships with customers CRM plays a very significant role. The term Customer relationship management includes strategies, practices, and technologies used by organizations to maintain their customer data and interaction throughout the customer life cycle. This is beneficial in terms of customer engagement and customer retention.

Why your business needs CRM –

  • CRM system streamlines your sales process from the beginning to the end. As can be seen, by tracking all the activities from the process of acquiring leads to converting them in a customer, it increases the possibility of conversion.

  • With the CRM solution, you can keep customer information in individual files & keep a record of your interaction with them. With this feature, you can track their history and set customer priority accordingly.

  • As you have a centralized information system, it is easy to communicate with other departments and it fosters the relationship between different departments. Due to this inter-departmental cooperation nurtures and makes a productive working environment.

  • Get rid of manual processes. Save time and money with the help of a CRM solution as it automates the sales process from the beginning.

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