ERP for Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

Easily Manage Digital Marketing and Advertising

You can plan, organize, execute, and measure all the marketing campaign operations efficiently with the help of the Odoo marketing automation.

It is the most effective platform for carefully managing and keeping track of the leads created to turn them into loyal customers. Thus, increasing sales is the main objective of Odoo marketing campaign.

What is Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency ERP?

Managing digital marketing and advertising agency requires a planned managerial process that tracks and controls numerous advertising activities. Important to realize, that advertising management is essential for influencing the purchase decisions of customers. And , this can be easily done with the help of Odoo campaign management.

With this in mind, marketing automation Odoo supports communication with the company’s target market. For efficient management of advertising agencies, advertising management software enables them to handle the whole marketing and advertising processes very efficiently.

O2b Technologies' Odoo marketing automation software is built to meet all the needs of advertising agencies. Odoo marketing campaign software is made for every size of marketing and advertising agency. This Odoo campaign management software automates the entire marketing process and streamlines whole business workflows. Marketing automation Odoo enables you to make better decisions and lets you focus on your final goals.

Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency ERP


The major features are listed below:


With the use of Odoo CRM software, you can explore detailed information about your prospects in a variety of ways. For example, you can utilise appropriate integrations in your CRM software to track where the lead is coming from if you've been running campaigns on social media platforms.

Quotation/ Sales Management Quotation/ Sales Management

The customer's quotation is planned, designed, and automated by the quotation management system. It incorporates consumer inquiries by reducing the amount of time typically needed to prepare customers' quotes and effectively monitor inquiries.

Project Management Project Management

It supports project managers in making sure campaigns stick to the objective, generate high-quality results, and are executed and launched on time. On the other hand, it helps in managing multiple projects simultaneously with different targets and objectives.

Timesheet Timesheet

It keeps track of how much time is spent on various tasks. Users can enter the involved start and finish times. It includes a thorough analysis of how much time was spent on each job. Further processes like project costing, customer billing, payroll, time tracking, and task estimating all depend on this data.

Invoicing Invoicing

A successful invoice is essential for correct and timely payments. To inform your clients of the costs and other payment information for your digital marketing services, use clear and expert invoice templates.

Events Events

In addition to what is possible in the digital world, an event allows for face-to-face interaction with your clients, allowing them to form a much more intimate and personal relationship with your brand.

eCommerce eCommerce

E-commerce generates significant revenue with digital marketing as it helps build brand value and a consumer base. Before buying a product, customers are no longer just relying on content or word-of-mouth; instead, they make sure to read the reviews about the goods on all the platforms where it is featured.

Marketing Automation Marketing Automation

Segment your database easily with a clean widget and see how your campaign is performing with KPIs such as open rate, bounce rate, clicks, and more. This ERP software assists you to set delays between your workflow actions. Automate SMSs for a more personal touch.

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Need for ERP for Advertising Agency

For conversion optimization

Odoo marketing automation software for advertising agencies helps you in conversion rate optimization that truly increases the number of visitors to your website that converts into customers. Important to realize, that marketing automation Odoo ERP software for advertising streamlines the conversion optimization process.

For conversion optimization
Booking and scheduling meetings quickly

Booking and scheduling meetings quickly

We know sending back-and-forth emails with prospects to schedule calls is a really tedious and painful task. Odoo marketing automation platform eliminates the task of back-and-forth communications to schedule calls and other types of meetings by automating the whole process. Advertising ERP will truly make marketing and advertising agencies more efficient and successful with the smooth processing of Odoo social media management as well.

Tracking campaigns and keyword ranking

Odoo marketing campaign solution gives you accurate and precise results of the keyword ranking that includes location, device, and language analysis. To get a better outcome from the campaign Odoo campaign management system helps to track the entire campaign process and it gives real-time reports that allow you to make changes in ongoing campaigns if there is an error.

Tracking campaigns and keyword ranking
All-in-one communication and collaboration

All-in-one communication and collaboration

With advanced Odoo campaign management ERP software, you will get all the conversations in one place that gives one view of all the interactions taking place. Equally important, you can work from anywhere and anytime by collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Easy SEO analysis

O2b Technologies' digital marketing software integrates with the SEO tools that enable you to better SEO results by optimizing SEO effectively. ERP for the digital agency also allows you to search for potential keywords that increase the chances of success of the campaigns. It also increases organic activity’s success and facilitates Odoo social marketing.

Easy SEO analysis

Advantages of the O2b Technologies Marketing Module

This top Marketing and Advertising solution has multiple benefits, a few of them are as follows:

Improve marketing effectiveness
Time & cost saving advanced technology
Better visitor traceability
Develop email campaign
Integrates a variety of platforms and tools for better results.
Reduce manual work and ensure higher employee performance
Specified marketing initiatives
Automate all marketing-related activities.
Help achieve marketing and sales objectives.
Assistance in generating and converting more quality leads
Facilitates converting prospects into long-term customers
Increased Productivity
Adaptable marketing techniques
Create a variety of reports to analyze each task.

O2b Technologies for Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

The marketing strategy of using software to manage marketing operations is known as marketing automation. Marketing automation makes it simple to automate time-consuming procedures like an organization's an advertising and promotion efforts. You can also use a powerful digital marketing and advertising agency automation solution such as Odoo marketing automation ERP software.

O2b Technologies provides the best Odoo campaign management solution for digital marketing and advertising agencies which also seamlessly support Odoo social media management. The solution can be implemented with the support and guidance of Odoo marketing automation ERP experts. These professionals are professionally skilled to understand the actual requirements of the business and suggest the top-notch solution in case of any unique business needs by customization service.

O2b Technologies for Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

O2b technologies has a solution available for every Industry, addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses within those sectors.


We are SMBs, do we need such an ERP solution?

This solution is for every size and every type of business.

Will this software help in lead management?


Will this software support SEO as well?


I am not from the digital marketing and advertising agency business, how will this software fulfill my business needs?

In this digital era, every business is running on digital marketing and advertising only. Hence, this software is not industry-specific, it fulfills all business needs.

What is the cost and time incurred in implementation?

For such details, you may talk to the expert at Contact Now