>Vendor & Product Price Lists

Vendor & Product Price Lists

You can make better purchase decisions by comparing the vendor price lists.

  • Choose the vendors who are offering the best prices
  • Simply import suppliers' price lists and references.
  • Make the most effective purchase decisions.
  • View and track the availability of products in the vendor's stock.
  • Manage and track your order status.
  • Have multiple types of vendor contracts (short-term agreements as well as long-term)

Product Management

The purchase management software has made product management simple and more efficient, you can add as many products to the system and manage all of them efficiently.

  • It has a Product menu that has two sub-menus, i.e, Products and Product Variants.
  • Get a complete overview of all the products at a glance.
  • Also, you can instantly find the products using the filters.
  • Effortlessly create new products using the 'Create' button.
  • Add the product name, price, image, respective vendor, product type, product category, etc.
  • Also, create product variants, define procurement rules, and more.
  • Procure a single product from multiple vendors at a time by adding multiple vendors for a single product.
Vendor & Product Price Lists

RFQ and Purchase Order Processing

Effortlessly create RFQs manually or they can be raised automatically if you define the procurement rules.

  • Set up the reordering rule/min-max stock level, the system automatically creates the RFQ for the products that reach the predefined minimum stock level.
  • Easily send the RFQs to your suppliers through emails with just a single click.
  • The email generated by the system will have predefined content and the RFQ will be attached to it in a PDF format.
  • Also, if you want, you can print RFQ documents and send them by post.
  • Once you get the vendor approval on the RFQ you can confirm it and it will be converted into purchase orders immediately.
  • The receipt will be generated automatically, when you receive the item you can click on the receive products button.
  • Validate the received products if you receive the right quantity.
  • The return and scrap option is also available if required you can use these options too.
RFQ and Purchase Order Processing
RFQ and Purchase Order Processing

Vendor Bill & Payment

Along with the purchase orders, you will be able to manage vendor bills and payments more effectively.

  • Go to the 'Control' menu and you will see the vendor bill option, here you can create vendor bills.
  • Easily process the invoices automatically by adding the purchase order to the record. It will populate all the relevant information related to the defined product order.
  • Further, you can validate and make payments to your vendor.
  • All things considered, the purchase management module automates invoicing operations and saves time.
Vendor Bill & Payment
Meet the Expert


1Why do I need purchase management module?

To ease out the complicated purchase operations, the clients need to opt for purchase management software.

2What type of information and documents can I source from Purchase management software?

Purchase management module helps you generate the overall information and documents like the list of the items, quantity, cost, delivery date, vendor details, etc. that earlier you were kept manually. The software makes the complete process automated.

3Will my warehouse team be aligned through your Purchase Management Software?

Yes, every team is involved in the purchase operation having the access rights for the software will remain aligned always.

4Is this software cost-effective?

Yes, it is. After implementation, the complete purchase management will become automated which helps in saving valuable resources like time & money. Also, the purchasing team can involve themselves in some other tasks.

5Will this software gives reminders for dues and pending payments?

Yes, this software gives an alert for the bills and payments.

6 How Purchase management module is better than others?

Purchase management software is developed by teams of certified experts carrying years of experience which reduces the chances of bugs and errors from the stage of development to delivery.

7Does your PO management support RMA (Return Material Authorization)?

Yes, Purchase management module supports RMA (Return Material Authorization).