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Automating PO Processing

Flawless and simple purchase order management

The purchase order process is an important part of the purchase management software, but without automation, it is undoubtedly manual and time-consuming. O2b Technologies purchase management software streamlines your purchase process in an easier way than ever, automate throughout the procure to pay process. In the same way, the PO system software covers purchase requisitions, purchase orders, vendor management, and purchase invoices. To save time, send a purchase order to your supplier as soon as it has been approved. Automation makes purchase order management fast and smooth, our system removes all roadblocks from the ordering process and reduces time and user errors.


Easy Integration With Other Applications

Our purchase order management software is extremely easy to set up and it can be easily integrated with other applications. Our software allows you to create purchase orders just in a click. Modules that can be integrated are Accounting, CRM, inventory management, vendor management system, etc. Our purchase order automation software can handle a single level or multi-level purchase order authorization workflows, equally important it follows data validation rules. Most importantly Purchase order system software provides a very clear audit track of all purchase orders approved or declined. The integrated purchase management module automates the process of acquiring all the supplies needed by a business. O2b Purchase order system help in streamlining the entire process from purchase request, purchase order, approval, and tracking the PO. O2b Technologies truly helps companies to improve their customer service with our Open Source Purchase Management System.


Product Availability and Vendor Price Lists

With our purchase management system, you can easily access the available product lists and import vendor's price list to make wiser purchase decisions based on quantities. You can select your sales price on the vendor’s prices. This module can be integrated with the vendor management module. This integration allows you to manage all the purchase and vendor related activities in a very efficient way. Good purchase management software lets you compare the pricing of vendors and choose the best one for your business.


The best purchase order software for small business

We offer a PO software system to small businesses at very affordable prices. It helps them to take care of every element of the purchase management by making the whole process simple and seamless whether they are creating a purchase order or need to convert one to an invoice. Furthermore, the PO system for small business is sufficiently proficient to manage the entire procure-to-pay process. Keep track of all the spending by integrating the system with the accounting management module.


Manage Several Companies

Our purchase management software can work for multi-company and it also supports multi-currency. This software is suitable for a wide range of businesses regardless of their size and type. To put it another way, our  purchase order software for small business saves time and efforts synchronize operations between different companies or warehouses by using our single instance. In fact, by automating the invoicing process between all companies you can save more time. Our purchase software is the best solution for multi-company purchase order management.


Improved Policy Compliance

With procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rule, sales orders you can improve your purchase and inventory performance. By improving policy compliance and using rule-based PO approval workflows can be customized. If you comply with the regulations and government policies, it makes procurement easier. 


Get Best Offer By Negotiation

With our purchase management solution get the best offer with purchase tenders. You can launch purchase tenders using our software. Also, to get better results integrate vendor’s answers and compare propositions. With the aid of this feature, you can choose the best offer and send purchase orders easily. The quality of your vendors can be analyzed by the reporting afterward.


For enhancing the entire performance of the procurement to payment process in small organizations, the implementation of a robust open-source order management system is one of the best options. Purchase order software for small business truly brings success in the purchase process as well as it helps them to save money. Our PO management software has so many powerful features and functionalities. Now, get the best user experience from item search to invoice matching and payment authorization. Furthermore, a small business purchase order system also has a central repository. It provides you with accurate information about each supplier. O2b Technologies uses best-in-class technologies in software development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What is Purchase Management??

    First of all, it is really important to know what is purchase management?, basically it is a process by which you can purchase products from external suppliers. Moreover, purchase management covers the entire process from the procurement of items to the payment and everything in between.

  • Q2. What are the benefits of using Purchase Management? How will Purchase Management Software help me/ my organization??

    If you are thinking about how a purchase management software will help your organization or what are the benefits of using this system, then there are so many reasons to implement this robust business software. It may seem simple or a smooth process, but the purchase process includes critical activities especially when you deal with manufacturing, distribution, or trading industries. In other words, we can say that business to business (B2B) transactions consist of more challenges because it includes various levels in the purchase process.

    Our purchase order software allows you to handle the entire operation in a very smooth manner. It will automate the purchasing processes such as RFQs will be sent to the suppliers automatically whenever you have a low stock level. This will save time as well as your efforts.

    Simply put, purchasing software helps companies to make effective purchasing decisions, it ultimately allows them to save costs. Further, better vendor management will help your business to operate efficiently. For example, if you are a restaurant owner and your vendor fails to deliver purchase orders of various food supplies, it could hamper the restaurant's ability to cater to the numerous customers.

    Our software enables companies to figure out whatever specific materials they require, when they need, and what would be the quantities. Easily compare and select the reliable and cost-effective suppliers and then negotiate prices and delivery terms. Integration with inventory assists in the coordination of deliveries received from the suppliers.

  • Q3. How will I get Purchase Management implemented?

    How to implement a robust purchase management system in your company is the most important question. because first of all, you need to understand each step before implementing any system in your organization.First of all you need to do a in-depth analysis of the purchase software and software providers. After doing this, you will be able to compare the providers and will know that which one would be the best for your business. It is not easy to choose the right one, but with the detailed analysis and assessment of the top providers, you can select the best suited for your company.

    Investing in the right Purchase Software System will surely increase your overall purchase process efficiency. O2b Technologies offers a great purchasing software that allows automating the procurement process while eliminating error-prone and time-consuming manual processes. Further, our system helps you track all the purchasing activities in real-time to keep you informed so that you can maintain the budget. Also, with improved inventory management and better supplier relationships, you can make the entire supply chain better and manage everything from a single and centralized system.

    Our purchase order system offers a number of advantages to the businesses, including enough vendor control throughout the supply chain, long-term cost savings, enhanced productivity and efficiency in terms of monitoring expenses and accounts payable function, and so on.

  • Q4. When should I opt for Purchase Management?

    There is no specific time to implement a purchase management solution, any business involved in purchasing raw materials, semi-finished goods, or finished products can implement the right purchase management system. This system makes the end to end purchase process smooth by automating most of the important activities. Furthermore, it helps industries in controlling costs, stabilizing prices, improving supply chain processes, developing a healthy relationship with suppliers, and more.

  • Q5. How Purchase Management works?