It makes no difference if either you serve many small clients or "just" a few big ones; whether you work with large, hierarchically structured teams or large workgroups of solitary warriors. At the same time, the IT industry also needs an ERP system to manage their own processes.

To help you and your staff work more productively in the future and stay organized, we will precisely adapt our tried-and-true ERP software to your needs.

Enhance Productivity with Automation

Enhance Productivity with Automation

ERP system saves time and increases the productivity of your business processes. Important to realize, this system automates and streamlines the whole process that definitely saves time and reduces errors. Delay in delivering the project can affect your business and even the customer service experience, with this in mind, our ERP software for IT companies ensures on-time delivery of projects. Service ERP software automates and tracks all the activities of the projects and ensures the project must complete on time. Equally important, providing quality service is as important as delivering services timely. IT companies have to handle numerous activities and tasks of different projects, our system has a project management system that monitors various projects in real-time and gives accurate information on the project’s tasks at the same time. Custom ERP software development is important for the IT industry ensures the fulfillment of all the requirements of your business.

Maintain Relationship with Clients

Using ERP software for service industry makes things easier to provide high-quality customer service. Another key point, our all-in-one ERP solution covers all the aspects of the business, that includes project management, CRM, sales, and human resource management. This system enables sales and customer service people to interact with the customers better that truly improves relationships with them. ERP system helps to maintain a relationship with your clients through faster and more accurate access to customers’ information and history. Connect with your customers consistently and interact effectively. Equally important, this system centralizes and streamlines all your client information and enables your sales team to focus on building and maintaining relationships with the customers instead of maintaining long spreadsheets.

Maintain Relationship with Clients

ERP Software from O2b Technologies is Adaptable for all IT Companies

IT Companies

The ERP software from O2b Technologies provides you with customizable solutions that can be integrated in almost any way and added to at any time. The O2b user interface can be customized by each user after installation. The O2b business software products can incorporate databases and MS-Office programs like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook in addition to a wide range of services that are customized to IT companies as well as those provided by other Software packages.

A good response to every problem!

O2b Technologies for IT Services

O2b Technologies have designed the ERP for IT companies that is seamlessly tailored to your business. Our system provides you the solutions to manage or handle your business with complete ease. We know your industry needs automation to eliminate errors and avoid delay delivery of your projects. With this in mind, our ERP software is built to reduce time consumption because we know No one has time to do the things manually. With the ERP system, you can track each and every task performed by your team. Get clear insight into the ongoing projects and let you handle those effectively. Live tracking allows you to make changes in real-time to avoid errors.

IT Services

O2b technologies has a solution available for every Industry, addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses within those sectors.

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