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O2b Technologies provides a fully integrated platform to automate the distribution of highly customized campaigns.

Fasten Your Communication with Emailing Software

In the modern era, internet marketing has overtaken door-to-door marketing. With greater internet access for both vendors and customers, e-mails are serving as communicators for advertising, special offers, and discounts.

Email marketing allows you to communicate with your customers, prospects, and audience in the most personalized way possible. And, that’s why almost all the organizations around the world use emails to communicate with their employees, customers, prospects, leads, and other stockholders.

Also, various researches have shown that most professionals as well as other persons are active on the internet and prefer email for sharing content rather than using other communication channels. All things considered, it becomes really necessary to use software or tool for email marketing. That will help companies to automate emailing as well as make mass or bulk emailing easy.

The mass mailing software from O2b Technologies is used to send many emails to a group of people at once, and we can build up mass mailing campaigns to run multiple email campaigns. The system keeps track of the number of emails sent, received, opened, and replied to automatically.

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Features of Bulk Emailing Software

Better and Painfree Emails

By using pre-designed templates with a drag and drop option you can design the emailers matching your specific requirements. You can choose your theme, add graphics and also action buttons like buy now, call now, and more.

Supervise Your Campaigns

You can both import and create contacts. You can customize your emailing lists and receivers can also easily remove themselves automatically from the mailing list by choosing the opt-out option. You can review your email by using the sample testing option.

Boost Delivery Rates

Make your emails fully responsive by displaying them optimally on whatever screen you required. Undelivered emails of the past 24 hours can be tracked with the reason for their failure. Easily Set up multiple email servers with their own IP/domain to optimize open rates.

Understand Insights

Easily track all the emails sent. Also, get KPI’s by having real-time statistics on emails' performance: number of leads, delivery rate, open rate, click rate, and bounce rate. Follow your opportunities through O2b CRM and analyze the conversion rate and other factors of each campaign.

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Advantages of OpenSource Mass Emailing Software

Send to Millions in Single Attempt

We ensure you reliable inbox delivery, whether you're sending to a single person or millions. Using a drag-and-drop editor, build custom responsive email campaigns.

Tracking Sales

Email marketing is a popular marketing medium that offers clients superior sales tracking solutions. It helps you find out what's working in your favor and what's not by providing exact and thorough tracking information.

Insights that Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Get a bird's eye perspective of your campaign's success. O2b’s reports assist you in better analyzing data, identifying patterns, and recommending the best course of action.

Investment Return on Investment (ROI)

You effectively boost the odds of acquiring more leads when you utilize bulk email software to market your products/services. Bulk email software efficiently decreases administrative expenses and allows promotional programs to be executed at a cheaper cost.

Time and Cost Reduction

The mass email tool takes care of everything for you. To get started with email marketing, you don't need to recruit a whole staff of technical people.

The Correct Target Market

Businesses are able to locate certain significant and potential clients for their products by using bulk email software to target the relevant individuals. To save time and money, you may target a certain location, city, or nation for your products or services.

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Transform Your Email Marketing with O2b Technologies


Bulk email marketing is one of the most effective strategies used by most businesses and digital marketers to compete in today's increasingly competitive industry. O2b Technologies, bulk email software allows you to send customized messages to a specific group of people. Furthermore, it efficiently saves you time and effort. Most significantly, it helps you to measure the engagement and sales of your campaigns.

O2b Technologies’s mission is to assist businesses in being more productive and structured. These characteristics, if effectively implemented, will help businesses to provide a greater quality of service while incurring fewer costs.

O2b’s bulk emailing software serves manufacturing, service, point-of-sale, human resource management, and other industries, as well. Our solution can be easily connected with all kinds of ventures.


1How much does mass email software cost?

Depends upon the functionalities you want to buy.

2Is it possible to track the progress of my email campaign?


3What is the maximum number of emails I can send in one batch?


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