Resource Planning


Resource Planning

ERP – Enterprise resource Planning software always sounds for big organisation who carry different operations with large number of employees and so on . . But in recent year Small business has started gaining the advantage of implementing ERP software to streamline all the different business processes including sales, purchase, warehouse, finance, Human resource and Business intelligence.

In the period of 70’s to 90’s ERP software was only meant for Big organizations with high investment on both time and money small businesses were not too much keen on implementing an ERP system but due to the availability of different software small business started taking the advantage of getting ERP system on board.

Benefits of ERP solution to small business

The basic benefits of implementing ERP system for small business is that they get 24/7 assistance helping providing all the information handy in one place as an when require. Further ERP system offers you with competitive pricing which is the basic purpose to earn profits. ERP helps SME to decide the best pricing that company can offer to its customer which further increases the sales.

ERP helps you to gain credibility in business by seamlessly connecting you with your customer, vendors and so on . . Further ERP connects with every employee that provides you with detailing of every aspects of your organization.

ERP helps you with real time data which enables quick decision making. Further reporting tools allows you to prepare a powerful long term plan on what steps needs to be taken in future. ERP builds greater confidence on the decision making

Being small enterprise it is needful to have powerful customer relationship – ERP software helps you to maintain your customer including resolving their queries quickly this tends to higher customer satisfaction and higher retention of your customer.

In recent years our company has notices that company with 10 + people started implementing ERP solutions the base is that since ERP offers you with variety of features with quick ROI. Further implementation of an ERP system for small business is completely based on the experience of the vendor who tend to make the project successful.

At O2b Technologies we offer our clients with one of the leading Open source ERP solution named as Odoo – Odoo consist of powerful features that an SME can leverage the advantage of including different verticals such as trading, manufacturing, Services and so on… Odoo is licensed free therefore as your company grows you don’t need to spend on the licensing. Further Odoo is customizable that can adopt as per your business processes and workflows. Odoo for small business is a great option.

Our team have customized and implemented Odoo ERP software for many small and mid sized business across the world for more information you can contact usContact Us

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