Odoo Document Management

With the support of the Odoo document management module, you can efficiently generate new documents, keep important files and current files, save recorded files, extract data, ensure their security, and handle a number of other operations.



Preview: Online preview is available for the majority of file types, including PDFs, images, and movies.

Chat: Discuss papers, ping people, or set up follow-up tasks to keep track of what has to be done with a document.

Links: Upload regular files or create documents as links (e.g. Google Doc files)

Owners & Contacts: Assign users, clients / vendors, or documents to papers (invoices, tasks, products ...)


Folders: Using hierarchical folders, it is possible to create workspaces with unique tags and activities.

Easy filters: Make your own filters, save the ones you use the most, and let others know which ones you like.

Split PDFs: Multi-page PDFs can be easily divided into multiple documents for bulk scanning.

Archive: A document must be archived as protection before being deleted.

Share Folders

Share Folders

Collaboration: Share folders with other users so they can edit existing documents and view them (with or without logging in).

Share Documents: Share a list of papers with customers or suppliers to help collaboration. The date on shared documents should be precise.

Gateway for Email: Enable email-based document creation. Create rules to set tags and folders automatically based on emails.


Customized Methods: Define automatic activities, such as document production, bill processing, document signing, file categorization, etc., for each folder, contact, and/or job.

Lock/Unlock: Ability to lock a file and unlock it to let other users know that a specific document is being customized

Information Request: It is possible to generate "missing documents" and arrange them similarly to other documents in order to remind users to upload these files.

Validation Processes: With tags and automatic actions, it is simple to design customized validation processes.



Project Management: Tasks from documents can be created with just a few clicks. (For example, the conversion specification for a task.)

Electronic Signature: Simply connect Documents with Sign to gather signatures or electronically sign documents.

Vendor invoices: Generate vendor invoices from PDF or image documents with only one click. The bills will be taken care of automatically by the artificial intelligence engine.

PLM: Track changes to blueprints, spreadsheets, or engineering change orders on the product form by integrating documents with the PLM.

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1Does your system allow us to integrate diagrams into existing documents?

Yes, you can integrate or add diagrams to the existing documents. Other than creating documents from scratch, you can also integrate the diagram into the documents that already exist. Our software's composing tools will allow you to do so.

2What will be the total cost of this software?

The total cost of software depends on your requirements.

3Can your document generation software work on all devices?

Yes, it can be accessible on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

4What is the time required for implementation?

The standard time is of a week excluding any specific requirements.