ERP Solution For the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Improved Operational and Financial Visibility

Wholesale & distributors can optimize operations, increase operational efficiency, and use data to inform smarter decisions about sales, warehousing, inventory, and other areas with the help of ERP software.

At O2b Technologies, we offer objective assistance and analysis of ERP for wholesale distribution.

Choose the best for Your Wholesale Business

All across the world, wholesale business operations offer services and products that are beneficial to both retail businesses and clients looking to buy large quantities of a product. Today, there are countless wholesale-based businesses operating in and around every major commercial region in the world.

There are several distinct products available in the market now that are designed to cope with various company activities. To operate any type of function, however, a specific and well-defined solution is required when taking the wholesale business process into account. This is the point at which a reliable business management solution enters the market. That is capable of managing every part of a company's operations, from the administration of the supply chain to the accounting and financial aspects. O2b Technologies offers Odoo ERP for wholesale industry, which is suitable for large scale distribution operations. Wholesale Odoo ERP is a specific operations management module that enables each department within the business with dependable, clearly defined functional and operational tools for the wholesale process.

ERP Modules for Distribution & Wholesale Business

Purchase Management

With an integrated purchasing and procurement Odoo ERP module within your enterprise resource planning solution, you can keep an eye on your spending and keep it under control to maintain profitability.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

In distribution Odoo ERP software is made for wholesalers, to track, evaluate, monitor, locate and allocate your stock and inventory across several sites. And also do real-time appraisals.

Warehouse Management

To achieve maximum effectiveness throughout your distribution organization, manage several big-scale warehouses with your Odoo ERP solution at various locations at the same time.

Accounting and Financials

Accounting and Financials

Wholesale Distribution Odoo ERP systems provide integration with robust accounting and financial modules that expertly work with other business lines like sales and distribution.

Expenses Management

For your sales team or R&D team, automate expenditure requests and approvals within your Odoo ERP For wholesale industry solution. Complete overall expense management seamlessly.

Order Fulfillment

Odoo ERP For wholesale distribution facilitates the tracking and planning of your sales funnel, rates leads and prospects, and forecasts opportunities across teams, accounts, and territories in real-time.Also, Odoo ERP supports creating quotations, generating invoices, and delivering orders for large scale distribution.

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Advantages of ERP Software in the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Productivity Improvement

If a company adopts the best practices recommended by O2b Technologies with Wholesale Distribution Odoo ERP, it is expected that after implementation, productivity elements of operations would have increased by at least 20%. This is an estimate that can vary depending on the business and the operations methods. Wholesale Odoo ERP products manufacturing facilities improvement the production process. The Odoo ERP For Wholesale Industry factors includes bill of material management, manufacturing order management, work center management, and overall equipment effectiveness management.

Productivity Improvement
On Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

Odoo ERP For Wholesale Distribution facilitates on-time delivery. It has been achieved via efficient operations and dignified logistical support tools of Wholesale Distribution Odoo ERP. It will ensure that every aspect of the process runs smoothly and efficiently. As a result, the retailers' items are delivered on time, and the rate of customer satisfaction is consistently high due to wholesale Odoo ERP.

Reduced Manual Errors

With Odoo ERP for wholesale industry, the business operation comes out to be automated, which will limit human engagement. As a result, the level and chances of human errors will decrease in large scale distribution. This relieves the organization's staff to focus on other important business operations. Hence, Odoo ERP helps in increasing overall productivity for the wholesale industry business.

Reduced Manual Errors
Real time operations Access

Real-time operations Access

The main feature of using Odoo ERP for large scale distribution is to operate the business operations flawlessly. The efficiency of Odoo ERP is the foundation of intervening in the business and accessing real-time operational data. ERP For Wholesale Distribution supports the management of overall wholesale business activities. And moreover, provides real-time data on the product stock and financial aspects.

Increases Employee Productivity

The Odoo ERP for wholesale industry software solution includes specialized employee management tools and an operations menu that will provide every employee with a thorough understanding of their operations. The operational management of every employee and their functional elements would be made possible by the HR management module.

Increases Employee Productivity
Manufacturing Order Management

Complete Digitalization

With O2b, every area of your operations will be transformed into a digital aspect. Wholesale distribution Odoo ERP is helping the business reduce or eliminate the use of paper and enabling it to become completely green. The document and module, together with all of the digitalized business records, changed the way the large scale distribution business operated to be more environmentally friendly.

Odoo ERP For Wholesale Industry with O2b Technologies

O2b Technologies Odoo ERP software organizes and centralizes data to improve customer care. Odoo ERP For wholesale industry helps in reducing expenses with fully integrated and automated solutions. Odoo ERP streamlines the overall wholesale business operations. You can get a 360-degree view of all the processes while sitting at your place only. It enhances the improvements in the relationship with the customers directly resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Also, with the help of Odoo ERP For wholesale distribution, you can eliminate redundant and inaccurate data, update data depending on new details and information, allow role-based user access, and create a storage space that can be accessible from anywhere as well.

Wholesale Distribution Industry

O2b technologies has a solution available for every Industry, addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses within those sectors.


What is the cost involved in this ERP solution?

Depending upon the number of users + functionalities required for your business.

How is ERP useful for wholesalers and distributors?

You can easily manage your inventory with ERP for the wholesale and distribution industry. Automating multiple business operations, it can help you save time. An ERP can also help you run your company more profitably and successfully.

How do I select the best ERP for my distribution & wholesale business?

Firstly, you must identify your business needs and later you can connect to the top ERP provider for further process.

If you’re a distributor and wholesaler one of the best ERP systems would be from O2b Technologies. It allows you to manage your overall business operations with fully integrated and automated solutions.

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