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Keep Moving with the Latest Trends

The apparel and fashion industry is one of the largest businesses due to the rapidly increasing demands. Also, the rapid change in fashion trends has made this business so dynamic. Considering everything, it really becomes difficult for the industry to manage various functions and processes involved to make this business successful. All things considered, so many companies have moved to digital transformation and adopted an apparel management solution. It really helps them in every phase of their business, whether they are a budding business or a well-established enterprise. ERP software for the apparel industry has helped them to make their business more efficient while enhancing productivity. Furthermore, to match with the latest trend is also a challenge for this industry, this is why a fashion ERP software enables you to keep up with the latest fashion trends and let you understand the current demand pattern.

There are a lot of things to be managed, as we all know the apparel or fashion industry not only deals with selling and purchasing, but also has manufacturing processes, Inventory Management , sales management, purchase management, customer relationship management, accounting, and more. O2b Technologies has built a very powerful apparel management solution. It takes care of each and every aspect of the apparel business. Furthermore, manufacturing in the apparel industry is different from basic manufacturing because it includes a vast range of products with variants. It means, its products consist of various attributes, such as color, size, fabric, type, plain, embroidered, printed, etc. O2b apparel ERP software has all the features and functionalities that perfectly matches the requirements of this business.

Task Assignment

A Comprehensive Solution for the Apparel Industry

Have you ever thought about how a single software can fulfill all the requirements of the textile industry? Or is it really possible to match the needs of the apparel industry? All these questions are completely relevant. But the answer is, yes, a single software can fulfill all the requirements and resolve all the issues of a textile company. Whether it is manufacturing activities, inventory processes, procurement process, logistics, shipment management process, or sales & CRM activities, our apparel ERP software is perfect for your business. This system is an all-in-one solution for the garment business. It has so many modules, including inventory, purchase, sales, CRM, HRM, Project Management, manufacturing, invoicing, accounting, and more.

All things considered, from material procurement and inventory management to manufacturing and delivery of products, we have covered all the things for your textile business. Another key point, this software is perfect for all sizes of apparel companies. Our "Apparel Software For Small Business" is an amazing ERP software for small-sized apparel and Fashion businesses.

An Integrated Garment Manufacturing Software

Our apparel Manufacturing software allows you to schedule and plans to manufacture, create a multi-level Bill of Material. You can get a complete and clear overview of the entire planning so that you can reschedule manufacturing if required. Seamlessly organize work orders and have access to each resource available in your business to plan ahead. Production planning is not complete if you do not keep your inventory well-maintained. Warehouse management is also an inevitable part of the manufacturing business. This integrated software enables you to manage the bill of materials. Also, you can track each available item and get a clear view of the availability of items in stock and production time.

There are so many reasons to use this software for your garment business, such as it is a highly flexible, scalable, user-friendly, and affordable fashion & apparel ERP software. This solution can be customized as per your needs. It can be integrated with other modules and third-party business apps to keep your business processes streamlined.

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1 How will Fashion and Apparel ERP Software help my organization?

An apparel ERP software is capable of managing, controlling, and monitoring each and every business process and activity right from the beginning; material procurement, inventory management, and manufacturing to sales, CRM, logistics, and shipping management. You can make your manufacturing process smooth while eliminating human errors and minimizing risks. The complete visibility into the whole process in real-time will allow you to reschedule the manufacturing if any error is spotted.

Also, you can have complete visibility in the inventory, so that you will never have a material efficiency situation while manufacturing the product as well as do not face out-of-stock situations at the time of selling the product.

2 When is the right time to opt for Apparel ERP Software?

If you are waiting for the right time to come, so that you can opt for an apparel ERP software, it is an utter stupidity. Because opting for business management software from the very beginning is more favorable than implementing it after a long time. However, most of the business and technology experts think that implementing a business software in the growth phase is more advantageous than implementing it after facing management problems. The proactive approach is better than reacting after getting into the problems.

3 How will I get Apparel Management Solution implemented?

Choose the right Apparel Management Solution vendor for your company. To select the best suitable provider or vendor, you need several things to do, such as analyzing their performance by knowing about their work history, the number of successful implementations, years of experience, expertise, and team capability. All things considered, go for the best one for your company while keeping the pricing of the whole system.

O2b Technologies is a top-notch Apparel ERP Software providing company across the US, UAE, UK, Canada, Australia, India, etc.

4 If we have any specific requirements, can you customize the system accordingly?

Yes, we are ERP customization experts and are capable of customizing the solution as per your specific requirements. We make your business management seamless and efficient. We offer customization services at very affordable prices. To know more contact us, and get to know everything about customization service.

5 Why should I choose you?

There are so many reasons to choose us. We are the most trusted ERP provider company across the globe, including various countries like the USA, Australia, UK, India, UAE, Canada, etc. We offer the solutions and ERP services at very affordable pricing. You will never get such smart and robust apparel and fashion ERP software at such pricing.

To know more about our solutions and services, get in touch with us.