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ERP Customization

What Is ERP Customization?

Customization is basically a modification of a software feature to meet specific requirements. To put it differently, customization of the ERP system refers to either interfaces or modification of the software. To make your system more agile and aligned strategically, ERP customization ensures you to obtain both, improved agility and strategic alignment. To carry out customization in an ERP Software, there are two types of customization first one is strategic customization and the second one is consistency customization. Furthermore, strategic customizations aid in strategic alignment, and consistency customizations replicates a status quo business process. Odoo is the top customized ERP system, O2b Technologies builds all those functionalities that are required to fulfill your unique and specific business needs. 


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Odoo Customization Service

Needs of your client varies it means need depends on their business’s specific requirements. ERP implementation is not enough to fulfill your client’s business needs. At the same time, they need customization of ERP solutions which is the best way to retain your clients. After analyzing all the requirements, you need to know how much customizations will be required to manage your complete flow. O2b Technologies have Odoo ERP customization specialists they give expert advice and support from the starting point. We provide all the required support for Odoo application. Achieve the desired outcome with the perfect Odoo customization partner, we provide you with the best customization service. Another key point, O2b Technologies’ developers have very effective technical software development and coding skills. Our experienced and skilled team has deep technical and product knowledge.

Get the best-in-class Odoo customization services from us, and grow your business faster than ever before.


Requirement Analysis

We analyze requirements and then our team will discuss all the requirements with our valuable clients. At the same time, they document the current process, loopholes in the business process, and critical points. Our experts understand the pain points of all the departments of your business and analyze them very carefully. Consequently, they gather all the stories of different department and take it to the next level.


Gap Analysis

According to the requirement analysis, we compare the gap analysis documents with Odoo ERP to sort out fine gaps required to meet our client’s expectations. Gap analysis basically consists of spotting the loopholes in the various business process impacting the whole business adversely. After gathering and analyzing all the information related to every aspect of your business, we create backlogs that further divided into several functional requirements.



Our experts will customize ERP solutions according to the gap analysis document and convert your desired outcome into reality and it will make a significant change in your business growth. We know that customizations are often unique to your solution, with this in mind we add new features to meet all the business requirements. As we are the Odoo official partner, we provide the best Odoo customization services.


Know the Difference Between Customization and Configuration

Customization is a modification or extension that needs custom coding, and when you use native tools in the system to change the features of a system is known as configuration. When you want to implement ERP software, it needs customization as well as configuration to match exactly with your requirements. Choose the ERP implementation partner wisely who has are expert in customization and properly collect your business requirements. Your implementation partner can either configure your system to meet the business needs or customize your system to meet specific needs. Configurations could be carried out in the same way as customization on any instance of the same ERP software. Different from customization, mostly customization is required in the modification of existing reports to reflect the business requirements and creating business intelligence specific to the company. Although the development of new functionality within existing modules needs customization.

We are the leading Odoo customization company across the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and India.


            Your growing business requirements need customizable software that surely improves overall performance and enhances productivity. But, if you implement a software that only offers basic solutions and services, you may face adverse consequences as the software cannot fulfill all your business needs. Do not compromise your business productivity, get the customizable software. And, Odoo is one of the best software that is flexible, scalable, and easy to use. It can be customized as per your organization's requirements. If your company has some unique or specific requirements along with the basic ones, you need to get the system customized.

            Most of the time when companies are expanding,their business needs/requirements also increase. In this case, they need customization services to make their organization's flow smooth and efficient. Do not risk your company's performance and productivity as well as your customer service qualities. Go for the best open-source software and get the top-notch customization services to enhance productivity or your business and overall business performance.

            Always go for the official Odoo partner companies as they are certified providers of Odoo services. They can effectively and efficiently provide you with the best-in-class Odoo services, including Odoo customization. We, O2b Technologies is one of the best customization service providers across the world.

            It depends on the complexity level of your business requirements. As per the level of complexity, we estimate the hours consumed by that particular requirement. We charge on an hourly basis.

            The answer is very simple, if your company needs are not fulfilled by the features and functionalities already available in the software, go for the customization of the solution to get the best outcome. For example, if you want to add or remove extra features and functionalities in a particular module which can surely enhance your business productivity, then choose the top partners for getting top-notch customization services. and get your business application customized per your specific needs. Customization is important because if you want to survive in this competitive world, you need to be more advanced. With the customization, you can provide more quality in your products/services to your customers.

            We have years of experience and a dedicated team that ensures you with the best Odoo services. We work on our client's projects with full dedication. We always deliver projects before the deadline. Get a full surety of quality, security, as well as timely project delivery.

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