Odoo Field Service Management Software

Manage All Your Field Service Activities

Odoo field service management system helps service-providing companies deliver effective onsite services to their clients by keeping a tab on customer requests, managing on-site employees, and having full visibility into operations.

What is Field Service Management?

Field service is a significant aspect of any service-providing company. With the best-in-class field services, a business can build a healthy relationship with its customers. As we all know, for every business customer satisfaction is a vital force behind the success of the business. This is why a service provider company must ensure that they provide top-quality services to their clients. Field service includes installation, maintenance, repair services, delivery of products, parts repair, etc.

When it comes to field service operations you can see there are various time-consuming activities such as tasks scheduling tasks, assigning field service technicians/workers, dispatching, product maintenance, tracking field employees, creating quotations, work order management, and so on. To avoid all kinds of inefficiencies in the way of your field services a business needs to implement robust field service management software.

Odoo Field Service Management Software

Challenges Faced In Managing Field Services Operations

Inefficient Job Scheduling and Dispatching

The primary issue of any field service operation is ineffective job scheduling, task assignment, and technician dispatching. Ineffective and delayed dispatching leads to circumstances that include unhappy and unsatisfied clients. Most of the companies that are handling field service processes manually are facing such challenges and are not capable of keeping a tab on all customer requests. Therefore, it results in a delay in creating tasks and dispatching technicians to the client's location. Inefficiency in the field service management process ultimately causes a reduction in ROI. All things considered, the time lag in processing customers' tickets leads to a loss in efficiency and a loss in potential revenue.

Flawed Task Assignment

When a service provider company uses manual methods, sometimes managers assign tasks to their technicians without briefing them about the job. Or they assign the task to the technicians without knowing their location and it usually results in a delay in reaching the client's location and starting the task late. In both cases, the customer experience gets compromised and eventually, it may result in losing the client. To dodge such circumstances, managers should make sure that every technician will go to the client's location fully prepared and on time.

Manual Entry of Client's Requests

Manual data entry lacks accuracy and it makes the field service process less effective. Let's put it this way, capturing customers' issues and queries manually may not give you correct information. Also, it is a time-consuming process that ultimately affects business performance and productivity. Moreover, Practicing manual methods does not consistently give the right information at the right time. For the on-time client request handling and resolving their tickets are the utmost priority of any service provider company. It helps in building a strong foundation of customer relations.

Slow and Vague Billing Process

After providing service to the customer, billing is the most important part. The manual billing or invoicing process is slow and further, it affects on-time payment. The manual billing process has so many steps, including recording the time of service, capturing details of material work orders in the field, entering all the expenses into an accounting system, invoicing approval, and more. If you are doing all things manually it will take plenty of your time going back and forth repeatedly to complete a single billing cycle. There are so many field service companies that are spending a lot of time on billing and this makes the entire field service operations inefficient.

Increased Operational Cost

This is one of the biggest and most concerning issues for the service provider industry is handling the cost of operations. Because, in this industry, the operational cost varies and one cannot easily keep a tab on the day-to-day expenses. Due to fieldwork, operational cost is not defined, especially when the business is utilizing manual methods. Furthermore, office employees and field employees spend a lot of time checking inventory or finding spare parts, keeping tabs on travel expenses, etc. As we all know that companies do not have complete visibility across the field service operations due to handling everything manually. Less insight into operations will not give you the exact reporting of expenses and hence will maximize the cost.

Ineffective Communication With On-Field Professionals

In the field service industry, communication plays a great role in the success of the business. Getting in touch with clients as well as field employees in real time is essential to make the entire process successful. Field service companies are facing a lot of difficulties keeping communication with on-site professionals. Inefficient communication leads to errors in the process. Lack of team collaboration increases miscommunication because on-site workers are not able to get in touch with the back-end or office team. With no accur ate information at the right time will result in inefficient field service operations.

Incompetency In Meeting Customers’ Demands

Nowadays, field service has become more competent than ever, this business is no longer the same. Today customers have more customized demands, they usually know what exactly they need. The rise in customer demands needs faster services than ever before. But if you are handling the field service process manually it is almost impossible to fulfill all your customer's demands on time. Establishing your field service business at the current time is really difficult if you do not have the right field service management system in place.

Manage All Field Service Operations in One Place with Odoo

Odoo Field Service Management

Odoo field service management solution is qualified to manage all your field service operations from anywhere. This means you can easily schedule new tasks, assign tasks to the relevant employees, track employees' movement, track their working time, sell spare parts of the equipment, track the progress of your tasks, generate invoices immediately, and so on. All you can do within just a few clicks and from anywhere.

Do not worry about how you are going to manage every activity on the field from your office. Odoo field service management system is a web-based solution that is mobile friendly which means you and your field employees can log in to the app using their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Not only this, but Odoo also offers a field service mobile app, which makes field service operation management a lot easier, faster, and more efficient.

This app can be used by on-site service provider employees so that you can keep a tab on their location, they can log the time consumed on tasks, can track the work progress, can raise a quotation or generate an invoice instantly, sell the spare parts on-site, and so on.

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Excellent Odoo Field Service Management Features

Multi-Project and Tasks Management

One can easily create and manage multiple projects at once using the Odoo field service module. Simply put, you can create numerous projects, organize your tasks, and also you can define the specific settings for each project. Moreover, you can get a separate report for every project. This feature is useful in cases where a company needs to manage multiple teams or locations. All things considered, this app helps you handle as many projects and teams as possible from a single solution.

Receipt & Payments Generation
Receipt & Payments Generation

Complete Lead Management

One can easily create and manage multiple projects at once using the Odoo field service module. Simply put, you can create numerous projects, organize your tasks, and also you can define the specific settings for each project. Moreover, you can get a separate report for every project. This feature is useful in cases where a company needs to manage multiple teams or locations. All things considered, this app helps you handle as many projects and teams as possible from a single solution.

Track Working Time

Odoo field service management module's one of the most advanced features is tracking the time of each task in real-time. It means you can track the working hours or time of each task with the integrated timer and you can also invoice it automatically. This will further allow you to record the time of on-site workers on a particular project. Also, it enables you to see field worker availability and eventually helps you in managing their schedules and assignments. It will further help you to avoid overlaps or any kind of conflicts.

Receipt & Payments Generation
Receipt & Payments Generation

Planning and Organizing Tasks

This robust Odoo module has an exceptional planning feature. It allows you to organize field tasks and ensure that all your employees' shifts are properly planned. Furthermore, easily manage unassigned tasks and assign them using the simple drag-and-drop feature. In this app, you will find the map view option that helps you see all your next appointments on a map and you will get better insight by clicking on a task, and directly finding the itinerary. This system allows you to display your schedule in Gantt and Calendar views by month, week, or day.

Create Tasks from Sales Orders

With the close integration with the sales orders, the tasks can be directly generated from sales orders directly referring to the delivery address of the customer. In this way, you will save a lot of time going to and fro with the task creation and then generating a sale order for the same. Further, you can seamlessly organize all your tasks using kanban and it helps you group your task and get a clear overview.

Receipt & Payments Generation
Receipt & Payments Generation

Quickly Create Quotations

Easily create a professional and polished quote in a few seconds. This software enables you to use predefined products, payment terms, quotation templates, price lists, etc. while creating the quotation. This makes the quote creation hassle-free and faster. Your customers can review the quote and then sign it and pay online. Furthermore, you can add saleable products with just a single tap.

Generate Invoices Instantly

On-site professionals can create draft invoices from their tasks' forms directly. The invoices are prefilled with all the tracked working times and products. This automation makes invoice generation quite faster and easier. This saves a lot of time and effort for the team. Also, it has a customer portal feature that allows the clients to view and keep a tab on their tasks, quotation, and invoices.

Receipt & Payments Generation
Receipt & Payments Generation

Integration with Inventory

With the close integration of the field service app and inventory module, you can define a default warehouse per employee. Further, easily add tracked products by serial or lot numbers to tasks. Inventory app integration helps you keep a tab on all your spare parts movement and help you forecast the parts demand. This will help in delivering or selling the spare parts to your clients on time.

Precise Analysis and Reporting

This Odoo field service feature helps you create all sorts of reports for your tasks on the basis of various measures, time ranges, and filters that you want. Further, you can get the worksheet reports and also can customize the worksheet templates with the required fields. It will further help you provide detailed and precise reports to your customers. Various graphs like bar charts, pie charts, line charts, etc, allow you to display your reports in a more effective manner. This software helps you create advanced pivot tables and then export the data in .xls files so that you can open it in other programs.

Receipt & Payments Generation

Advantages of Odoo Field Service Management Software

Field Service Task Scheduling and Dispatching
Work Order Tracking and Management
Multiple Project Management
Field Service Route Optimization
Tracking The Task Progress In Real Time
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Use the App Onsite, from Anywhere
Track Field Employees' Location

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What are the industries covered by Odoo field service management software?

Odoo field service management software can be used in various service provider industries such as HVAC & refrigeration, industrial equipment, security systems, facilities management, and more.

Is Odoo FSM software easy to set up and how long does it take?

Yes, it is quite simple to set up and use. You only need to trigger a few configuration settings and you are all set to use it. Or if you need any assistance, we are here to set up your field service app.

Is there any scope for third-party software integrations?

Yes, you can connect your Odoo field service with third-party apps. We have done multiple integrations for our clients, to know more, info@o2btechnologies.com

Can you give the user training and support?

Yes, we provide complete user training for Odoo field service and other Odoomoduels. Also, we offer consistent support at a reasonable price.

Can the Odoo field service management system be customized to fit my business requirements?

Yes, the Odoo field service app can be customized as per your business needs. To get the customization prices, contact us at info@o2btechnologies.com