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Vendor Management

What is Vendor Management Software?

Building Relationships with Vendors

If you want to make the vendor management process effective and more efficient, you need to take a strategic approach to build and maintain a strong relationship with your best vendors. It’s important to nurture your relationship with vendors because it’s hard to get good suppliers. For effective vendor management, an organization should get a software solution that manages all vendor management processes efficiently. O2b Technologies have the best Vendor Management Software. O2b Vendor Management Software helps you to manage your vendors in one place and track their performance. With our vendor management software, your company surely gain valuable insights that increase efficiency, eliminate risk, and enable vendors to perform more effectively.

Streamlined and Transparent Process

Streamlined and Transparent Process

Handle and Process Requisitions

With handling and processing requisitions automatically, you can centralize your purchase department. It allows you to make the approval process faster. An Open-source vendor management system allows you to create and send purchase orders in one click. The centralized information base of your vendor truly increases efficiency. As a result, management of multiple relationships becomes simpler in order to increase efficiencies, reduce time consumption, and it also reduces the costs associated with the vendor management process. Important to realize, you can quickly access performance data, reports, and information that can be used to make more informed decisions associated with vendors.

Recognize & Manage Vendor Risk

Recognize & Manage Vendor Risk

Track and manage vendor performance

Our online vendor management system effectively tracks service providers, monitor their contracts as well as responsibilities assigned to each vendor. Altogether, it enables companies to identify, prioritize, and reduce risk throughout their vendor system. With this system, you can know immediately if a certain vendor doesn’t have a specific document that is mandatory for the contract. Also, it will let you eliminate all kinds of risks associated with the vendor management process. Equally important, you can minimize risk by storing all the payments and contracts information straight in our open-source vendor management system. Moreover, through continuous monitoring and analysis, you can pinpoint poor performance proactively.

          Manage Vendors For Different Industries

          Pick the right vendor management software

          We know, when it comes to managing vendors companies cannot easily decide what vendor management system would be helpful. If you are stuck within the same dilemma, O2b Technologies also provides vendor management software for various small businesses at very affordable pricing. Important to mention, we have very powerful vendor management software for financial institutions like banks, credit card companies, auditors, etc. In the same way, our vendor management software can streamline the workflow of receiving and updating jobs distributed through the Vendor management system. Industries like banks, auditing, staffing, credit card, etc. work with multiple suppliers. Our system is designed to manage multiple vendors at one place. Auditors, government agencies, the banking sector, and investors truly need this system for managing risks and relationships with the vendor. It is also important to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and security best practices.

          Communicate Constantly

          O2b Technologies Vendor Management software has well established and well-maintained line of communication, this will avoid misunderstandings and proactively figure out issues before they become problems. With our powerful vendor management system, you can communicate with your vendors continuously and maintain a healthy relationship with them and it will help you to handle all your vendor-related issues effortlessly.  

          Manage a Contact Database

          In our contact database, you can modify or add a new vendor’s information based on their project type. To act as a point of contact you can assign an employee to each vendor so that assigned employees can update a vendor’s track record in terms of efficiency, punctuality and so on. Through ongoing tracking of vendors, you will be able to manage contracts and vendors at a single database.

          Assign Contract

          Our vendor management solution creates the contract, make sure there are clearly outlined roles for the vendor and your staff, flexibility to renegotiate under certain conditions, and control over the workforce. For gaining more success in managing vendors you can track their performance history and assign contracts accordingly.