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QuickBooks To Odoo

08/02/2019 11:11:08 In Our Blog

Looking to migrate data from QuickBooks to Odoo Then, this article is for you. In Odoo QuickBooks integration data migration is one of the major tasks while connecting the QuickBooks to Odoo ERP.  And it's not complicated! You just need to make a list of data that you need to migrate, export this data from QuickBooks, and then import it successfully to Odoo.

What data do you need to migrate? In most cases, you will need to deal with your list of customers and suppliers, products, bill of materials (if you are a manufacturing company) as well as the outstanding balances. Just before going live you would do a stock count and upload stock levels to Odoo ERP. Odoo for small business can help small organizations to grow faster.

We are here to help you with every step required in migration, O2b Technologies being an Odoo implementation partner we can help you to get an Odoo ERP solution for your business. We have helped many businesses to manage different departments of the business. O2B Technologies has successfully completed many projects globally. Our Odoo services are not limited to any country or any boundary. For countries like Australia, we first understand their working culture and then create a product to overcome the hurdles. For the seamless business management experience, our integration services help so many companies. Our Odoo services are for every kind of business regardless of their industry type, age, size, and location.

And then you are ready to roll!

Please find the data migration plan. Export following data from QuickBooks:

List of Customers

List of Suppliers

List of Products  

Stock levels

Import of outstanding balances (accounts receivable/payable)

Always export your data in CSV because Odoo accepts a CSV files formats only. Now, you can simply convert Excel file into CSV file and then export data.

It may be complex to map data if you are the new user of Odoo. We have added 2 templates over here.

1. Customer import template example

2. Product import template example

When your templates are ready, go to Odoo -> Go to a list of Records (Customers, etc) -> Click on import -> Check the data mapping -> Click on test import -> then 'Import'. You will get an error message in case there is something wrong with your template.

Please drop us a message in case you need Odoo data import templates and we will happily share them with or will advise on any other question of data import! We can also provide advanced data migration or integration between your system and Odoo. Odoo integration with QuickBooks is one of our speciality, we have integrated Odoo with Quickbooks for some of our clients.

Get in touch with our team for any issues.