Odoo Partner India

Roles and Responsibilities of Odoo Partner India

There are some key roles and responsibilities that all Odoo partner in India needs to fulfill. A few of them are listed below:

  • Quality Services: Odoo partners are responsible for providing preset standardized services to their clients to maintain the Odoo legacy. Only the quality service providers are eligible to be the Odoo partners.
  • Trained and Skilled Team: The partners’ functional team must be gone through all the necessary training sessions to gain in depth knowledge of the Odoo services and solutions. Untrained and unskilled professionals can not work for Odoo.
  • Certification of Partnership: No organization works as an Odoo partner without the official certification from Odoo only. Only the certified partners are allowed to provide services and solutions to the clients on behalf of Odoo.
  • Expert Resources for Projects: Resources working on the Odoo projects should be experts in the delivery and development of the projects.
  • Primary Support to the Clients: The partners need to be the first contact to the clients in case of any support needed. Odoo will remain the secondary support to the clients.
  • Odoo Promotion: Odoo partners should keep promoting in their region. They must keep spreading the word for Odoo.

Benefits to Odoo Partner India

Odoo Partner India

There are numerous advantages to Odoo partners India.

  • Partners get complete access to Odoo Enterprise GitHub repositories.
  • They are able enough to report bugs and get them fixed by Odoo on behalf of their customer.
  • Odoo partner will get an account manager from Odoo to have input on strategic, sales, and service related issues. Odoo Partners page.
  • They are qualified for up to 20% commission on Odoo Enterprise sales, depending on the partnership level.
  • Partners will be provided a 100% commission rate on Odoo SH platform.
  • They will get yearly upgrade training sessions from Odoo after the new version is released.
  • They have the access to the Partners Portal.
  • They will get Odoo sales training sessions as necessary and required.


O2b Technologies is the certified Odoo partner operating from India to all over the world. We are a dedicated and proud Odoo partner in the silver and ready sscategory. We are providing the Odoo services and solutions with partner and branch offices in countries like India, USA, UAE, and Australia.

O2b Technologies provide Odoo services like:

  • Understanding Requirement
  • Gap Analysis
  • Odoo Development
  • Odoo Customization
  • Odoo Implementation
  • Quality Analysis
  • Odoo Integration
  • Odoo Migration
  • Odoo Support

We have implemented and deployed Odoo ERP in numerous small, medium, and large sized organizations and helped them to keep their business functions and processes well managed and tracked.

We are focused on the enterprise grade adoption of Odoo. We have achieved great success and experience working with businesses in various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, human capital management, vendor management, supply chain, and others.

Meet O2b Technologies’ Expert Team

Meet O2b Technologies’ Expert Team

O2b Technologies have an expert functional team of qualified and well trained professionals carrying years of experience from developing to implementing Odoo services and solutions.

They include:

  • Odoo Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Teams Leads
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Analyst
  • Odoo Developers
    • Frontend Developer
    • Backend Developer
    • Full-stack Developer
    • Mobile Developer

Odoo Partner India Categories & Badges

Odoo India categorized all its partners into their major categories.

  • Gold Partner
  • Silver Partner
  • Ready Partner
  • Learning Partner

Partners who are not listed in any of the above categories but, got the certification from Odoo are still official partners of Odoo.

Odoo also provides badges to its partners with their expertise in the latest Odoo versions. Those badges could be like:

  • V13
  • V14
  • V15 And V16