Open Source Supply Chain Management System

Improve Total Visibility of Your Supply Chain In Real-Time


Better Order and Billing Management

Built-in order management system

Most of the time the highest priority of a company is to make order and billing management more robust. Our SCM software is able to create orders and client’s billing from one centralized location, all from within the solution. Another key point of our system is, it has flexible order management capabilities and they ensure that the solution is highly configurable and can work with your unique needs. Primarily, order processing handles the creation and delivery of orders, and it includes multiple channels and drops shipments. Equally important, you should choose a system that can handle your invoices as well. 

Modern SCM solution

Lower Operational costs

Our SCM system improves inventory management system that eliminates overstocking and saves extra expenses of the company. As it is an integrated system, which reduces your operational cost and with this, you can focus on your core business decisions. Important to realize, activity synchronization always saves time and reduces operational costs.

Ease of use

Our SCM software gives you easy user experiences that are easily accessible from anywhere and with any device. All activities of SCM software can be flawlessly coordinated and executed from the beginning to the end. Important to realize, to make sure much higher levels of on-time delivery across the board this system would the best choice.


Our SCM software shows you where your inventory is, from the manufacturer to storage to transportation to the store shelf. More visibility helps you to track and control inventory levels accurately. SCM solution gives the opportunity to share information. This information platform keeps stakeholders informed so that the whole process of SCM runs flawlessly.

      Raise Output

The supply chain management system is built to improve communication, collaboration, and coordination with vendors, and to make transportation and shipping much easier. Important to realize, streamline & centralized distribution strategy of supply chain management software makes it more reliable for end-users and gives more precise output results.

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