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What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

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In business, supply chain management (SCM) is considered as the management of the flow of goods and services. To explain further, SCM encompasses the movement and storage of materials, including raw material, semi-finished goods inventory, and finished goods from the starting point to the point of consumption. In other words, the supply chain is the interconnected or interlinked chain of networks and channels. Managing this interrelated chain of networks is a critical element in any business. To enhance customer experience management of the supply chain in a proper manner is an essential part of the businesses. With appropriate supply chain management, companies can deliver their products and services to their end customers within the given time frame. Supply chain activities include raw material procurement, production planning, inventory management, warehouse management, sales management, shipping management, and other activities.

Furthermore, supply chain management includes designing, planning, administering, managing, controlling, and tracking the entire supply chain activities which is chiefly focused on enhancing revenue, building a powerful foundation, synchronizing supply with demand, etc. Another key point, in the success of supply chain management, marketing channels are playing a significant role. Marketing channels make the customer value-creating processes more effective and powerful. It ultimately results in the success of any company's supply chain management process. Furthermore, managing an organization's supply chain processes includes various things such as internal integration, complete visibility or transparency, and human resource management, etc. To ensure better supply chain management, organizations are moving towards the implementation of a robust supply chain management ERP software.

Supply chain management software

Here, at O2b Technologies, we have built a great supply chain management platform that is capable of making all your business processes simple and smooth. It is an integrated system that consists of various modules such as purchase, inventory, accounting, sales, etc. Tightly integrated supply management software makes all the processes streamlined and seamless. Now, organizations can handle their processes like purchase, inventory, manufacturing, sales, and shipping in a very convenient manner. Supply chain management software solutions help enterprises to manage their foremost business functions like Sales, CRM, Inventory, Demands, Order Fulfillment, Manufacturing Operations, Warehouse, etc. In like manner, supply chain software also helps in handling Supplier Relationship Management, Product Advancement, and Return Management. Our SCM system keeps every aspect of the supply chain well-managed. It helps you to achieve your business goals in a very productive way.

In other words, a supply chain software solution and supplier chain management software make remarkable changes in your company. Now, you can execute, manage, control, and monitor all the tasks of your organization and achieve long-term profitability. We are one of the top supply chain management vendors, we develop very effective and strong solutions for managing supply chain processes in an efficient manner. Our system can automate so many processes such as purchasing workflow, Stock level management, sending RFQs, Supplier Management, Warehouse Management, and more.

To make your business procedures flawless, ERP software supply chain management allows you to send RfQs to your suppliers automatically. It is because with our system you can set the minimum and maximum limit of stocks in the inventory, this is why as soon as the stock level goes below the limit you have set in the system, the system automatically generates RFQ and you are able to send this RFQ to the relevant supplier. Furthermore, enterprise supply chain management software enables you to make smart purchase decisions by managing and keeping records of supplier price lists. With the help of this system, you can choose the most suitable one. Also, smartly manage warehouses by controlling and optimizing the flow and storage of stocks within a warehouse. Now, make your entire supply chain management simple by using a double-entry system, it surely enhances efficiency and accuracy.


Generate more income using supply chain management software

If you don't focus on managing your supply chain appropriately, you may face several challenges in managing your entire business. Because it will make every function from purchase to delivery of the finished product inefficient. Later on, it will disturb the entire organizational workflow and affect 80% to 90% revenue of your organization. We are the esteemed supply chain software development company, we will assist you to maximize your revenue by 100%. In other words, Earn more profit than ever before. In the supply chain management software process we align each step in such a manner that keeps your company's workflow well managed.

Every enterprise focuses on increasing efficiency and reducing costs, efforts, and time. With this in mind, our SCM system truly fulfills all the expectations of organizations of every size. But most importantly, nowadays along with focusing on reducing costs, companies have been concentrating on improving customer experience. Because, ultimately these customers are those who play the main part in revenue generation. Due to this, we develop our software while keeping all the scenarios in mind and offer the best-in-class supply chain management software. Our agile supply chain management in ERP lets organizations manage their core business processes very conveniently.


Enhance visibility across the supply chain

We all know that transparency across the business is necessary for better making your business strong. This is the reason when you need a strong system that can give you the information about every activity consistently; what’s going on in your supply chain at every stage. Easily track inventory levels and get to know every movement of each product in real-time. It is not a hidden fact that improved visibility across the supply chain enhances business performance as well as productivity. Now, with the help of integrated software supply chain management enables organizations to track and control the movement of products, whether it is incoming or outgoing. Enhance stock traceability and maintain stock levels more accurately. With the integrated SCM solution, you can manage your inventory and prevent dead stock.


Handle Basic Operations

Basic operations of supply chain management processes are inventory management, Manufacturing management, Purchase Management, Delivery Orders Management, etc. Delivery Orders. Our system allows you to pack orders and deliver them with or without barcode scanners. Also, this software supply chain only prepares delivery orders for customers as per the product availability. Another great feature of this system is inventory adjustments, whether you are managing inventory for a particular warehouse, for a specific product, or a pallet/box, our integrated solution provides cycle counts for you. If you have warehouses in multiple locations, you can easily manage the entire warehouse (zones, rows, shelves, etc.). Furthermore, manufacturing supply chain management software allows manufacturers to manage their manufacturing orders, repair orders, and other important activities.


Improve Supply Chain with Advanced Routing

A business will be called successful until its customers are satisfied and happy with the products and services, with this in mind, organizations are focusing on delivering their best. Further, with this intention that customers will always get the best quality services, we have built a special feature in our software, our SCM system has advanced routing functionality. It means you can select the best-suited routing option for the delivery of your product, it allows you to perform your best.

There are the following routing, the first one is Drop-shipping, it enables organizations to deliver products directly from their vendors, or suppliers to their end-customers. It means, when you get the order, you contact your relevant supplier and he/she will deliver the product directly to your customers. The second option is, Pick - Pack - Ship, here you can design your very own flow of the delivery process. Whether you directly want to deliver or follow the pick pack shipping method.


Why use Supply Chain Management Software?

Lower Operational Costs: Our SCM system improves inventory management system that eliminates overstocking and saves extra expenses for the company. As it is an integrated system, which reduces your operational cost, and with this, you can focus on your core business decisions. Important to realize, activity synchronization always saves time and reduces operational costs.

Ease of use : Our SCM software gives you easy user experiences that are easily accessible from anywhere and with any device. All activities of SCM software can be flawlessly coordinated and executed from the beginning to the end. Important to realize, to make sure much higher levels of on-time delivery across the board this system would be the best choice. With the proper supply chain management software development streamline your SCM processes.

Complete Visibility/Transparency: Our SCM software shows you where your inventory is, from the manufacturer to storage to transportation to the store shelf. More visibility helps you to track and control inventory levels accurately. SCM solution gives the opportunity to share information. This information platform keeps stakeholders informed so that the whole process of SCM runs flawlessly.

Boost Output: The supply chain management system is built to improve communication, collaboration, and coordination with vendors, and to make transportation and shipping processes much easier. Important to realize, streamline & centralized distribution strategy of supply chain management software makes it more reliable for end-users and gives more precise output results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. How Supply Chain Management works?

    An effective supply chain management enables companies to ensure that they are getting raw materials continuously at their manufacturing production facilities timely to keep the entire chain working perfectly. Further, it helps to avoid higher prices and prevents lower profitability. Industries involved in distribution, retail or manufacturing need a robust SCM software to strengthen the entire supply chain processes with great logistics.

    There are 5 essential phases to make the supply chain management effective and efficient:

    1. Planning all the projects and activities
    2. Sourcing and procurement of raw materials and other components.
    3. Manufacturing
    4. On-time product delivery
    5. Better return management

  • Q2. How will Supply Chain Software help my organization?
  • Q3. What is the importance of having supply chain management?

    Having the right SCM solution is important because it enables businesses to have a competitive advantage and enhances customer satisfaction. In the current business environment, SCM plays an integral role in the organization's success. Effective supply chain management enables companies to deliver products to the customer quickly.

    There are the following advantages of having a supply chain management solution:

    Reduces total costing of the supply chain - Everyone knows that efficient supply chain management allows companies to deliver their best than ever before. Implementing an SCM system definitely helps you to reduce the total cost of the supply chain by automating most of the processes. Further, it saves time, labor as well as money. We know that the manufacturers and retailers need it the most, it allows them to meet customer service goals at the least total cost. Total supply chain cost includes purchasing cost, production cost, shipping cost, and more.

    Improve Financial Position

    Better SCM will always increase the profitability by helping in controlling and reducing supply chain costs. As a result, you will see the drastic improvement in the organization's profits. Moreover, the decrease in fixed assets also helps to strengthen the company's financial position, for example, if you were using 10 warehouses before the implementation of the SCM software and now you can handle all of your stocks within the six warehouses, then it surely reduces the costing of the supply chain.

    Better Customer Service

    Customers always want the best quality product to deliver in the right quantity and at the right time. This system enables distributors to deliver the items at the right location, in the right quantity and at the right time. The right delivery time enhances customer satisfaction. Furthermore, after-sales support plays a very important part of successful supply chain management. If a customer wants to return the item due to certain reasons, the company will be able to manage that too with the help of the right SCM solution.

    Boost Output

    Supply chain management systems are designed in such a manner that it can truly improve communication, collaboration, and coordination among suppliers, transportation and shipping organizations. It connects every part of the supply chain in a way that no process will hamper due to any kind of miscommunication or lack of communication & coordination. With this software businesses get the streamlined & centralized distribution strategy which makes the entire process more reliable for the customers and ultimately it will give the more accurate output results.

  • Q4. The question, when should I opt for the supply chain management system?

    This is asked very often. But there is no specific time to implement the SCM software. You can implement the system if you are in the manufacturing, distribution, or retail industry. All these industries need a powerful supply chain system in place to manage all of their processes efficiently.

  • Q5. How will I get supply chain management implemented?

    To get the supply chain management system implemented, you need to understand which SCM software would be a good choice for your company. Further, start seeking the top SCM system provider companies, and choose the best one for your company. O2b Technologies offer a great supply chain software at a very affordable pricing. Contact us to get more information about the system.