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Deliver Better Patient Care and Eliminate Financial Data Silos

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Health Management Solution

Effectively Manage Healthcare Processes

Deliver better consumer experience and gain customer loyalty

An ERP software maintains the whole end-to-end caregiver experience effortlessly by integrating with other modules. O2b Technologies ERP software for the healthcare sector helps increasing patient loyalty by delivering multichannel and personalized patient service. Proper care of a patient is the priority of any healthcare organization and managing it with the healthcare ERP is the best choice. In like manner, patient education is also an important part of customer experience where the patient is involved in the prevention and improvement of their health. The patient learns how to understand and manage their health status. ERP for healthcare industry helps to gain better customer experience insights in less time and analyze feedback to improve customer experience.

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Healthcare Accounting and Financial Management

Maximize your healthcare revenue with us

Accounting in the healthcare industry seems challenging, as it accumulates and interprets historical economic data. This data is beneficial for the purpose of establishing the financial position and operating results of a hospital. This data is very useful for internal users to manage accounts and control the budget of the hospital. Our healthcare accounting system classifies and records the transactions that frequently take place in the hospital. In this case, it gives a clear insight into the financials. Healthcare ERP solutions reduce the cost and improve the quality of service that surely maximize the revenue of the organization. It manages and tracks all the transactions that enable you to control the budget. 

Healthcare Inventory Solution

 Keep Track On Company’s Asset

Increase Inventory Visibility to avoid overstocking

Our software solution allows you to track the serial number of every single item. We know safety and compliance are more important in the healthcare industry, so keeping a finger on the stock level is so important. With this in mind, pharmaceutical products must be serialized for regulatory compliance and safety of health. The healthcare sector has to comply with the worldwide regulation of the serialization of pharmaceutical items. Inventory management software for the healthcare industry helps in asset tracking by using a barcode scanner or smartphones or tablets. At the same time, those scan products in and out to find products quickly in the warehouse or any other location. 

Enhance the quality of patient care with Odoo hospital management

Odoo healthcare software is a completely integrated information system. It helps to manage every aspect of a hospital's operations like medical, financial, administrative, legal, etc. Furthermore, Healthcare ERP modules help in managing all the key operations of a healthcare institution. Manage everything right from the beginning to the end, from appointment booking to the inventory. Odoo hospital management application is capable of assisting the healthcare sector to handle all the functional requirements. This surely improves the hospital's performance such as billing, appointment scheduling, patient care, and more. Furthermore, You can manage and record all the details of doctors, staff, and patients.

Hospital Management Software

On the other hand, an essential element of this sector is a pharmacy, managing your drug store is also important, with this in mind, we also offer a robust system, Odoo pharmacy management. This application is for all the retail pharmacies, drugstores, or hospital pharmacies, and we develop this app in such a way that you can manage your store easily with the integration with the POS system. Sciences ERP helps this sector and improves work efficiency which ultimately helps in the regulation of financial control.

Perfect Solution For Lifesciences Industry

Make every process hassle-free and effortless

Lifesciences industry is so vast and life sciences vertical segments are biotechnology, biomedical devices, pharmaceutical, biomedical technologies, food processing, life systems technologies, and environmental science. Basically there are few important segments that need automation most such as pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotechnologies. We provide ERP for lifesciences solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical devices manufacturing industry, clinical research and development industry, and biotechnology. Management of these industries is really challenging work because it has a variety of regulatory compliance and government-mandated requirements. All this regulatory compliance adds risks and more cost to the company. The use of ERP in life sciences industries like pharmaceutical, research and development, and medical devices companies is very beneficial. Our ERP software includes audit management, international trade management, controls, and compliance management, risk management, automated monitoring, and screening. It streamlines audit management as well as aligns activities of internal audit. 

Innovative & Compliant Product Manufacturing

Compete with the current market with integrated product development

An integrated system with the design process can accelerate product development with the help of real-time tools. At the same time, advanced variant configuration definitely reduces the cost and optimizes usability. Our system for medical devices manufacturing companies manages efficiency and profitability with the requirements-driven product development. Cost controlling is the major challenge for the company, this software keeps product cost and quotations in line with strategic targets. It is important to mention that, eliminating the manual process accelerate the transition of engineering master data into manufacturing production data. The foundation of product development depends on the design and ideation of the product and automation makes it stronger than before. 

Track Task & Project Management

Comply With Evolving Regulations To Maintain Company Value

Our software has a very powerful tool for managing your tasks and projects effectively. As we know projects depend on the customer requirements, hence the integration of the customer relationship management system is a very efficient way of estimating workload on a project. Secure your right market and sell products by ensuring compliance of products and chemicals. To ensure compliance ERP software automates and accelerates the process of safety data sheet management. 

Why Us?

Our ERP software organize and centralize data to improve patient care

Reduce expenses with comprehensive financial management

Automated management streamlines operations

Get a 360-degree view of all the processes

Improve and nurture the relationship with the patient

Improved customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

Automated monitoring and screening minimize reduce risks