Best Construction ERP Software

Project The Productivity of Your Construction Business

Using a fully-automated and integrated ERP software, create a seamless connection between the office and the remote worksite. Your construction company will greatly benefit from ERP software. All the modules required to address every difficulty that the construction sector faces have been integrated into this system.

The Best ERP Software for Construction Industry

Every industry is investing in technology for its long-term growth. The construction industry is not far from this concept, they also need the business software that accelerates the growth of their business and increases productivity.

ERP systems are developed exclusively for the requirements of construction enterprises. It covers the managing of general contractors, subcontractors, financial management, construction accounting, payroll, and service operations in a centralized database.

O2b Technologies provides an information management system and end-to-end process automation that is tailored to the requirements of large-scale infrastructure firms. The main technical development team from IIT is the creator of our cutting-edge product.

O2b Technologies offers real-time data that enables you to decide on important business tasks intelligently and successfully. Our Infrastructure ERP will bring cost optimization and process excellence through the real-time data pushed out. You may simplify intricate business processes and maximise the use of your resources with the help of our ERP software designed specifically for the infrastructure industry. You always get a full image of your project thanks to the user-friendly interface of O2b Technologies' ERP for Large Infrastructure Businesses.


Difficulties of Construction Industries

Major challenges faced by the infrastructure sector are as follows:

Cost of Materials
Monetary stability
Technology Adoption
Inadequate Business Plan
Lack of Skilled Workers
Equipment Breakdowns
Reasonable Profit Margin

Features Of Construction ERP System

1. Project Planning and Scheduling

Before starting any construction project, planning is the first step. Generally,

  • Planning can be strategic, operational, and scheduling. Planning can be strategic, operational, and scheduling. Planning can be strategic, operational, and scheduling. Planning can be strategic, operational, and scheduling.
  • Our ERP construction management first determines the project objectives,
  • The second develops a detailed plan for operational activities, and last, schedules planning.

Effective planning surely simplifies the process, reduces costs, and maximizes profits.

2. Material and Inventory Management

Planning for material and inventory manually is a time-consuming and tedious process. It also increases the chances of errors in inventory management.O2b Technologies ERP software for the construction industry enables. Proper management of materials reduces costs.

  • Easy sourcing,
  • Planning, Purchasing, and
  • Monitoring of raw materials in the stock.
3. Effective Communication

Effective communication is an important part of the construction industry and it is essential for better management of operations. Important to realize, that

  • Miscommunication between back-office employees and field employees results in inconsistency in the process.
  • Also, it leads to the slow and error-prone construction process.
4. Managing Subcontractor

O2b Technologies' construction industry ERP system manages data of work orders and subcontractors efficiently. Hiring a subcontractor is not an easy task, it takes a proper analysis of the data of the subcontractor. Important to realize, that the ERP system

  • Allows you to select the best-suited subcontractor for your business based on their pricing and detailed information.
5. Purchase Management

Construction purchase order software plays a vital role in handling all the material and equipment through effective management of quotations, purchase orders, and reports. For the goods or materials needed for the construction site, purchase orders can be simply created and managed. You can also generate various construction reports.

  • Accounting Management : The construction industry requires a huge amount of materials and various equipment. Control project expenses, Costs, and Cashflow with With this in mind, the accounting module of construction ERP software allows tracking of all types of expenses and invoicing that gives an accurate report of all the expenses.
  • Budget Management : The more you manage your budget effectively, the more profit you'll make. Although many businesses fail to observe this straightforward reasoning with great importance. A lot of wasted expenditure or financing may be reduced via adequate planning in the art of budget management. Even a minor error in your planning could result in huge losses for your business, which would then affect your profit margin.
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Advantages of ERP for Construction and Infrastructure Industry

Better Contract Management

Companies have had to show themselves under challenging market conditions due to competition in project industries. In order to find chances for improvement in Project & Site Activities, Budget Control, Subcontracting Works, and other areas, data has proven to be the most important asset. You can make timely decisions with O2b Technologies’s solution.

Management of BOQs and Tenders

The Project department's life is made easier by BOQ (Bill of Quantities) management. The ability to change or add BOQ items is the most crucial component of the tendering phase. Possibility to import spreadsheet data for BOQ. It is simple to use BOQs from an existing project or manually enter the BOQ data with the developed solution of O2b Technologies.

Estimation and Budgeting

You may estimate the cost of labor, materials, and resources down to the cost center level by estimating all expenses prior to the start of the project. This will provide you with an overview of all costs that will be incurred and allow you to select where they will come from. Additionally, it facilitates project planning and "freezes" resources to ensure their availability when needed.

Budgeting a Project

O2b Technologies makes the foundation of every project simple to handle either income, costs, or savings.This module assists in calculating the project's direct material and other expenses. It accounts for the base fare charged by the master (base fares are updated from the last completed project).

Quantity Take-off (QTO)

The quantity of material needed for an activity, coupled with a thorough description of the materials' grade, size, shape, and other characteristics, is known as the quantity taken off (QTO) or material taken off. Material takeoff assists in maintaining a record of the list of materials purchased on site. O2b Technologies gives users the ability to manage this takeoff with simplicity.

Management of Site Activity

For on-site activities, O2b Technologies offers the best-dedicated platform. The on-site activity portal is accessible at all times and from any location using any device. Onsite engineers can record daily work reports against each job allocated in the project Plan module using this module. The completed information will be recorded next to each job. The Management will be able to see the status of each project assignment and activity.

O2b Technologies for Construction Industry

O2b Technologies has created the top trustworthy and affordable ERP system for the company with the development of a special ERP Software for the construction sector. Different software once used for project planning, project estimation, scheduling, risk management, and other construction-related tasks has become outdated. By having a flawless module that handles all operational tasks for the construction sector, O2b Technologies has consolidated all activities under one system. The advantages O2b Technologies has provided for the construction sector are unmatched.

Major construction companies opting for O2b technologies today are from India and the U.S.A. being its two biggest markets, along with the UAE and Australia. The ERP system is regularly updated with new features that streamline all of your processes.



We are SMBs, do we need such an ERP solution?

This solution is for every size and every type of business.

Can we add more functionalities to this software in the future?

Yes, since the system is fully customizable, therefore, you can add or remove any feature based on your requirements anytime.

What is the maximum number of users who can log in to the system at the same time?

Our system is capable of supporting a limitless number of users (based on the server capacity).

What are the different kinds of alert features available in your ERP software?

We understand customer requirements; hence O2b offers alert services such as SMS, email notifications, and a mobile app to keep users informed about their various projects.

What is the cost and time incurred in implementation?

Depends on your company size, business type , number of users, and other requirements.