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Odoo ERP Development

Odoo ERP Development

Odoo is trusted by so many small-medium sized organizations as well as large enterprises and they are getting maximum benefits from Odoo ERP. O2b Technologies is fully capable of developing ERP software and delivering all the Odoo services very efficiently within your budget. Our Odoo developers have developed a large collection of applications and modules such as HR and Payroll, Inventory, Sales and CRM, Manufacturing, Accounting, and many more, this will truly make business management a cakewalk. O2b Technologies offers the best development services for any company using Odoo. Our team is an expert in all types of Odoo customization in all versions of Odoo. We are experts in the backend, frontend as well as web developments. We have a very simple process of development and with proper testing, all the development will be submitted. O2b Technologies is one of the most trusted Odoo development companies.

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Get An Edge Over Your Competitors

We deliver top-notch Odoo ERP solutions with Odoo Development Services. We have worked with clients from different industries such as manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, etc. Our Odoo ERP development team is qualified enough to develop, customize, implement and troubleshoot the software. We stretch our offerings beyond the conventional boundaries for maximum customer satisfaction. Increase the pace of your business and its management with an all-in-one business solution. We have the best Odoo developers and they are experts in Odoo app development such as CRM, sales management, purchase management, manufacturing management, etc. using Odoo. Odoo consists of a modular and collaborative development approach, with this in mind, our team of developers customizes the system as per the requirement of clients. We provide very impressive results and. Also, we provide the latest Odoo 13 development services and with the new features of Odoo 13, you will surely be ahead of your competitors.  

Odoo Website Development

Improve your Odoo website building experience with your very own ideas. Our Odoo web developers can build your website as per your promotion, marketing, and more business ideas.... Odoo provides in-built attractive templates that help you to promote your brand as well as boost your sales. Furthermore, empower your marketing strategies and with the full capacity to express your business idea. Developers at O2b Technologies are capable of developing the website as per the client’s specific and unique ideas and requirements. As a result, now you can create or re-design your website with attractive graphics, smart features, professional themes, and very responsive design just in a few clicks. 

Odoo App Development and Customization

If you are still searching for a perfect ERP software that truly matches the specific needs of your company. We, the Odoo partner company can offer a flawless solution for every business needs. ... O2b Technologies provides a robust Odoo app development and customization service that perfectly fits with the requirement of an individual enterprise. If the client has a need for existing Odoo apps then our development team customizes that app as per their specific requirement. Also, we can develop a new Odoo app if the client has the requirement of any special module which is not present in the system. Our dedicated team of Python Odoo developers has a very deep and wide knowledge of Python and Odoo architecture. Also, get very impressive mobile app development services with us. 

Odoo Development Methodology

There are so many Odoo ERP software development methodologies or methods but O2b Technologies adopts the combination of agile and scrum software development methodologies. All things consider we all know that the success of software development depends on the implementation methodology and how well that is planned. In the planning, we have to consider every aspect of the functionalities. As we are an official Odoo partner, we keep our motive very clear and alive every day by providing quality development to our clients. Our development methodology assures the high customer value that makes our undertaken project successful. Here, at O2b Technologies we believe that successful implementation is not possible without the interaction of our clients. Therefore, we make sure at every stage of development that the client should be involved. As a result, they get the expected solution every time. Our team of Odoo offshore developers assures you with the best quality Odoo development. 

We believe in the iterative method for Odoo development, as a result, it resolves every problem as per the business requirement of the client. We divide the whole project into the phases and we keep our clients in communication during every function that has been developed. Furthermore, it allows our development team to take quick actions if any changes are required. O2b Technologies is the top Odoo offshore development company and it is one of the best Odoo development companies.

The flow of Our Odoo ERP Development methodology

Analyze Client’s Business Requirements

Analyze Client’s Business Requirements

It is one of the basic steps after our client selects the Odoo ERP software. We gather all the requirements and further divide them into phases based on...the complexity of the requirements and departments of the organization. 

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Development, Staging, Production

Once we freeze the phases and further divide them into smaller units, that are functional requirements. From here, the design and development initiated by our development team. Also, we allocate the project manager regardless of the size of the project. Important to realize, the project manager ensures all the functional requirements are met up by the Odoo development team. We divide the client’s functional requirement into story points and then decide to complete those within a defined period of time, which is called a sprint. In one sprint we cover a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 60 story points. After development, the item goes to the stage and further on the production.

Testing and Quality Check

Testing and Quality Check

After the development process, our quality analysts perform a testing and quality check on the client-server to make sure that all the functionalities are...working as per the client’s expectations without any bugs in the software.

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Once the testing of the system is done, we are all set to give the demo to our client. Our project manager provides a demo of the system to the client....After all these processes, if there are any changes that need to be done then it moves further to the re-evaluation stage.

Re-evaluation stage

Re-evaluation stage

It is not necessary every time in the development process. If there are minor changes require during the demo of a particular module, only then we go to...this stage. In this stage, Our Odoo module development team makes the changes as per the discussion with the client during the demo stage.

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Phased Delivery

After the re-evaluation and changes are done our team again gives the demo to the client and then freezes the phase. Once freeze the phase our team... deploys the particular module or Odoo app on a client-server. At O2b Technologies, we deploy quickly and keep our clients satisfied.
Hire Odoo developers from O2b Technologies and pay them on an hourly basis. We have most experienced Odoo developers and we provide our services in the US.


Hire Odoo developers from O2b Technologies and pay them on an hourly basis. We have most experienced Odoo developers and we provide our services in the US. We are the best  Odoo development company India and offer the best-in-class Odoo development services.
O2b Technologies have developed so many apps and to know more please check the link given below:


We already have an ERP, why should we go for Odoo?

There are so many ERP systems in the market and maybe you are using one of the top ERP software. But what Odoo offers in such a low budget, no ERP can Offer this. Furthermore, there are no restrictive charges and it consolidates numerous modules in one system, including sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, human resources, CRM, and more. Hence, Odoo offers a complete package of business management applications. Odoo is also a web-based ERP software with a wide range of features and functionalities. Get ERP, CRM, Website, POS, and ECommerce features in a single system.

Following points make Odoo different from other ERP software:

1. CustomizationCustomization is the best part of this software, it completely understands that each business has its own specific and unique business requirements. This is why Odoo supports customization. All things considered, it can be tailored according to your company's needs and fulfill every requirement to enhance your business efficiency. Moreover, this software is highly flexible and its source code can be modified and customized to match with every industry's needs.

2. Open-source Being an open-source ERP software, it does not charge a license fee and it can be downloaded and installed for free. All things considered, it is one of the best software for small to mid-sized organizations. Moreover, you can never get such rich-featured, and tightly integrated software at this cost.

3. Modular software Odoo has a modular approach towards offering the various business solutions. It has numerous modules and each module can be implemented separately, which means there is no restriction of buying all the modules or some kind of package. You can add one or two modules and add more as per your needs. Moreover, all these modules are integrated with each other to make the entire business processing smooth and seamless.

Odoo implementation is the process of collection of business requirements, project planning, budget allocation, data migration, server installation, setting & configuration, providing ongoing support, and all the small things that are needed to complete a project successfully. On the other hand, Odoo developed includes the programming codes for developing the solution for clients. All things considered, Odoo implementation covers a wide area of project planning and converting an idea into reality, but development is something that needs technical expertise to build a powerful business management solution for the clients.

We are one of the leading Odoo ERP providers across the world, including the US, UK, UAE, Australia, and India. We are certified Odoo partners and have developed numerous business-related applications for our clients and have a 100% client satisfaction rate. Further, we offer very attractive packages for different industries at affordable prices as well as you will get a few discounts from us. But the most important component that makes us different is our team, we have the best team of developers, consultants, and quality analysts, who are fully capable of delivering the top-notch development project within the time frame bandwidth the best quality. With us, you do not have to worry about the entire implementation and development project. We ensure you with the 100% success of the project.

Odoo development comprises various steps:

1.  Analyzing client's requirements

2.  Categorizing requirements on the basis of complexity level

3.  Define the priority of each item

4.  Design & Development

5.  Testing & Quality Check

6.  Presentation of demo to the client

7.  Re-evaluation stage if the client wants to add something or finds something missing in the demo

8.  Go-live

Costing and time span always depends on the type of requirements, size of requirements, business size, and complexity level of your business requirements. Therefore, more customization means more time & cost.

We usually need one project manager from the client's end, he/she can explain all of their business processes and workflows. According to them, our team starts gathering requirements, and then the further process will start; Development.

Why Us?

• Odoo Offshore Development Services –
For your OpenERP development and implementation needs, we have the best of the world’s offshore development services.

• Expert Customization –
Our experts analyze and understand every complex detail about the Odoo platform and customize it accordingly.

• Clean Code –
To deliver the best possible results for the organization, we write clean code. We keep future maintenance in mind while doing customization.

• Best ROI –
Most of the organizations look for the ROI and we also take it as an important proposition in our work. We develop a system that brings the best ROI for the business.

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