O2b ZATCA e-Invoicing Solution

What is O2b ZATCA E-invoicing?

O2b ZATCA E-invoicing is a solution that integrates the ZATCA e-Invoicing government regulations with O2b ERP. This means, now the organizations can use O2b ERP without worrying about ZATCA e-invoicing compliance.

Our team has developed the Odoo ZATCA e-invoicing connector that helps companies use O2b ERP and follow their government's invoicing rules and regulations. Furthermore, O2b is listed as an official ZATCA e-invoicing integrator on ZATCA's government website. Simply put, we have made O2b ZATCA e-invoicing compliant.


ZATCA Implementation Phase 1

This phase is known as the Generation Phase. This phase will require taxpayers to generate and store invoices, and debit/credit notes via electronic systems which must be compliant with Phase 1 requirements. This phase is enforceable as of December 4th, 2021, for all taxpayers ( this phase excludes non-resident taxpayers), and any other parties who are issuing tax invoices on behalf of suppliers are subject to VAT.

What must be accomplished in ZATCA e-invoicing Phase 1:

Update your current invoicing system or install the new ones;

Adding QR codes to invoices is mandatory;

Also, you need to add the customer’s VAT registration number, if they are registered for VAT.

ZATCA Implementation Phase 2

The second phase is known as the Integration Phase. It will be rolled out in waves by the targeted taxpayer groups. This phase will involve the preface of technical and business requirements of phase 2 for electronic invoices and electronic systems. Also, it will include the introduction of the integration of these electronic systems with ZATCA’s systems.

Fulfill ZATCA e-invoicing regulations with O2b ZATCA E-invoicing Solution

Comply with the ZATCA e-invoicing regulations by associating your business to O2b Technologies' robust open-source and cloud solution. O2b provides an ERP solution that maintains compliance with the regulatory requirements in Saudi Arabia for e-signature, content, reporting, format, etc.

Our system is compatible with the ZATCA e-invoicing regulations and it ensures that all the e-documents and e-invoices are exchanged in a secure and trusted environment.

Our ERP solution has numerous business applications that any business can use easily. Furthermore, the integration with the ZATCA e-invoicing has made the use of O2b ERP permissible.


Let's have a look into the advanced O2b ERP applications


CRM applications help capture the leads and convert them to the opportunity. Further, you can assign the salesperson who will be working on the lead and try their best to close the deal. It helps track the customer interaction history and take further actions accordingly.


Our Sales module helps create quotations, convert them into sale orders in a click, and generate delivery orders immediately. Further, you can send the quotations and sales orders to your customers quickly. Our sales app facilitates online payment, this means the customer can draw their signature on the e-invoices and make payment.


Easily create RFQs and convert them into a purchase order after getting confirmation from your suppliers. Send the POs to your vendors via email or by post. Moreover, you can keep track of the status of your RFQs and purchase orders, see the details of the POs and expected delivery date.


Our inventory application helps you manage the entire inventory operations from receiving goods to delivering them to the customers. It has advanced features like double-entry inventory, multiple location management, barcode scanners, automatic replenishments. Also, it supports advanced routing like drop-shipping, cross-docking, pick-pack-ship, etc.


We provide a complete accounting solution along with e-invoicing features. It comprises robust accounting features, such as easy reconciliation, online payments, multi-currency support, profit & loss statement, cash flow statement, advanced taxes management, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivables, and more.