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Centralized all your HR information.

Oversee all important information for each department at a glance. Restrict visibility of sensitive information to just HR managers, or make other information public for all employees to see such as employee directory. Receive alerts for any new leave requests, allocation requests, applications, appraisals, and more. Everyone follows only what they need, approvals are simple, and discussions on documents are centralized and in real-time.


Keep track of the employee hours and worked and sort by the project, client, or tasks. Easily access statistics to record and analyze timesheets as well as check each employee's attendance. Integrated accounting automatically posts reports based on time spent in projects providing real-time data.


Leave Management

  • Simplified tracking for employee vacation and absence.

  • The employee enters their request, such as paid time off, sick leave, etc.

  • Managers decide to either approve or refuse time-off requests.

  • Notifications are sent to the employee and their calendar is updated automatically.



  • Get expenses updated and approved fast.

  • Employees can easily submit and justify expenses.

Managers can review all expenses and either approve or reject individual requests as needed. Once approved, expenses are immediately updated into accounting.



Easily set up your evaluation process and calendar. Design form-based questionnaires to collect feedback from everyone in the company, from employees to managers, as well as self-evaluations. Automate the entire process so that you can focus on people, not administration duties.



Set up a job board to post open positions in just a few clicks and easily keep track of submitted applications. Oversee and manage your applicant pipeline and integrate a survey to create a screening questionnaire that automatically associates with the candidate record.


Enterprise social network

Enterprise social network: Let employees collaborate across departments and various office locations by using HRM modules to interact in real-time via live chat, share knowledge and best practices, follow specific people or documents to stay informed, as well as joining interest groups to share expertise and encourage teamwork.



Inspire employees to achieve their goals and get rewards. Design your own targets, define clear objectives, and provide real-time feedback and tangible results. Showcase the top performers for each team and publicly recognize the accomplishments of an individual employee or a team.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Why do we need Warehouse Management and how can it help my business?

    The inventory management process includes numerous activities including material ordering, stocking, and managing the organization's raw materials as well as finished products. With the proper tool for it, you can track inventory and reduce errors in the process. As we all know that handling inventory manually is full of errors and it can cause a loss in the business. That is why inventory management software is important for your business, it helps you to forecast demand, prevent overstocking, eliminate shrinkage concerns, cut costs, and enhance productivity.With our smart inventory management software, you will not only have real-time inventory data but also make it easier to manage new purchase orders and observe on-hand quantity in the store and the warehouse. Further, to simplify the process we also offer a mobile inventory management app, now you can access your inventory any time, anywhere with any portable devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops).

  • Q2. What is the importance of having Warehouse Management?

    One of the major benefits of having a warehouse management software is that it enables you to save money while fulfilling all your customer demands timely. To put it differently, it allows you to successfully control costs of operations. WMS lets you have accurate data of what you have in your warehouse and in what quantity, it allows you to manage each item in the stock. We provide the WMS to all sizes of companies, including small, medium, and large organizations.

  • Q3. How will I get the Warehouse Management implemented?

    First of all, analyze your warehouse needs and forecast your budget. Now seek the top Warehouse Software Provider companies and compare the pricing and choose the best one for your organization. Along with the vendor, choose the best-in-class ERP software for warehouse management to make your warehouse operations smooth. The implementation of an inventory software is often complex, that is why choose an implementation partner wisely. First, they help you in project planning and requirements gathering, then they will start the implementation process.

    Another factor that every company should keep in mind that the complexity of a Warehouse Management Software implementation differs from one industry to another. But, our software can help all categories of business to manage their warehouse operations smoothly. We know that the implementation of WMS requires significant input from the implementation team which he's to simplify the day-to-day warehouse operations.

    Now more often people ask when should I opt for Warehouse Management? There is no particular time for the implementation of WMS. Whether you are into small, medium, or large-sized business, you need to implement the solution for the improvement in your warehouse operations. This software makes the entire inventory management flawless by facilitating inventory control, providing real-time data, preventing out-of-stock situations and overstocking, and so on.

  • Q4. What are the benefits of using Warehouse Management?

    If we talk about the benefits of our Warehouse Management Solution, there are numerous benefits, such as:

    1. Decreased Operating Costs

    It is a well-known fact that when industries implement a robust WMS in their business, it surely helps them to lower operating costs in a variety of ways. Likewise, it also allows companies to determine the most effective way of using both employees and space, ultimately that lets them reduce waste. Keep your warehouse well-organized and on few clicks get the location of your products, this system helps in optimizing the flow of your warehouse.

    2. Enhanced Inventory Visibility

    Our inventory system provides you with high visibility across the warehouse and you will exactly know the location of each item in the shelf and in multiple locations, if you have multiple warehouses. Due to high visibility, you will never face the challenges related to stockouts and overstocking. This system will provide you with enough time to replenish stock.

    3. Improved Traceability

    Track and monitor all the stock items in one place and get all information related to inventory in real-time, whether it is incoming or outgoing inventory. With this system, you can have the history of all operations of your stock, including picking details, delivery order, quality control, etc., for complete traceability. Further, with the serial number tracking feature you can track items with barcode or serial numbers. You just have to define and select the transaction which you need to track, such as the internal movement of items, items reception, product delivery, and more.

  • Q5. How does Warehouse Management work?

    A warehouse management system (WMS) assists manufacturers and distributors to control and manage day-to-day warehouse operations. It is designed in such a manner that it enables you to manage the activities like inventory receiving and put-away, optimizing picking and shipping of orders, and stock replenishment. In simple words, warehouse management comprises several activities like receiving, categorizing, and stocking products for delivering products to the customers. A warehouse management software helps companies to manage all these activities by organizing, tracking, and optimizing the inventories.

  • Q6. When do you need inventory management software?

    If you are a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor, you need to monitor inventory levels for your multiple warehouses. To do this in an efficient and effective manner you need inventory management software so that you can accelerate the process and cut operating costs. This system allows you to see real-time inventory data and gives you a clear insight into the entire warehouse operations. To put it all together, the top inventory management software helps you make the warehouse management process faster and enables you to make better business decisions.