Employee Management Software

Employees are the foundation of any organization. They are the ones who will improve your business's performance and profitability by spending themselves to its success.

You will be able to achieve a better stability and a well-crafted structure and organization for your business with effective employee management

With the prominent collections of different iconic modules that are crafted for particular purposes of HR operations, users will be capable of handling the operations with ease and greatness.

Integrated Modules

The integration of Odoo modules will result in full-fledged functionality of your HR management operations. Multiple major modules and submodules are directly integrated for complete HR management operations management.


The accounting module will handle all financial aspects of HR operations, such as the generation of monthly payroll.



Employee expenses associated with business operations can be effectively managed through integration with the expense management module.

Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners and biometric devices

The purchased products are sold to the customer using the sales module, and the generation of automatic purchase orders is based on the sales operations enabled by this integration.

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