Robust Odoo ERP Software For Your Consulting Firm

ERP Implementation Results Into Exponential Growth

Keeping staff members effectively aligned while completing projects profitably and on time is an ongoing issue for consulting firms. Administrative tasks that aren't billable, such as resource management, billing, and company planning, take up time and focus. Even while necessary, these tasks result in missed opportunities for pay or free time. For consulting firms, O2b Technologies can reduce administrative work while gaining crucial insights to improve implementation rates, project profitability, and client satisfaction.

Why Consulting Firm needs Odoo ERP Software?

Consulting businesses are responsible for a wide range of tasks, from dealing with clients who have special demands to managing internal issues such as finances and human resources. If you are a consulting service provider who still uses manual processes, you are well aware of how difficult it is to run these activities on your own.However, if you start using an Odoo ERP system, you won't have to worry about anything else. This Odoo consultation software could be able to deliver the best solutions to all of your challenges. An Odoo ERP consulting system not only streamlines all tasks but also provides detailed data on every area of your company.

Better Financial Transparency

Better Financial Transparency

Accounting is one of the major elements of any business service, especially one that provides consulting firms. Real-time cash flow reports from Odoo ERP allow consulting firms to see the company's actual financial position and receive insight.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Odoo ERP software streamlines a wide range of challenging tasks, such as employee management and customer and financial operations. You can access any data in real-time and with good accuracy. There is no need to be concerned about human errors or inaccurate calculations (especially in financial statements).

Improved business procedure

Improved business procedure

Although your revenues and productivity could be decreasing, experts can help you find the best operating model that will help your business develop. Additionally, implementing the proper business practices for business operations can simplify duties, lower budget expenditures, increase productivity, and raise standards of revenue generation.

Mobility and Expansion

Mobility and Expansion

Do you need a vacation but find it tough to schedule all of your appointments? Or do you work with clients from several countries that speak different languages and use different currencies? No problem! Because Odoo consultancy services allow you to facilitate clients from all over the world and manage your business from anywhere.

Improved Client Services

Improved Client Services

CRM and reservation management capabilities in Odoo ERP help to improve customer service. However, not all consulting ERP systems include a reservation management feature. Only robust Odoo ERP software includes the feature.

On-Time Project Management

On-Time Project Management

When it comes to project and client contract management, consulting firms frequently face issues such as excessive workload and unproductive management. A project-based Odoo ERP software allows you to track the progress of the project in real-time while also managing expenditures and revenue.


With Odoo ERP, which provides a consolidated database for critical business operations, consulting services can create workflows and processes to standardize business operations. Let's look at how several modern modules of Odoo ERP systems enable consulting businesses to function more efficiently:

Improved Staffing

Minimize bench time while allocating the appropriate talents to the appropriate project.

Controlling Profitability

Identify profitable teams, benchmark projects with dashboards, and compare projected and actual time.

Increased Cooperation

Easily share important documents and intellectual property, wherever you are.

Automate Time and Cost

Automatic approvals and mobile cost management that integrates with finances.

Why O2b Technologies for Odoo Consultant Company?

O2b Technologies offers the best Odoo ERP software solution for consulting firms. It is a company with a team of certified experts who have years of experience in understanding and addressing the needs of clients within the given budget and time.The goal of any good project management is to deliver a successful result for the client. When it comes to handling the complexity of many enterprises and industries, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

However, O2b Technologies offers robust Odoo ERP software solutions for Odoo consultant company that are in line with company needs, facilitating workflow and assisting organizations in achieving their long-term objectives.

Odoo ERP software for consulting firms is fully automated and completely integrated with other existing or any other new business applications as well.

Consulting Firm

O2b technologies has a solution available for every Industry, addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses within those sectors.

Meet the Experts


Why do we need a consultant?

If you are thinking of implementing Odoo software, then you will need a consultant. Because they are Odoo ERP specialists and help you to understand the basic Odoo ERP requirements, analyze functional requirements, and identify functional gaps. Apart from this, they also assist in resource planning.

How will an Odoo ERP Consultant benefit us?

The Odoo ERP consultants assist you to understand Odoo ERP and its features. Also, they enable you to bring in process changes so that you will get a better business management system in place. They let you streamline the entire business process seamlessly through an in-depth analysis of your organization's pain points. Also, they suggest the best possible solution for all your business-related issues.

How is a certified consultant different from a freelancer?

You can get Odoo consultation services from freelancers at a low cost, but you will not get the assured expertise and excellence in their work. On the other hand, certified O2b Odoo ERP consultants have a team of experts. We have highly qualified, certified & trained Odoo consultants.

Why should we choose your consultants?

We are certified Odoo ERP consultants, which will give you the idea that we are well-qualified, experienced, and skilled consultants. Furthermore, we offer Odoo consultation services at affordable costs.

Can O2b Odoo consultant help in migration?

Yes, they will help you to understand migration requirements. Also, they help you to customize and implement.