Best Public Sector ERP Software

Increase Organizational Efficiency With Business Process Automation

Best ERP Software In the Public Sector

Make Public-Sector Processes More Efficient

Citizen-Focused ERP Software Solution

The public sector covers public goods and governmental services such as defense and security, law enforcement, public education, infrastructure includes public roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, etc. Management of the citizen-focused industry is way difficult than any other industry. Public sector enterprise resource planning software provides a flexible and agile approach that transforms the public sector. This software resolves one of the major concerns of every company, i.e., reduction of costs. O2b Technologies' Government ERP software increases efficiency, provides greater transparency, and improves customer experiences. Our intelligent ERP software provides you with real-time reporting. More precise reporting and analytical capabilities of our system ensure the transformation of your business in a better way. Our ERP system is more focused on the welfare of citizens. To put it another way, we are more concerned about bringing positive and more productive changes to society.

Operational Budget Management

Manage Operational Budget

An integrated tool for planning and budgeting

Most of the time the public sector faces the challenge when it comes to ERP implementation. All things considered, O2b Technologies ERP helps you to plan and allocate budget and ultimately allows you to deliver the best-in-class services to your customers. Operational efficiency can be increased by implementing powerful business automation software. We know that the public sector and government organization needs proper planning before implementing any program, it includes budget planning, time management, and project management. Additionally, this ERP system supports financial and operational decision making with accurate reporting. Also, this system seamlessly integrates all business processes. The most important factor in the success of the public sector is proper budget planning and allocation.  Our public sector ERP software solution has tools in place to make the entire budgeting process easier by providing data on previous performance, current sales forecasts, expenses, etc.

Public Sector Service Management

Transform Public Sector Service Delivery

Increased efficiency and transparency in an organization

The massive increase in demands requires a powerful CRM that can handle the overwhelming workload and it can be budget-friendly also. CRM for the public sector significantly reduces the budget of your programs. CRM for the public sector enables authorized employees to access customer data and gives a complete view of all your customer's interaction history. Furthermore, it enables you to deliver customer needs on time and have a maximum number of satisfied customers. CRM software and tools for the government that can make information available across an entire organization. When the simple dashboards are implemented, this CRM enables users to see entire customer data across departments. With our CRM solution, you can easily store customers and authorized users access it. For public institutions with several customer-facing departments and millions of customers, CRM is incredibly helpful.

Need Of ERP Software In the Public Sector

Project ManagementDriven Data

O2b Technologies integrated project management tool enables planning, execution and monitoring projects in real-time that minimizes deviations in cost and time of delivery. Keep track of every project, task, and subtasks to deliver the expected results on time. The most important factor to accomplish the objective of the project is budget management. With the implementation of O2b Technologies’ ERP system maintain and monitor the allocation and distribution of approved budgets.

Policy Design Driven By Data

Our software enables data-driven policy design and promotes innovation and intelligent processes. This ERP solution is designed to rebuild the trust  consumers through evidence-based public policies that are based on data. Moreover, transparency in policy design leads to satisfied customers. Our integrated data warehouse application allows you to build your data warehouse quickly. Nowadays data transparency is really important, it helps public sectors to build trust and improve operational efficiency.  Citizen-focused ERP system for public and government sector always ensures transparency and greater sight.

Improve Security and Manage Cyber Risks

The most important thing to manage in the government sector is protecting its data from external threats. As government data is critical and it is important for the organization, state and even for the country, risk management becomes a top priority. O2b Technologies ERP system works on a risk-centered perspective and it provides additional security functionality. Improve security and avoid emerging cyber threats with the implementation of fully secured ERP software solutions for the public sector and government. Protect the public sector, Federal, or Municipal from the cyber risks.


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