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A Complete Customized ERP Odoo Support and Maintenance

A Complete Customized ERP

ERP customisation focuses on changing the system by adding new features and functionalities in accordance with the client's business requirements. These changes are made in order to satisfy certain specific business requirements. The software is customised when an ERP system is customised, to put it simply. A more adaptable and functionally aligned system is provided through ERP customisation.

The most customizable ERP system is Odoo, which can be adjusted to fit the client's business needs. The team of professionals at O2b Technologies can assist you with the Odoo customization that will meet all of your unique business needs. Even though Odoo is a complete business management solution, clients can require additional features, functionalities, or modules. The system can be customized by the team to meet the needs of the customer; we are able to add or delete additional features and functionalities. Additionally, if necessary, the Odoo experts at O2b Technologies can develop a completely new module.

You can add the features your company needs to the Odoo ERP system through customization. Odoo customization removes any unnecessary features that can mystify a customer and enable you to customize the source code to fit the requirements and features of your business. Additionally, Odoo ERP customization can eliminate unnecessary fields and entries to increase employee productivity. As business approaches new difficulties, Odoo customization can help you meet your existing company needs while giving you the chance to continuously enhance and hone your business procedures.

Importance OF Odoo Customization

1. Customized Approach

It is common knowledge that every business is unique from the others. Not all company processes or activities are the same; some of them could require customisation to operate properly and effectively. However, some business processes could need to be extended in order to add new features and functionality. In order to help you manage all of your business activities more effectively, our team can adapt the Odoo platform. All things considered, process extension streamlines the entire business workflow while improving collaboration. The productivity and effectiveness of business operations are ultimately improved.

2. Add-On Features

For our clients, we have developed multiple Odoo apps with extra functionalities. Working with us will provide you access to all of the that have extra features in addition to the ones that come standard. This implies that if you choose us, you will receive features that are ready for use and will enable you to increase the power of your system. Our Odoo customization services and solutions assist businesses in enhancing or automating their operational flow.

3. Simplification of the User Interface

Nobody wants to utilise the time- and effort-intensive system. Odoo offers a simple user interface that enhances usability and efficiency. Additionally, if the user encounters any difficulties when using the Odoo ERP, those issues can be fixed through Odoo ERP customization. The software can be customised, and the user interface can be made simpler. It will increase efficiency and productivity in running the business. For you to execute the software more efficiently, we can adjust it and reduce any procedures or processes that are not necessary.

Odoo Customization Benefits

Odoo ERP customization gives businesses enough control and flexibility, which boosts revenue and fosters better relationships with clients. Here are the top Odoo customization benefits:

  • Extended Process
  • Any business's efficiency is based on its operational procedures and structure. Every association has a unique work process that could need to be customised in order to be more efficient. To achieve this, business leaders could be required to extend processes in order to develop additional functionalities. In these circumstances, customized Odoo ERP can enhance team connections throughout the work process.

  • Improve the ERP Software Life
  • Applications provide essential features and functionality while streamlining the business process, making them the foundation of any company process. Because of this, companies cannot afford to lose applications when they are needed most. Therefore, businesses need customized Odoo ERP solutions to extend the life of business systems.

  • Create a Distinct Identity
  • Every business has unique goals to achieve, which makes them stand out in the market. A company's data reports and online marketing initiatives reflect its own identity. Even in challenging conditions, businesses can build their distinctive identity with the help of customized Odoo ERP software.

  • Monthly
  • The requirement for mobile ERP solutions has increased as a result of the pandemic's changes. The needed mobility can be achieved by enterprises with the assistance of customized Odoo ERP.

  • Provides Assistance and Enables Upgrades
  • You have total control over the features of customized Odoo ERP software. You can also upgrade the programmes when necessary. Our user-friendly tools at O2b Technologies assist organisations in achieving their everyday management and organisation objectives.

  • Security
  • Security is included into the Odoo ERP customization system. Since it is an open-source platform, users continuously evaluate Odoo. By doing this, it guarantees that bugs are fixed as soon as users report them.

Odoo Customization Process

Gathering Requirements :

We'll arrange a meeting with you and a member of our technical staff to learn more about your needs and specifications.

Analysis of Gaps :

We examine the difference between your needs and the functionality offered by Odoo.

Possibility Analysis :

Research into whether it would be possible to implement the suggested changes in Odoo without harming the platform's performance or affecting its default features.

Evaluation :

You will receive a preliminary cost, timeframe, and implementation estimate.

Customer Acceptance :

To continue, we need your approval initially.

Development :

The platform will be created in accordance with standards as well as demands and requirements.

Testing :

Multiple integrated testing will be done, as well as unit testing, to check for reliability.

Delivery :

You will receive the completed and tested modules.

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