Understanding Odoo Implementation Costs: A Comprehensive Guide

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Odoo Implementation Cost

Odoo Implementation Cost

In this blog post, we will talk about typical ERP system pricing and variety of cost involved during ERP implementation, Further How to reduce your ERP cost, As we all know that ERP implementation cost is one of the most important factors that decide the initiation of any ERP project for almost every businesses. Cost calculations and proper pricing information is the important area before you select any ERP solution for your business. The best option could be OpenERP as it is free software.

Enterprise Resource Planning system is considered as one of the most important & powerful systems that manage all your business functions and processes of various departments effectively. As a result, businesses get increased profitability and growth. ERP solutions nowadays are used by almost every business ranging from small to mid-sized and of course Big companies. ERP implementation may seem easy but there are so many things to take care of while undertaking any ERP Development. Although the biggest challenges for any ERP development is the cost and the timelines. We will also discuss the tips on how to reduce your ERP implementation cost.

Costs involved in ERP implementation

Costs involved in ERP implementation?

If you are thinking of ERP implementation, there are various costs that are involved during the implementation process. Further, you need to consider this aspect before finalizing the project. Although, there are a lot of offers that ERP vendors can provide you in their service package. ERP software vendors can provide you with numerous implementation and after-implementation services, and the costing will depend on those services.

Some of the high-level areas where ERP implementation costs differ based on the services performed by the vendors

  • Business Requirement Analysis cost
  • Licensing Pricing
  • Customization costs
  • Support and so on . . .
  • Software development Cost
  • Onsite services offered by the vendor
  • Training

Based on the services offered by the vendor the cost and pricing of an ERP solution differ.

How to reduce your ERP Implementation Cost?

Costing of ERP implementation process is the major factor that plays an important role in selecting and start with the ERP project. It may be possible that sometimes high budget project fails and you will regret your decision, with this in mind lets discuss various ways that can prevent loss and reduce Implementation costs.

Proper Planning

Proper Planning

It is the most basic step to make implementation project successful. Know the exact requirement and plan onto modules and apps that are to be implemented. Also keep customization in mind and know the need of customization in every process. Always keep workflows and organization's employees who are the end-user of your ERP system. ERP planning helps in reducing the cost which you may incur in customization and other related services.

Choose your System Wisely

Selecting proper ERP software is another important factor. Choose your system wisely to check the in and out functionality which is provided by the ERP software – There are many ERP software available for the specific industry this reduces the cost of ERP implementation drastically.

Choose your System Wisely
Reduce Customization or Special Requests

Reduce Customization or Special Requests

Thinking of consolidating various ERP systems in you business? Implementing several systems in your business organization can make it difficult and complex to manage and standardize business processes across the business. Also, it can cause inconsistency of data in the different system. A situation like this calls for a consolidation strategy. OpenERP/Odoo enables companies to unify their business processes easily and effectively.

Check your Vendor Capabilities

Vendor experience is another factor that can enhance your ERP software cost – Select your vendor wisely who has already experience with similar kind of implementation – This ensures less time consumption and reduces the failure as well as cost.

Check your Vendor Capabilities
Use the Agile Development Methodology

Use the Agile Development Methodology

Agile methodology is very beneficial for big projects, it can reduce burden as well as minimize the cost. Agile Development Method divides your whole implementation in a variety of phases further you can also have held on your payments to the vendor as it is paid in small installments. Open source ERP software can be considered rather than Proprietary software because it is really an affordable solution for all organizations, including SMEs. As you know that Open-source systems are license-free which can clearly reduce the cost of the overall implementation. With n number of users or databases you can use OpenERP you will don't need to pay license fees and you can use all publicly available Modules for free.

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