Seamless Odoo-Google Integration: Sheets, Drive & Spreadsheets

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As we are all aware about that with google sheet user can create and edit spreadsheets directly in their web browser. There is no special software required to access google sheet. Multiple people can work at the same time on the google sheet, one user can see other user’s change as they make them, and every change is saved automatically.

Customer was using google sheet to manage their product details and the prices. Customer wanted to integrate their google sheet with an Odoo because they want to manage their google sheet through Odoo.

They wanted that whenever they change the product price in Odoo it should be automatically updated on their google sheet to save their time.

Also, the customer wants to manage their product margin through Odoo only so that the price will be updated in the google sheet as per the margin set by the customer in Odoo.

Our Solutions

We developed an API to integrate Odoo with our customer's Google Sheet. Additionally, we implemented a feature that allows customers to customize their profit margin. Consequently, whenever a customer alters the product price within Odoo, the corresponding entry in the Google Sheet gets automatically updated with the revised price. This streamlined process ensures seamless synchronization between Odoo and the customer's Google Sheet, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in managing product pricing and data across platforms.

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