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Odoo Support and MaintenanceOdoo Support and Maintenance

Odoo Support and Maintenance

Odoo is an open-source ERP software that consists of various business management modules used to automate day-to-day business operations. Most importantly, Odoo apps can be customised to meet the needs of the client.

On the other hand, Odoo ERP, necessitates the ongoing assistance of knowledgeable Odoo partners or service providers. If you want an error-free Odoo implementation, you must request proper Odoo support and maintenance from your Odoo service provider. A thorough understanding of every module and its features is required to ensure successful Odoo implementation. Even if errors exist, you are unable to identify them due to a lack of resources. This is where an Odoo expert's consultation is required to correct your errors. As an Odoo partner, we ensure that you can use the system without difficulty by providing excellent Odoo technical support and Odoo functional support under Odoo support and maintenance service. We offer the best Odoo success pack, which includes Odoo technical support, Odoo functional support, and Odoo server support.

The current business world is extremely competitive, and you cannot afford for your software solution to underperform. This is why having consistent Odoo support and maintenance is essential if you want to use Odoo to its full potential and achieve your business goals. Contact O2b Technologies for complete Odoo support and maintenance to get the most out of your Odoo implementation and enhance efficiency.

Odoo Packages And Support Types

Businesses that already use Odoo and need Odoo technical support and Odoo functional support should look into the Odoo support and maintenance success package. O2b Technologies have the skilled team of Odoo developers and Odoo experts who provide all types of Odoo support and maintenance. Odoo technical support, Odoo server support, and Odoo functional support are all available to all of their customers and whoever else is needed. To ensure that the Odoo ERP software is bug-free, an Odoo support success pack is required.

Our professional staff aims to answer Odoo support tickets received from Odoo customer service or from any other medium as quickly as possible. You can select from a variety of monthly, quarterly, and yearly Odoo support and maintenance packages. We offer the best Odoo support and maintenance, both onsite and remotely. The best Odoo support staff and Odoo customer service can be reached via email, Skype calls, and phone calls.

Odoo Support Types And Packages

Businesses that already implement Odoo and require Odoo technical support and Odoo functional support should consider the Odoo implementation success package. At O2b Technologies, all Odoo support types are offered by the skilled team of Odoo developers and Odoo experts. Get Odoo technical support, Odoo server support, and Odoo functional support. An Odoo success pack is required to ensure that the software is bug-free.

Odoo Technical Support

Odoo Technical Support

You can examine all technical issues that you've been experiencing with the help of Odoo technical support. You will also be provided with necessary solutions if required.

Odoo Functional Support

Odoo Functional Support

You Must choose Odoo functional support If you want to understand how Odoo features and functionalities work. As a result, end-users will have a better understanding of Odoo ERP, which will ultimately improve the user experience.

Odoo Server Support and Maintainance

Odoo Server Support and Maintainance

Odoo server support and maintenance are important to troubleshoot any issues with the server. Along with security breaches, patches, and upgrades, Odoo developers will provide complete Odoo support for server support and maintenance.

Odoo Support and Maintenance Advantages

Monitor Maintenance Work

The Odoo request feature makes it simple to track down repair work. Once you've submitted the request, you can check the status of the repair work to see if it's in progress or completed.


It is now simple to create reports using the Odoo maintenance module. You can examine various maintenance requests and repair statuses using these reports.

Maintenance Prevention

Routine maintenance is also referred to as preventive maintenance. You could not encounter any instrument errors with timely maintenance operations. When your tools and equipment are in good working order, you should perform preventive maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

When your tools and equipment fault, you must perform corrective maintenance. This allows you to quickly identify the problem with the equipment and take corrective action to repair it.

Management of Tools and Machines

Manage all equipment and tools effectively with Odoo support and maintenance. It could enhance business expansion. The total number of items and all of the items can be listed. This feature also allows users to view the product's maintenance request count. Here, you can add and examine information about the product, like its serial number, price, and the person handling it. This makes it possible for a user to quickly scan all the equipment.

Control the Maintenance Staff

A business can manage maintenance teams with the help of this function. To perform the maintenance and repair of various types of machines, there could be internal teams, subcontractors, and other specialised teams. Odoo support and maintenance can be used to handle all such teams.

Monitor the Routine Maintenance

The maintenance team will be able to organise all maintenance tasks with the help of this calendar application. All preventive Odoo support and maintenance can be planned in advance. The users will also benefit from being able to take a quick look at the Odoo support and maintenance tasks scheduled for a day, a month, a week, or an entire year.

Check the Repair Progress

The user can track the progress of the repairs with the use of the Odoo request function. A user can view the status of a request from the moment it is submitted. The user can learn whether the equipment has been fixed, discarded, or is currently being worked on.

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