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What Is Prestashop


Spoke Phone and Odoo teaming up like superheroes. Spoke Phone excels at making calls and sending texts, acting as the ultimate communicator. Meanwhile, Odoo offers a suite of amazing business tools. When they join forces, they combine their powers to make businesses run even smoother and better than ever before.

Spoke Phone

Spoke Phone is a groundbreaking platform built to empower businesses with excellent communication capabilities mobile communication. It offers many features such as voice calls, text messaging, call recording, and analytics, all tailored to enhance business communication and productivity.


On the other hand, Odoo is an open-source, comprehensive ERP system, encompassing a wide array of business applications ranging from Sales and CRM to inventory management and manufacturing.

Challenges Faced by Our Customers

Our clients have struggled to manage their business operations across both platforms. The manual nature of operations led to inefficiencies, with crucial tasks bouncing back and forth between Odoo and Spoke Phone.

Manual Communication Tasks Our client found that manually executing tasks, such as sending reminders or verification codes, consumed a significant amount of time and energy.

Inconsistent Customer Experience Our client faced difficulties in maintaining a consistent communication flow with users, which could lead to confusion and dissatisfaction.

Difficulty in Scaling As the business grew, our client encountered challenges in keeping up with increasing demands, akin to trying to fit too many pieces into a small puzzle.

Our Solutions

To address the identified challenges, we suggested integrating Spoke Phone with Odoo. Our goal is to revolutionize communication processes and enhance the user experience significantly.

Key Features of Our Integration:

Automated Alerts We implemented automated alert systems within Odoo, utilizing Spoke Phone's capabilities to send SMS notifications for crucial events such as order confirmations, shipment updates, or appointment reminders.

Integration with Workflows Our seamlessly embeds SMS communication into Odoo workflows, allowing users to streamline business processes and enhance customer engagement.

Customization and Personalization

Leveraging Odoo's customization features and our expertise, we personalize SMS messages sent through Spoke Phone according to specific business requirements and customer preferences.


The integration of Spoke Phone with Odoo serves as a game-changer, addressing the communication challenges faced by our clients and offering innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement. By making the productive power of this integration, our clients unlock new routes for growth and competitiveness in today's dynamic business landscape.

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