What does an Odoo Partnership mean?

Partnership with O2B technologies

Partnership with O2B Technologies

O2b Technologies, an Odoo Implementation Partner, can assist you with the business and technical implementation of Odoo solutions. We include the purest methods of deploying the world's top Open-ERP systems, highlighting your organization in the appropriate sectors. Our Business Solutions team's technical and business experience delivers quality, global, and personalized assistance. The participatory process, suitable infrastructure, and famous references ensure the best circumstances for your project execution! Odoo's solution is one of the best in class Open source ERP solutions, offering unparalleled flexibility. The Odoo ERP's modular design enables businesses to start with simple functionality and features. They can later customize, integrate, or even create functionalities, features, and modules.

What does an Odoo Partnership mean?

What does an Odoo Partnership mean?

An Odoo Partnership is a collaborative connection formed by Odoo, the company behind the ERP software, and a company or organization. To become an Official Odoo Partner, a firm must meet specific criteria and standards established by Odoo, proving its experience in installing and supporting Odoo solutions. Odoo Partners are essential in the deployment and customization of Odoo Business Solutions. They offer consultancy, development, integration, and continuing support to assist organizations in fully utilizing Odoo's capabilities and functions. Odoo Partners frequently have a thorough grasp of diverse sectors and may customize Odoo solutions to particular company requirements.

Benefits of Odoo Partnership

Being an Odoo Partner provides various advantages to our customers, guaranteeing a smooth and effective adoption of Odoo solutions. Here are some of the primary benefits that our clients may enjoy:


O2b Technologies has years of experience working with Odoo (previously OpenERP) and has a comprehensive grasp of the platform as well as considerable competence in offering numerous services. We have a track record of successfully deploying modules, completing full integrations, designing custom modules, handling data migration, giving assistance, and upgrading. Our expertise guarantees that our customers obtain dependable and effective solutions that are suited to their requirements.

Great Track Record

We take pleasure in properly understanding our client’s requirements and using the finest implementation approaches to produce great results. O2b Technologies has a proven track record of completing OpenERP projects, having completed over 50+ deployments. Our dedication to client satisfaction is demonstrated by our constant delivery of high-quality solutions.

Team Size and Global Reach

O2b Technologies has a well-established presence in both the United States and India. This enables us to service organizations in multiple time zones and clients worldwide. We have the potential to manage projects of varying sizes and complexities thanks to a strong staff of competent employees. Our team's knowledge and dedication guarantee that our customers receive excellent service and support throughout their Odoo journey.

Inventories and Periodical Inventory

Closer Collaboration with the Odoo Team: O2b Technologies benefits from a tighter working connection with the Odoo team as an Odoo partner. This direct connectivity to the Odoo team improves our capacity to deliver outstanding assistance to our end users. We can use this partnership to handle any project-specific difficulties, gain quick support, and remain up to speed on the newest Odoo platform improvements. Our customers benefit from our close collaboration by obtaining improved support and assistance for their Odoo projects.


What does an Odoo Partnership mean?

An Odoo Partnership refers to a collaborative connection formed between Odoo, the company behind the ERP software, and another company or organization. It signifies that the partner company has met specific criteria and standards set by Odoo, demonstrating its expertise in implementing and supporting Odoo solutions.

What are the benefits of becoming an Odoo Partner?

Being an Odoo Partner brings several benefits to our customers. These include:

  • Experience
  • Successful Track Record
  • Team Size and Global Reach
  • Closer Collaboration with the Odoo Team

How does an Odoo Partner benefit customers?

An Odoo Partner like O2b Technologies brings several advantages to customers, including:

  • Experience in delivering various services related to Odoo implementation, integration, customization, support, and upgrade.
  • A successful track record of completing over 50+ OpenERP projects, showcasing the ability to meet client requirements effectively.
  • A dedicated team with a global reach, ensuring support and service across different time zones and project sizes.
  • Closer collaboration with the Odoo team, providing access to additional resources and expertise to address project-specific challenges and stay updated on the latest Odoo advancements.


In conclusion, our Odoo Partnership delivers a wealth of knowledge, a proven track record, a dedicated staff with global reach, and tighter engagement with the Odoo team. These benefits ensure that our customers obtain dependable, customized, and well-supported Odoo solutions that efficiently match their Business Objectives.

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