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Best Odoo Consultants

An in-depth report on your project can be provided by the best Odoo consultant. Also highlighted the best Odoo consultant tips and advantages of Odoo ERP for your business. Odoo ERP is fully integrated and automated that gets developed and implemented by Odoo professionals. They offer the best Odoo ERP consulting services. Additionally, Odoo consultants serve as a go-between for clients and developers. Certified Odoo consultants have a quick understanding of client requirements and suggest the most effective line of action.

In order to fully integrate and respond to the company workflow with Odoo ERP, the best Odoo consultant also supports the customization of the perfect processes. They are creating the required paperwork, workflows and guidelines for each business division. While customizing the project's global settings and offering relevant user training.

In actuality, when you employ qualified Odoo experts for whatever services your organization requires. It is first important to gain a strong understanding of both Odoo technical consultants and Odoo functional consultants. Not to mention that you will be more aware of how much time an Odoo technical consultant and an Odoo functional consultant will be required. As a result, you must get the top Odoo consulting company to receive first-rate Open ERP consulting services.

In order to provide the best Open ERP consulting services, you must get Odoo technical consultant and Odoo functional consultant. On the other hand, it's important to keep in mind that a successful Odoo ERP implementation requires both an Odoo functional consultant and an Odoo technical consultant.

Kinds of Odoo Consultants

-- Odoo Technical Consultant

The software development is handled by the Odoo technical experts. For the demand, the technical consultants provide technical solutions. After putting the Odoo ERP in place, they help customers get Odoo customized. That will meet their particular company requirements and provide Odoo support and maintenance.

To fulfil the business software's functional needs, the requirements are gathered by the Odoo technical consultant from Odoo functional consultant. And then, implements the coding in line with the standard guidelines. Odoo technical consultants are very important to the implementation procedure. Because without them, the Odoo functional consultants wouldn't be able to finish the project. Therefore, for successful Odoo technical consultancy services, get technical consultants from the team of the best Odoo consultants.

Key Features of an Odoo Technical Consultant

  • Python coding expertise and design skills
  • Understanding of unit testing and integration
  • Debugging and resolving code-related issues
  • Delivering and creating delivery plans for Odoo's unit tests and code
  • Identifying technical requirements and providing suitable module design for the Odoo ERP
  • Version control and expertise in the relevant industries

Role of Technical Consultant

To put it another way, successfully integrate Odoo ERP software for your business. A group of experts with a variety of experiences and abilities will be necessary for the correct Odoo ERP implementation. As the name would suggest, an Odoo technical consultant manages Odoo ERP from a technical and coding perspective. Even for those without computer science or degreed engineers, the defined objectives are expressed in the technical python language used by Odoo. Also, get technical consultant for a lot of the Odoo ERP software's technical ideas and suggestions.

Or to put it another way, an Odoo technical consultant is necessary for the deployment of the Odoo ERP. Therefore, without Odoo technical consultant, the Odoo functional consultant would be unable to properly execute the project.

-- Odoo Functional Consultant

The first thing to keep in mind is that Odoo functional consultants provide a detailed and comprehensive role. They work on all aspects of the Odoo ERP software, from its designing phase through its actual implementation.

But because it differs from industry to industry. It is extremely challenging to summarize the full range of an Odoo functional consultant's roles.

Because of this, the procedures used by an Odoo functional consultant for a manufacturing organization might not be suitable for eCommerce or any other industry. Focusing that this is generally defined by the business's size and the responsibilities involved. However, get functional consultant to smoothly understand and work on the functionalities of Odoo ERP. Therefore, the essential concept of the Odoo functional consultant's role is explained below.

Features Odoo Functional Consultant

  • Logical decision-making abilities to solve complex problems
  • Excellent industry expertise in all areas
  • Outstanding interpersonal communication abilities
  • Thorough knowledge of Odoo configuration settings
  • Knowledge of workflow configurations at a higher standard
  • Significant functional expertise with the Odoo ERP system

Role of Odoo Functional Consultant

Additionally, an Odoo Functional Consultant has a significant amount of work to execute. Get Odoo functional consultant to ease your ERP set up process from the planning stages to the implementation and then, training stages of the project. As a result, it would be impossible to cover all factors of what an Odoo functional consultant provides. The size of the business utilizing the Odoo ERP solution as well as various sectors like manufacturing, commerce, or services will determine the overall process.

What does it Serve?

Hire a Certified Consultant

You can start by selecting an O2b Technologies for getting the best Odoo consultant. We provide you with direct power when choosing a long-term certified Odoo consultant.

Workflow analysis

Develop a thorough understanding of what is necessary for accomplishing the business goal by analyzing the business workflow, business process, current software in use, problems, and goal statements.

Software Requirement for Mapping

We describe the top Odoo methodologies for enhancing business operations. We effortlessly re-map and set up processes in Odoo while working with the present workflow processes.

Examining the Consulting Report

The consulting report outlines the adjustments that can help your business expand and take full advantage of Odoo ERP. It describes how much development and customisation you require.


In conclusion, one needs another to function. Both the Odoo functional and Odoo technical consultants are significantly important for your business growth. Typically, the Odoo functional consultant is completely aware of the business requirement. While the Oddo technical consultant offers the required technical solutions.

Therefore, O2b Technologies offers the duo to implement Odoo ERP successfully. And also develops a simple application for regular users.

In the meanwhile, always search for technical and analytical competency when choosing an Odoo technical consultant. To provide thorough answers to clients' inquiries and all of the software and modules, get Odoo functional consultants.

Given these details, the best Odoo consultants can provide a simple yet useful solution to your business challenges and complexities.

In the end, always remember to use your communication capabilities to connect with the best Odoo consultants during the project.

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