What Is an Odoo Developer, and What Do They Do?

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What Is an Odoo Developer, and What Do They Do

What Is an Odoo Developer, and What Do They Do?

Odoo has developed a reliable and user-friendly ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform to overcome the need of various corporate and business demands in the growing environment of enterprise software. Its adaptability with a wide range of feature sets makes Odoo a popular choice for organizations that are trying to simplify their operations, efficiently manage resources, and increase productivity. Odoo Developers act as a driving force behind Odoo's strong ecosystem, adapting and optimizing the platform to fit distinct business requirements. In this blog, we will try to understand all about Odoo developers, their jobs, and what they do with the help of O2b Technologies, a certified partner and a prominent provider of Odoo solutions.

What is the Role of an Odoo Developer

An Odoo developer is a well-qualified and technically sound individual who customizes, implements, and maintains Odoo ERP Solutions to fulfill any specific requirement of organizations in a variety of sectors. Their functions have many different aspects that require technical competence, problem-solving abilities, and a proper understanding of business operations.

Along with implementing and customizing ERP for the clients, Odoo developers have some of the major roles and responsibilities described below:

Design and development of the Odoo module

The major role of an Odoo developer is to develop and implement a new Odoo module or features for its client or to customize already existing Odoo modules as per the project requirements of the clients.

Manage Back-end database

Odoo uses PostgreSQL database management system which is an open-source management system and Odoo developers have direct access to the client's backend database, they can easily manage their backend database as per the needs of the business.

Handling change requests of already developed application modules

A professional and experienced Odoo developer should be able to handle any change request for already developed applications with integrity and take initiative for required changes in the development process as per needed for successful operational function and increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Key features of Odoo Developer


Odoo developers customize the Odoo ERP system as per the client's individual needs by modifying current modules and establishing new ones while building user interfaces customized as per the client's workflow and project requirements.


Odoo developers can link Odoo with other essential systems like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), e-commerce platforms, accounting software, etc, to ensure that data flows smoothly across departments without the need for manual data entry which might result in inaccuracy and time taking.

Module Development

Odoo developers create custom modules to enhance Odoo's capabilities. These specified modules are designed in a way that they can meet the unique needs of your project demand that conventional Odoo modules cannot.

Data Migration

Odoo developers play an important role in the data migration process as it involves huge data loss when a company switches to Odoo from any other ERP system or software, Thus, Odoo developers will ensure that there is no data loss while transferring and make the process easier.


An Odoo developer continues to evaluate its performance and execute its optimization to improve its functionalities and overall efficiency.


Odoo developers make sure to continuously support and maintain to ensure that the ERP system runs properly. They would regularly debug problems, upgrade the system, and deal with other technological glitches that may appear in the system post-implementation.


Proper training and assistance will be given to your previous staff to ensure that they are familiar with Odoo’s features and modules for its better operational services.

Skill Set required for an Odoo Developer

Odoo developers need to have the following skill sets to flourish in their roles:


As Odoo is mostly written and developed in Python language, a developer must be fluent in this programming language to be an Odoo developer.

Odoo Framework

It is expected that developers must be familiar with the Odoo framework, its modules, and data model functionalities.

Database Management

A developer needs to know about database management systems, majorly PostgreSQL for working with Odoo’s data.


A developer must have a proper knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML for front-end modification.

Odoo Solutions

The developers must understand company processes and the ability to convert clients' requirements into Odoo solutions for proper business growth.


A developer must have a problem-solving attitude and skill set as it is common to face unexpected problems while dealing with software, thus a developer is expected to have a problem-solving attitude towards any such complicated situations.

How do Odoo developers work

Odoo developers work in two ways, One can work directly with the customers as an individual “freelancer developer” or one can work as a developer under some certified partner companies of Odoo such as O2B technologies, these certified partners of Odoo act as a service provider of Odoo developers for their clients. It is advisable to always hire an Odoo developer from certified and reputed partner companies of Odoo such as O2b Technologies.

Hiring an Odoo developer from a certified partner Odoo has various benefits over hiring a freelance Odoo developer such as:

Hiring developers from a certified partner of Odoo like O2b technologies offers you access to a large group of skilled and experienced developers. At the same time, you get to choose the right developer for your unique project requirements with replacement of developers if needed.

As a reliable partner of Odoo, our Odoo developers have direct access to Odoo Enterprise edition source code with no limitation on resources with strict confidentiality compliance which freelance Odoo developers do not have.

Hiring and specialized Odoo developers will save you unnecessary expenses on advertising, infrastructure setup, and other overhead costs as well while enjoying the service of an Odoo developer as required for your projects.

Hiring our skilled and experienced Odoo developers will allow your business to concentrate on sales and marketing while our developers take care of all the technical aspects and requirements with quality and standard services.

Why should you use O2B Technologies for Odoo Development?

O2B Technologies is a leading service provider of Odoo ERP solutions with an expert and professional team of Odoo developers that excels at delivering quality Odoo ERP solutions to organizations all over the world ensuring life-long services and commitment towards its clients.


Our group of professional and highly skilled Odoo developers have wide expertise in Odoo development and customization ensuring that our clients obtain the best quality solutions.


O2B technologies believe that each business is distinct in its ways. Thus our Developer customizes Odoo in a way that meets your unique requirements ensuring that the customers get the most out of their Odoo ERP systems.


O2B technologies excel in integrating your Odoo with other systems as well as with seamless transferring of data flow without any data loss, this integration further helps your ERP software with the benefits of two updated software versions in one single Odoo ERP software hence, increasing the overall efficiency.

Support and maintenance

O2B Technologies makes sure to continuously support and give maintenance service to its clients even after post-implementation to ensure that your Odoo ERP systems run properly.

Training and Assistance

Our expert team will make sure that they give proper training and assistance to your employees about Odoo’s features, modules, and operations for a better knowledge and familiarity of the software enabling them to fully utilize Odoo’s capabilities for your company’s enhancement and betterment.


Hence, We can say that Odoo developers play a significant role in the effective running and optimization of Odoo ERP systems. Their key responsibilities include customizing, integrating, developing modules, migrating data, and providing continuous support to their clients.

O2B Technologies being a certified partner and leading supplier of Odoo ERP software demonstrates excellence in Odoo development with its team of expert Odoo developers, delivering customized solutions to organizations as per their unique project requirements to enhance efficiency, productivity, and growth.

So, If you are still thinking about using Odoo ERP in your organization or want skilled Odoo developer services, join O2B technologies that will help you realize the full potential of this powerful platform and grow continuously in your business.

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