Choosing the Right Odoo Expertise: Odoo Professionals vs. Odoo Freelancers

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Odoo Professionals vs Odoo Freelancer

Odoo ERP Implementation Partner

A lot of thoughts, evaluations, analyses, and doubts are passing at once when it comes to Odoo ERP implementation. Who you will contact or use as support for the implementation project is one of the most important decisions you can make before implementing the Odoo ERP. The selection is extremely important when it comes to the deployment of Odoo ERP modules like eCommerce, human resources, customer relationship management, warehouse management, or any other because they have a direct impact on the success and growth of the business.

Who should you choose when it comes to the implementation of Odoo ERP when you have to check between official Odoo partners vs freelancers? It seems clearly like a comparison of Odoo professional Vs freelancers, when it comes to making the decision. The cost of implementation, the availability of developers, and the flexibility of the job are some of the elements that influence the end user's choice. The features of each project make it unique. There is no one solution that is always the "best" option. You can easily find a partner Odoo among hundreds of them available around the globe.

Odoo Professionals

A certified Odoo professional, is known as an Odoo partner. They came across various technical & functional stages for becoming an Odoo partner & getting the badge based on their skills & qualifications. They have a team of experts who provide various Odoo professional services. And also, can operate the various Odoo modules with years of experience and in-depth knowledge.

  • 01Odoo professionals facilitate adaptability and provide both technical and functional support. Odoo depends on its partners to provide direct services to customers.
  • 02An authorized Odoo partner has access to the Enterprise Edition source code. And they are eligible to report any bug to Odoo as required. This creates credibility for the clients.
  • 03With Odoo professionals, you can be sure that the services will be completed to a higher standard.
  • 04Odoo partner has Odoo experts with more experience and better skills for dealing with services similar to your business, and they can use their in-depth knowledge while successfully completing the project.
  • 05Odoo professionals can guarantee that your project will be completed in a systematic manner because the methodology has been enhanced over time.
  • 06While implementing ERP implementation services, it is essential to reveal all of your company's confidential documents so that Odoo partners can successfully deliver your project. By signing a non-disclosure agreement(NDAs) with clients to protect client data, Odoo partners are legally bound to maintain data security.
  • 07Every year, Odoo launches a new version of the software, so each Odoo professional is well-versed in the latest version and informed about handling new versions. Additionally, you can take the recommendations from Odoo partners regarding which version is best for your company.
  • 08Odoo partner charges are a little higher due to the availability of all required resources and a very-well trained & experienced team.

Odoo Freelancer

Odoo freelancers are independent contractual employees with no official connection with Odoo.

Also, they work for multiple clients of multiple brands at the same time.

Odoo freelancers can work in almost any industry like information technology, arts, marketing and communications and more.

  • 01Odoo freelancers do not get access to the Enterprise edition source code and are also, officially not allowed to report any bugs to Odoo.
  • 02Since there is no quality assurance, therefore, you have to cross your fingers with the Odoo freelancers that you will receive standard service.
  • 03Many-a-times, Odoo freelancers lack the necessary experience to manage the various project phases. Anyone can be knowledgeable, but we should choose someone who has the determination to consistently put their knowledge to use by becoming an expert in their field.
  • 04Odoo freelancers can lack the skills necessary to handle the project in a systematized manner and high standards are demanded at each stage of the development process.
  • 05Odoo freelancers can leak or reuse your data while working with other clients because they have no registered firm to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • 06Whereas Odoo freelancers are not familiar with the most recent trends. Hence, are not capable enough to work on each Odoo version or share the best recommendations with their clients.
  • 07Odoo freelancers cost you lesser than Odoo partners as either they work solely or in a group of 2-3 people.

Odoo partners can reach Odoo directly. They have resources and information that aren't available to others. You can count on them for any Odoo professional services anytime, anywhere, any type (both technical and functional) support and whatever else you would require in the future.

The question of who is the best option for you has no clear solution. Every business is different with different business goals. You can analyze your business requirements and make the best decision between Odoo professionals vs freelancers for your business.

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