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Stripe is a payment service provider that lets merchants accept credit and debit cards or other payments. Its payment processing solution, Stripe Payments, is best suited for businesses that make most of their sales online, as most of its unique features are primarily geared toward online sales.

What Odoo Offers?

Integration of Stripe with Odoo enhances businesses' online payment processes, facilitating seamless transactions. Within Odoo, users configure Stripe as a payment gateway, securely transmitting customer payment data, including credit card details and digital wallets, to Stripe for processing. Stripe then communicates transaction status back to Odoo, updating order records and inventory levels for accurate financial reporting and inventory management. The robust security features of Stripe ensure compliance with industry standards. Odoo's integration with Stripe extends to reporting and analytics, enabling users to gain insights into sales performance and customer behavior. This collaboration fosters trust, loyalty, and business growth by optimizing operations and delivering exceptional customer service.

Customer Concern

A customer utilized a third-party e-commerce platform for transactions, primarily through Stripe. Seeking reconciliation, they aimed to synchronize these Stripe transactions with their Odoo accounting system, ensuring accurate tracking and management across platforms.

Customers want to reconcile the e-commerce invoices in odoo with the customer’s outstanding balances.

Our Solution

The absence of integration between the Odoo system and the third-party website has led to the inability to receive transactions in Odoo. As a result, we are unable to synchronize data between the two platforms, hindering our ability to efficiently manage transactions originating from the third-party website within the Odoo system.

Through API integration, Odoo and the e-commerce website are seamlessly connected. The API facilitates the creation of invoices in Odoo based on specified parameters from the e-commerce platform. When a user generates a sales order on the e-commerce site, they can trigger synchronization of order details. Consequently, utilizing the data provided by the user, we generate invoices corresponding to the respective sales orders, ensuring efficient transaction management between the two platforms.

We developed a scheduler to automate the synchronization of statements from Stripe to Odoo. We implemented an auto-suggestion feature for outstanding payment lines on each statement, facilitating reconciliation by providing prompts for unresolved payments.

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